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Official: FBI backs CIA conclusion on Russian hacking motive


    President Barack Obama is promising that the U.S. will retaliate against Russia for its suspected meddling in America’s election process, an accusation the Kremlin has vehemently denied.

WASHINGTON >> The FBI is supporting the CIA’s conclusion that Russia interfered in the presidential election with the goal of supporting Republican candidate Donald Trump.

In a message sent to employees, CIA Director John Brennan said he had spoken with FBI Director James Comey and James Clapper, the director of national intelligence.

Brennan said in the message that “there is strong consensus among us on the scope, nature, and intent of Russian interference in our presidential election.”

A U.S. official who had seen the unclassified message from Brennan confirmed it to The Associated Press on Friday.

President Barack Obama is promising that the U.S. will retaliate against Russia for its suspected meddling in America’s election process, an accusation the Kremlin has vehemently denied.

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        • Hillary won the popular vote. Trump has no mandate. We will resist his assault on the constitution and American liberties.

        • allie, Sec. Clinton won’t get any awards for the popular vote. Not even Ms. Congeniality. It’s unfortunate that she lost in 2008 because she would have been a better president than Barry. Frankly, she was doing just fine until Barry came in from the golf course and started spouting his nonsense about his legacy and being insulted if African Americans did not vote for Sec. Clinton. He reminded people that a vote for her was a vote for him. He reminded people of everything they didn’t like about his administration. BTW, she may have won the popular vote against Trump, but total all of the votes and you’ll see that More people voted against her than for her.

        • @ allie
          Like I advised Vector I give you the same…frame the Popular Vote article and send it to Crooked Lying hiLIARy..that’ll make her feel better…

          January 20, 2017 #MAGA

        • Allie, where have you been? The POTUS is elected by the electoral college, not the popular vote. At this point what difference does it make. Trump won. Get over it.

      • Allie, you may be correct, however, let’s wait till Trump actually begins his reign of President, puts his plans into action along with his cabinet members. Then, we can critique his moves.
        Until then, we can worry about the sky falling.
        Paranoia is the state of mind you are in much of the time as evidenced by your negative views locally and nationally.
        As bad as the world we live in is, I believe there is considerable more good than bad. You need to recognize this. If not, you’ll continue to live in a world that can affect your life negatively.

        • IRT GONEGOLFIN: But that Paranoia is being exhibited by Trumpers too…Everyone is NOT out to get Trumpers, some Trumpers need to calm down and stop playing the victim…If there is more good than bad in the world then the world must be good?…I hope Trump does GOOD, what American wouldn’t want Trump to do GOOD…#MAGA

        • Paranoia and the sky is falling theory was embraced by the Doomsday gang. Those who predict the USA would crumble on Obama’s watch. They are also the ones that buy guns with the thought that “someone” was coming after them. Now they day” give this guy a chance”? Lol.

        • I don’t blame Allie, Trump himself has exhibited such bad bigoted behavior, not be mention genital grabbing too.

      • Putin must be enjoying what he has wrought. Now that he has a confidante and supporter soon to be in the White House, he can now manipulate our whole country to his ends. I really believe we are in great peril. Putin, once head of the KGB, and also a martial arts fighter, has more guile than Trump, and understands Trump’s and our country’s vulnerabilities, and will take every opportunity to take advantage of them.

      • IRT allie: Fake News you spew, can you confirm or verify that Trump is a Master of Disorientation or could he only be an Apprentice of Disorientation? #MAGA

    • IRT KeoniGohan, and verified by “A U.S. Official who had seen the unclassified message from Brennan confirmed it to the Associated Press on Friday”. “Un-named” U.S. Official, “Unclassified”, “Confirmed”, and we are to accept such a message of verification? Wow, real “Fake News”, huh.

      • @ kuroiwaj…NAILED IT! Innuendos & hearsay doesn’t carry koolaid..oops meant water …need PROOF.
        If only we can get thru some thick skulls here then the healing process can begin…until then…sigh.

        But one thing is certain…January 20, 2017 #MAGA

        • IRT kuroiwaj: Thanks for the reply. Isnt ALL News a leap of faith, we get to a certain point where we can say I BELIEVE what I just read or heard? How far does the News go in proving something is true, how far do we go to prove it’s true? We can verify and confirm that these things were said by White House members, CIA and FBI but it’s still called Fake News? Trump has never said Fake News correct, nobody in his admin or “posse” has said any Fake News, we are sure that we’ve confirmed everything? We have confirmed that Obama is the worse President in the History of AmerIca or do we just believe it? Would that be Fake News? Does Fake News only work one way in that the News/ Information Provider has to be proven or does the accuser also have to prove that it’s Fake News? #MAGA

        • IRT Jusris, why not conform to science methods? Any news put forward must be replicated by a minimum of three accepted news sources. In science, any experimental result or research finding must be replicated by other scientists. For example, homosexuality is a product of human genes that was first reported, and has never been replicated by any other scientist. Therefore, homosexuality remains an unanswered individual condition.

        • IRT kuroiwaj: So all that is needed is 3 newspapers to report the same findings and it is Truth? It doesn’t seem that hard to prove the Truth then, what about the second part, do Deniers have to prove anything or they just shout out Fake News? In the science community they also disprove things using the scientific method as you described, do the Deniers also need 3 news sources for their denial to be proven? #MAGA

      • IRT kuroiwaj: A little loose with that Fake News line there…What definition of Fake News are we using today, and who are you referencing as the Fake News? #MAGA

        • IRT Jusris, Ref. Fake News: AP verifying “News” from U.S. Official. Mahalo for asking. Thus far, you or I cannot verify, thus “Fake News”.

        • IRT kuroiwaj: So FAKE NEWS isn’t: Made Up News, Completely False…or is FAKE NEWS: Pick and Choose News, Withholding some information to support a theory…or is FAKE NEWS: Reporting what someone says is “Real News” without actually verifying it as real, just taking their word for it…or is FAKE NEWS: what the opposing side is reading and watching…or is FAKE NEWS: news thatt doesn’t work in my narrative of the situation…I ask because ALL these definitions are being used on this comment board as well as out in the world, and people seem to be using a different definition of the term in their discussions with others…#MAGA

    • “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who do not believe, no proof is enough.”
      from some TV show that I watched. Just waiting to see what comes out.

      • IRT el_burro_sabio: NAILED IT! Let the comedy start…Let both sides argue the same things for and against their sides WHILE being totally oblivious of the hypocrisy of it all…#MAGA

  • 35 days left for obama to enforce another bogus red line against russia.

    like the one he drew for the ukraine. or the one he drew for libya.

    maybe he’ll just pay russia off like he did iran.

    • The “fix” that you are talking about isn’t the same type of “fix” that is being investigated. Like the Trumpers say “you cant hack a voting machine” and that’s the “fix” that you appear to be talking about. I don’t recall that kind of “fix” being investigated…So you might be attempting to compare two things that aren’t comparable…Basic Fake News type of thing…#MAGA

  • What happened to the claim made by Trumpers that it was ALL fake because the FBI was backing Trump and saying that Russia wasn’t involved…but now it seems the FBI is backing the CIA on the Russia hacks…Do we at least agree to shoot THAT Fake News down…What about the claims on this board by Trumpers that NOTHING was given to WikiLeaks about the RNC, FoxNews reported that WikiLeaks are now saying they WERE given items BUT they didn’t release them because the public already knew those things…They released a lot of NON-SENSE things about Clinton and OTHERS, along with IMPORTANT information but why did they decide to NOT release the RNC NON-SENSE items?…The story went from GUARANTEED nothing was given to WikiLeaks, to now admitting that some things WERE given, HONESTY???…#MAGA

  • Neither the FBI or CIA or any of the other intelligence agencies have provided any proof to back their claims of Russian hacking. These claims are totally political and have no basis in
    fact. It is in line with the claims made by the same guys that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction which was the justification used for the US invasion of Iraq.
    Remember all that disinformation which numerous intelligence agencies were spouting which later turned to be totally false. And look at all the mayhem and destruction that these
    lies caused in the Middle East and the death and maiming of hundreds of thousands of innocents and the loss of treasure and lives of our troops which were wasted and sacrificed
    for nothing but to benefit the globalist elite. Time to wake up everyone. I woke up a long time ago.

    • Fiveo-the issues in the Middle East have been going on for eons. Whatever happened there was inevitable.
      What happened from the smoking guns only enhanced or sped up the process of what has happened.
      Would be nice if we never got involved, but it would not diminish from the lives that have lost and people that have been displaced.
      Money, Oil and Religion-BAD COMBINATION>

      • IRT GONEGOLFIN: “Money, Oil and Religion-BAD COMBINATION”…That’s what the anti-Trumpers are afraid of, I don’t know if he is religious but many of his supporters are…#MAGA

  • Hacking is going on by all countries. To believe a country who does not hack another country’s government or leaders is believing all people are honest. Thus instead of making general statements about the Russians hacking, who did they hack beside the democratic party? What type of information was hacked that is making the CIA, FBI and president come to this conclusion? Give us the details and be a little more precise on what hacking helped Trump to win.

    By the way why did Hillary, Podesta, etc., use private emails and not government secure emails to communicate. They are smart enough to know that the hacking of private servers are greater scope than what the U.S. government uses.

    If the lying lady won the election would this now be happening. I don’t think so. The lame duck president and his political backers are going to lose their power and want the new leadership to be looked upon as not good for the government. They cannot handle that someone other than who they wanted is now going to be the president.

    • IRT HanabataDays: Says you, we still got some Russian supporters on this board that have Great Ideas on what is REALLY going on…here’s a hint: Fake News (I don’t know what definition they are using today though)…#MAGA

  • During the months leading up to the November elections the Republicans, led by their leader claimed that the elections were “fixed”. Did he know something we all didn’t? Was he toying with the American public? Now that there is proof that the Russians played a significant role in the election of the President elect, confirmed by no less than 14 government agencies including the CIA and now the FBI, the Republicans are claiming sour grapes on the part of the Democrats and independents. It’s not like this is the first time the Democrats have lost an election yet it is the first time that an enemy of the United States has played a role in getting and American President elected to office. It is amazing how desperate the Republicans have gotten when 30% of Republicans think V. Putin, former head of the KGB, is not such a bad fellow after all. I think we, as Americans, need to watch our backs.

  • Funny how who did it is so important to the liberal media & losing party, but the actual content itself of the leaked/hacked material goes ignored as if it doesn’t exist.

  • So what do the Obamas want? For Trump to resign in disgrace and for Michelle to be elected President so they can stay in the White House and form a real dynasty?

    • Is Trumps seat as President up for grabs? I only heard of an investigation into the hack but don’t recall Obama saying if Trump would be out as President if the hacks point to Russia…Does it make a difference if there is NOT a risk to Trump losing his President chair if the Russia hacking is proven or do we have a problem with the investigation only? #MAGA

  • It was Snowden for sure! Unless Putinsye confesses nothing can be proved. Hearsay at best. Let’s see how Obama responds other than saying “Cut it out”.

  • I do not care who hacked the DNC emails and I want to thank whoever did it for exposing the rampant corruption that existed within the DNC and the corruption, collusion and unethical behavior that existed between the DNC, the Clinton Campaign, the media and even the Obama administration to help Hilary defeat Sanders in the primary election and Trump in the general election. That was the real threat to our democracy and not the hacking of the emails. The focus should not be on the messenger, but on the message delivered which Americans would not have known without the hacking.

    • IRT Ronin006: Why does it have to be so dramatic…Why can’t BOTH who the hacker is and what the hackee hid be important…Pretty sure if Trump came out and said his accounts were hacked and information about his taxes and/or devious dealings came out A LOT of Trumpers would want to know who was responsible for the hack…#MAGA

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