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Defiant Trump denies reports on Russia ties: ‘a disgrace’


    President-elect Donald Trump paused during a news conference in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York today.


    Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov listened for a question during a May 2016 news conference at the ASEAN Russia summit, in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia. A spokesman for President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday denied allegations that the Kremlin has collected compromising information about U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, deriding the claim as a “complete fabrication and utter nonsense.”

NEW YORK >> Defiant and unyielding, President-elect Donald Trump today adamantly denied reports that Russia had obtained compromising personal and financial information about him, calling it a “tremendous blot” on the record of the intelligence community if it had released such material.

The incoming president, in his first news conference since late July, firmly pushed back on the media reports and chided news organizations for publishing the material late Tuesday night. His extraordinary defense, coming just nine days before Trump’s inauguration, dominated a highly anticipated press conference in which the future president also announced a new Cabinet member and his plans to disentangle himself from his sprawling global business empire.

“I think it’s a disgrace that information would be let out. I saw the information, I read the information outside of that meeting,” he said, a reference to a classified briefing he received from intelligence leaders. “It’s all fake news, it’s phony stuff, it didn’t happen,” Trump said. “It was gotten by opponents of ours.”

Asked about his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump called it “an asset, not a liability” and an improvement over what he called America’s current “horrible relationship with Russia.”

“If Putin likes Donald Trump, guess what, folks, that’s called an asset not a liability. I don’t know if I’m going to get along with Vladimir Putin — I hope I do — but there’s a good chance I won’t.”

Trump, Vice President-elect Mike Pence and incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer denounced the reports about Russia’s influence on Trump and the incoming president said the report should never have been released. He thanked some news organizations for showing restraint.

A U.S. official told The Associated Press on Tuesday night that intelligence officials had informed Trump last week about an unsubstantiated report that Russia had obtained compromising personal and financial information about him. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because the official was not allowed to publicly discuss the matter.

Trump and President Barack Obama were briefed on the intelligence community’s findings last week, the official said.

Media outlets reported on the document late Tuesday and Trump denounced it on Twitter before his news conference as “fake news,” suggesting he was being persecuted for defeating other GOP presidential hopefuls and Democrat Hillary Clinton in the election.

The dossier contains unproven information about close coordination between Trump’s inner circle and Russians about hacking into Democratic accounts as well as unproven claims about unusual sexual activities by Trump among other suggestions attributed to anonymous sources. The Associated Press has not authenticated any of the claims.

Pence said the decision by some media to publish the reports could “only be attributed to media bias” and an attempt to “demean” Trump.

Only days from his inauguration as the nation’s 45th president, Trump announced that he would nominate David Shulkin to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, elevating him from his current role as VA undersecretary.

Trump also announced his plans for the future of the Trump Organization, bringing to the podium attorney Sheri Dillon of Morgan Lewis, who worked with the Trump Organization on the arrangement.

Dillon said the Trump Organization would continue to pursue deals in the U.S., though Trump will relinquish control of the company to his sons and an executive, put his business assets in a trust and take other steps to isolate himself from his business. She said Trump “should not be expected to destroy the company he built.”

The move appears to contradict a previous pledge by the president-elect. In a tweet last month, Trump vowed to do “no new deals” while in office.

The lawyer who advised Trump also said that the Trump Organization will appoint an ethics adviser to its management team who must approve deals that could raise concerns about conflicts.

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      • Trump and his supporters gleefully cheer every fake story about Hillary Clinton. Now that there is an investigation into Donald Trump they are crying in unison with the Russians “Fake News.”

        • Still refuses to release his tax returns which would clearly exonerate him from a lot of questions that he claims to be false. What a lousy press conference. Dumb as- can’t even carry on an intelligent conversation and answer simple questions. Might as well watch the cartoon channel. He ain’t gonna last too long as POTUS.

        • I’ll have to agree that “dividing the nation” began way before Trump arrived, and although he’s definitely continuing the trend, the true guilt lies with us.

        • IRT hawaiikone: What??? Making sense and finally admitting that the PROBLEM is with US…It took awhile but I see you now…^5…#MAGA

        • juris, if you indeed had the perception you allege, then prove it by refusing to continue being part of the problem.

        • IRT hawaiikone: I saw it from the.BEGINING…But you gotta PICK a side…All In on the Madness and Mahem NOW…New Rules to the game NOW, the Liberals have learned from Donald and The Trumpers…January 20 not just for The Trumpers NOW…Both sides have demonstrated the ease of getting involved in the “Herd” mentality…I just like Trump because of the Comedy and Entertainment, reminds me of The Younger Bush…#MAGA

          Keoni dont be GREEDY, send me the link, I know Trumpers getting the early release Special Edition version of FLOTUS…9 more days

        • Obama didn’t divide the country. It’s always been Democrats and Republicans. Can any trumpie say what this division is about? Like saying hey Obama divided this comment section. It’s not division, it’s each individual opinion.

        • @ Jusris
          If you apology for jumping on the spew wagon BEFORE you found out the FACTS then I won’t be greedy & send you the link.

          January 20 #MAGA by shutting down vector & Jusris info source BUZZ & CNN

      • All-Lies, please go back to North Dakota since you have so many complaints about Hawaii. Or better yet go hook up with JohnnyRayBobRicey and you can argue about Trump all day on your own time.

      • Allie, go back to Russia and take Komrade Klastri with you. What part of the electoral college don’t you understand. Trump would have won the popular vote if that was the case. He played by the rules unlike you who makes it up as you go. You and Hollywood have to get past this.

    • Was funny seeing that picture of Putin’s press secretary trying hard not to crack a smile while denying anything to do with Trump. The way you can tell when they are telling a lie is when their lips begin to move.

    • My comment is awaiting moderation.

      @ all Liberals
      PE Trump just annihilated your #FAKE News into OBLIVION! KA BOOM!
      Vector started the #FAKE News Trash here are a complete psychotic made an azz out of yourself!
      To the rest that chimed in are cry babies…eat CROW!

      January 20 #MAGA OH YEAH!!

      • Hey JohnnyRayBobRicey who’s the one always crying about fake news? Mostly you! All you can come up with every day is “FAKE NEWS!” (why you keep reading SA if it’s fake news?), “WE WON!” (um, yeah we figured that out 2 months ago, did you just get the memo?), “HILLARY IS A LIAR” (old news), “MAGA!” (Trump wants to bring the country together but how can he succeed with supporters like you?). You seem totally unable to come up with something new to say. Even after Trump takes office you won’t stop whining and will be repeating the same shtick next year. Let’s wait and see what Trump can do once he takes over, in the meantime your whining is a tired old act.

      • My comment is awaiting moderation.
        @ el_burritosenorita
        Why you so thin skinned? Ahh because you..typ lib…jump on BUZZFEED and CNN#FAKEnews smear story and find out later you opened your whale sized mouth and you lost your buster browns in there?
        “THINK before you TALK”…helps a lot.
        You going to apologize to all Trump supporters for your shameful act?
        That goes for you too jusris #MAGA

        January 20..9 more days

        • Fake News…Trump is talking about YOU, keep spreading the Fake News…MSM can’t prove that Russia story is Fake…They’ll say anything for the Trump Tower Golden ticket…Nobody BUYS the LIES, you taught us well Obi wan…#MAGA

  • “the russians are coming” “the russians are coming”
    now the msm, in which sa is included, will be carrying the fake news banner
    to continue barry’s lyng.

  • And ain’t it abso-friggin-lutely fascinatin’ that, although this scurrilous, unattributed set of rumors was circulating among the great and near-great last summer, they waited until ten days before inauguration to publish it – – almost as if to make us nostalgic after the farewell speech by the current occupant of the White House.

  • “This is an evident attempt to harm our bilateral ties,” I thought that’s what the Russian Hacking was for…”He has never been involved in any dubious dealings…” Isn’t that what Trump University was…”The Kremlin does not engage in collecting compromising information.”…Kompromat??? They even have a WORD;-) for what they “DON’T” do…MSM should be ASHAMED, why even print this without VERIFYING Russia comments first…Russia REALLY trying to keep their HOOKS in Kompromat Trump…#MAGA

    January 20, 9 days, Russian Hammer drops!!! #FLOTUS MOVIE

  • The information comes from our CIA and FBI, while they are not perfect, I would say this is pretty credible information. Unless they are pretty confident about the truthfulness of this information, it would NOT have been released. Quite problematic in my views if the Trump’s campaign had contact with the Russian Operative. Russia will not manipulate the new president. Serious concerns for all Americans.

    • Intelligence agencies releases “unsubstantiated” reports and the Grubers start spreading it as the truth. This is what our country has come to.

    • Why don’t you read more than Bussfeed and CNN and you would have found out already that the story /is fake. Also this was a disgusting document that was released to make Trump seem like a freak. And the filthy talk about Melenia is uncalled fir. I never brought Obama’s family into my issues with him. All this is doing is making the pro-trumpers more posses at this ridiculous disrespect for our transition process.

      • nalogirl you on here selling FAKE News…Story hasn’t been proven FALSE…MSM just keep reporting it that way…They will do ANYTHING to get a Trump Tower invitation…Filthy talk for a filthy girl, you see those pictures of her??? We just want the matching video when you Trumpers get the link…January 20, 9 days…#MAGA

  • Possible conflicts? Russia’s oil exports represent nearly 30% of their economy. Exxon has oil contracts with Russia. Now Tillerson the new Secretary of State from Exxon will be dealing with Russia? How do they separate from each other?

    • It’s called pay for play.

      Ironically, Team Trump used fake facts and fake news to falsely accuse the Clinton Foundation of pay for play.

      The Russians will be paying Trump and friends, and they’ll be playing with our once great country.

  • I can’t believe the AP admitted this in the story. “The Associated Press has not authenticated any of the claims.” So there is still no confirmed or documented proof the Russians did it??? Wow.

  • It’s been established that the allegations are not verifiable, and all parties have denied it, that should be the end of this. The news agencies that reported allegations, without verifying the facts should be held accountable for willingly partaking in the fraud. The PE needs to move on and not get into this conspiracy reporting that the MSM refused to participate for the deviously incompetent President Obama.

  • Trump, who spent years trying to delegitimize President Obama by spreading fake news that questioned Obama’s citizenship, gets a well deserved payback and has absolutely no grounds to complain. It’s called karma.

  • In his defense, Trump cited a statement by Putin’s spokesman! Dictionaries should put Trump’s picture next to the definition of “gullible.” His picture should also be attached to the definition of “anosognosia” (the state of being too stupid to know how stupid you are).

    Trump is Charlie McCarthy to Putin’s Edgar Bergen.

  • I watched the news conference on YouTube and read the transcript at “” Trump spoke calmly. He did praise the news media:
    “But I want to thank a lot of the news organizations for some of whom have not treated me very well over the years — a couple in particular — and they came out so strongly against that fake news and the fact that it was written about by primarily one group and one television station.
    “So, I just want to compliment many of the people in the room. I have great respect for the news and great respect for freedom of the press and all of that. But I will tell you, there were some news organizations with all that was just said that were so professional — so incredibly professional, that I’ve just gone up a notch as to what I think of you. OK?”
    In response to a question about reforming news reporting, he said: “Well, I don’t recommend reforms. I recommend people that are — that have some moral compass.
    “You know, I’ve been hearing more and more about a thing called fake news and they’re talking about people that go and say all sorts of things. But I will tell you, some of the media outlets that I deal with are fake news more so than anybody. I could name them, but I won’t bother, but you have a few sitting right in front of us. They’re very, very dishonest people, but I think it’s just something we’re going to have to live with.
    “I guess the advantage I have is that I can speak back. When it happens to somebody that doesn’t have this — doesn’t have that kind of a megaphone, they can’t speak back. It’s a very sad thing. I’ve seen people destroyed. I’ve seen people absolutely destroyed. And I think it’s very unfair. So, all I can ask for is honest reporters.”

    • @ GoldenDisk
      IMHO it was great, honest, matter-of-fact comment from PE Trump.
      Refreshing. Energized.
      News m0r0ns, specifically from the #FAKE News, may be joining the unemployment lines…I hope.

      btw..where’s vector who started the Russian-got-something-on-The-Donald spew?
      9 more days..January 20 #MAGA

  • We will forever be footing this massive rail project here on Oahu, and what will our share of the bill for this wall that PE Trump wants to build? He states that Mexico will pay for the wall in the form of “reimbursement” but according the the Mexican President, they will not be paying for any wall. Yes, we need tighter control at our borders, but has anyone done any type of study as to who will pay for it, and the cost to upkeep and repair damage that will be done from illegals finding any way possible to either go over, under or even through this wall? Will this wall actually work? He is far from being my favorite POTUS but I do want him to succeed in office for all our sake. However, he must shed his thin skin and stop resorting to childish, early morning tweets every time someone says something that he does not agree with. He showed his childish petulance at his press conference today when discussing fake news and refusing to let a reporter refute his claim. As PE, he needs to hear everyone out, whether he shares their views or not. Am I scared about the presidency, you bet I am, but I would take all you Trump supporters, “I told you so”, than the other way around. Good Luck, PE Trump! I hope you will #MAGA

  • SA and other news outlets bettter print James Clappers apology for this disgeaceful treatment of our PE. To print an article seating that there is no verification but we’ll print it anyway because we hats Trump. This is not journalism, its political bias of the media. I’ve read ridiculous artckes about Obama, Clinton and other people and I knew what was fake news, especially if the article tells you that it is in the article and footnote. Shane on CNN, Buzzfeed, and any others who perpetuated this disgusting trash.

  • CNN: That moment when you realize your news organization just isn’t relevant anymore.

    CNN: That moment when you realize the “rules” don’t apply to Mr. Trump, who is not going to take any guff from you.

    CNN: That moment when you realize the President-Elect may NEVER take another question from your organization ever again.

    CNN: That moment when you realize it’s going to be a LONG 4-years.

  • Gotta love it!!!!!! C’mon Putin put the thumb screws on Trump. Let’s see what you got, maybe then Trump will change his tune about loving them Russians. Or Putin has already gotten to Trump; that explains the “bromance”. Trump was laughing all the way to the election with the DNC leaks, but now he has to deal with it. Karma
    Those Russians mean business, every Russian opposition leader dies….. mysteriously.

    • Karma, love it…Trumpers could throw all kinds of “theories” at whoever they wanted and LAUGH, but now paybacks happening and they DON’T think it’s fair, SO SAD…HAHAHA!!!…#MAGA

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