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Warren embraces her role as a top Democratic foil to Trump


    Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. Donald Trump’s election has propelled Warren into an even sharper partisan spotlight as she embraces her role as a top Democratic foil to the Republican president-elect.

BOSTON >> Donald Trump’s election has propelled Sen. Elizabeth Warren into an even sharper partisan spotlight as she embraces her role as a top Democratic foil to the Republican president-elect.

In just the past few weeks, Warren has penned a scathing 16-page critique of Trump’s nominee for education secretary, Betsy DeVos; grilled his pick for housing secretary, Ben Carson; co-sponsored legislation requiring the president and vice president to disclose and divest any potential financial conflicts of interest; and signed onto legislation to block the creation of a federal religious registry.

The Massachusetts Democrat is leaning on every lever of power she has — from her fundraising prowess to her social media accounts — to position herself as a leading voice of a party in political exile.

“My priorities haven’t changes since the day I got into office,” Warren said in an interview with The Associated Press. “I see my job as making sure the voices of ordinary people aren’t drowned out in Washington by those who have money and power.”

Her list of grievances with Trump is long and growing longer.

But in a shift from the campaign, when Warren lobbed Twitter grenade after Twitter grenade to get under Trump’s skin, she says her criticism is now more focused on her top priority: the economic well-being of middle- and working-class families.

She has excoriated Trump’s pick for Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, saying he profited from the foreclosure crisis; called out Trump’s Department of Labor nominee, fast food entrepreneur Andrew Puzder, after hearing from workers who said they were underpaid, had their wages stolen, and were forced to work in unsafe conditions; and vowed to fight to protect President Barack Obama’s health care law and preserve the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which she helped create.

“The Republicans have put us on the path to repealing the ACA (Affordable Care Act), and that will make a profound difference in the lives of millions of Americans,” Warren told the AP. “I’m all for making the ACA better, but not for throwing it out. What the Republicans are doing is irresponsible and cruel.”

Warren is taking the political long view.

She is an aggressive fundraiser, and through her political action committee — PAC for a Level Playing Field — she has doled out hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past two years to Democratic candidates and committees in the hope of strengthening the party’s hand in future elections.

“The Democrat’s agenda is the American people’s agenda,” she said.

Warren won’t say whether she is prepping for a possible 2020 run for president, although she has announced plans to run for re-election in 2018, making the case for a second term in part by again pointing to “Donald Trump and his team of billionaires, bigots, and Wall Street bankers” in an email to supporters.

Massachusetts Republicans have labeled Warren a “hyperpartisan bully more interested in scoring political points than delivering actual results.”

But among voters in her home state where she remains popular, the reaction to Warren’s spikes-up approach is more nuanced.

“I’m just tired of all the fighting,” said Tim James, 26, of Newton, who works in macroeconomics. “I don’t agree with a lot of the things that Trump had to say … but we’ve had about eight years or so of gridlock in Washington, and I think that it’s important for us to try to put some of the more divisive rhetoric to the side.”

Jay Fiset, a 30-year-old chef from Somerville, also said that while Trump and Warren may be political polar opposites, it’s time to ditch the campaign.

“They’re going to butt heads,” he said. “But I think that they should come together and try and figure out the problems rather than pinpointing who’s doing what wrong.”

Others see a reason to applaud every Warren missive.

“She should definitely keep going hard after him because he hasn’t admitted to anything yet. He hasn’t apologized for anything,” said Dencis Pena, 37, of Boston, who works in the insurance industry. “Until he changes and shows he actually understands the facts, people should not let him off the hook.”

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  • Warren certainly is not afraid of dealing with issues There was major issue with Wells Fargo bank who “encouraged” clients they should have 8 accounts. Might search “Elizabeth Warren Wells Fargo bank” on the internet. CEO who decided “8 (accounts) is great” for each account holder will remember that withering cross examination for the rest of his life.


        • In all due respect, OD, what has Warren done except yell and screen at these hearings where she gets complete immunity from what she says??? Not so the people on the other side!!!

        • My comment is awaiting moderation.
          @ serious
          Please be respectful..we talking bout an Indian woman here….ah..Native American.

    • McKinley High, your facts are wrong. Wells Fargo did not encourage clients to have eight accounts. The fake bank and credit card accounts were opened by Wells Fargo employees on behalf of unwitting customers. Although many bank accounts were deemed “empty” and closed automatically, employees sometimes transferred customer funds to the new accounts, triggering overdraft fees and hurting credit ratings.

  • “Pocahontas,” Elizabeth Warren is 0.0000% Native American…The Boston Globe (far left newspaper) put that “1/32” out on April 30 2012 hoping to quash the scandal at least though the news cycle and be quoted years later by fellow left reporters such as this. The Boston Globe story was picked up by New York Times, CNN, Atlantic and Mother Jones…But when presented with overwhelming ancestry evidence, the Boston Globe RETRACTED that claim on May 15 2012.
    In 1984, She authored “Pow Wow Chow Cookbook” filled with plagiarized recipes of non-native meals.
    From 1986-1995, She listed herself as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) directories.
    In 1987, she joined University of Pennsylvania Law School (Ivy League)…A huge step up from University of Texas at Austin.
    In 1995, she left Penn for Harvard…then, in 1995 she removed her name from the AALS directory.
    Not only is she 0% Native…Her great-great-great grandfather was a member of the Tennessee Militia who rounded up Cherokees from their family homes in the Southeastern United States and herded them into government-built stockades in what was then called Ross’s Landing (now Chattanooga), Tennessee–the point of origin for the horrific Trail of Tears, which began in January, 1837.

      • Yeah good one.

        Warren and the other Dumbocrats haven’t figured out yet that Trump’s thin skin is so exquisitely sensitive and pale it would be considered his superpower if it weren’t for his monumental temper and boundless ego.

        Criticism just makes Trump stronger. It’s like when the Incredible Hulk gets angry.
        Stand back… Watch out.
        He’s gonna blow… Ka-boom!

        Trump’s greatest supporters admire his proud Germanic lineage (die Herrenrasse).
        They see his amoral superpowers as evidence that he is an Übermensch (German for “Overman, Superman, Superhuman, Hyperman, Hyperhuman”).

        Whenever they get together, the Donald’s top admirers often ask themselves, “Hey, Trump was so far above the masses, how could they not see that he is a fabulous winner? He said he would win the election, so how could he lose? And Oh, by the way, did it ever cross your mind that maybe WWII ended the wrong way? Know what I mean?”

        But ordinary commoners are not worthy to ever question Trump’s methods. Ever.

        All Hail Trump!

        #MAGA? (Make America Germanic Again?)

    • Here’s a quick definition of the” Trail of Tears” from Wikipedia

      The Trail of Tears was a series of forced removals of Native American nations from their ancestral homelands in the Southeastern United States to an area west of the Mississippi River that had been designated as Native Territory. The forced relocations were carried out by various government authorities following the passage of the Indian Removal Act in 1830. The relocated people suffered from exposure, disease, and starvation while en route, and more than four thousand died before reaching their various destinations. The removal included members of the Cherokee, Muscogee, Seminole, Chickasaw, and Choctaw nations. The phrase “Trail of Tears” originated from a description of the removal of the Cherokee Nation in 1838

      • You forgot to mention that the starvation death March was ordered by another great American anti-hero, “Old Hickory”, President Amdrew Jackson.

        Perhaps this is a fitting to consider Jackson because many have compared him and Trump. Jackson was a crude, evil, merciless white supremacist – hated by the establishment. But he,way a wealthy slave owning planter and a brutal war hero who did not hesitate to break agreements or betray allies.

        Jackson favored an aggressive foreign policy, American territorial expansion, massive cronyism called the “spouls system”, and selective disregard for the rule of law.

        Sound famiar?


        Footnote – The man Jackson appointed to be attorney general of Washington DC was the nation’s most promonent slavery lawyer (he was on the side of the slaveholders) – Fracis Scott Key. Key prozecuted abolitionists, and his bloody poem about the war of 1812 had a 3rd stanza that viciously attacks the escaped slabes who fought for their emancipation during the war. Key’s racist p8eom was put to the music of a popular drinking song and became our national anthem. Hurray!

        Jackson also is the father of the Democratic Party. Ironic?

        #MAGA? (Make America Gacksonian Again?)

  • The Scam Artist known as “Pocahontas”. Claims to have 1/32 Native American Indian in order to claim Minority Status. Man if I was a Native American Indian ,I would be livid! Sorry! Native Hawaiians Don’t count!lol.

    This lady? And don’t let her appearance fool you, she is actually pretty smart and knows how to manipulate the system.Not to mention the Poor Feeble Minded Liberals. You know whats so funny ,not just watching her during the presidential campaign for Hillary….she critics PE. DJT for taking advantage of the Housing Bubble and yet she too was also known to have been……”Flipping Houses” . Hilahila.

  • Pocahontas is a joke. She’s going to get her behind in a wringer if she doesn’t play ball. Drain the swamp.
    Donald John Trump. 45th POTUS. Vector eat crow. Ha!

  • This will be Pcohantas’s last term along with other dems who are acting like fools and further dividing our country. The average American is sick and tired of these radical fools who cannot accomplish anything constructive to benefit all Americans regardless of ethnic origin.

  • Warren got where she is by lying about being Native American and using that to get preferential treatment in her academic and professional careers. Her fraud was exposed by the Massachusetts Republican Party during her campaign for the Senate, but that did matter to the far-left loons in the Bay State as long as she claimed to be a Democrat. When challenged to produce evidence of her Native American ancestry, Warren said she was told by a great uncle that her great grandmother was Cherokee and that a photograph of her great grandmother showed she had high cheek bones, a Native American characteristic. She is a loud mouth blowhard who has no shame.

  • Her nickname “Pocahontas” will forever be the anchor around her neck. If she were truly Native American as she has claimed, she would have taken DNA tests to quiet the many skeptics. Since she refuses, as is her right, the suspicion of manipulating the system as a cheat remains. What say you Allie since you profess your Mandan heritage? Agree or disagree that Warren should take a DNA test to dispel her critics?

  • Warren willingly and knowingly lied about her heritage and ethnic background – why anyone on the planet would listen to her now, or even care at all what she has to say, is totally delusional. She is the poster child for why the Democratic Party has lost huge at every possible level of government. As for me, I am extremely happy she has taken a leadership position – it means the DC Titanic will continue to sink into deeper and deeper waters!

  • The corrupt Democrat Party is so in trouble if Warren is their new leader. It’s a good thing their bench is so light, past Obama they have nothing, maybe for 8 years. Thank you President Obama for thoroughly gutting your party.

  • You ever notice how “Faux”-cahontas seems to be trembling with rage every time she speaks? This woman needs professional help, and the sooner the better. Really hard to take this uber-liberal hack seriously.

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