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Health Options: Personalized nutrition is the future

As we learn more and more about how specific types of gene variants interact with nutrients, it is becoming more possible to use this information to generate diet recommendations customized to an individual’s genetic makeup. Read more

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Avoid the flu, not social activity

No one expects to get a cold or the flu. However, unless you live like a hermit, getting the flu may be inevitable. Read more

B vitamins can help lower Hcy-related disease

Homocysteine is another chemical that is becoming increasingly important because of its relationship to heart disease and a number of other diseases. Read more

Good health starts with gastrointestinal tract

Food is an enjoyable part of living that is intertwined with social life, culture and traditions. But what happens to food after it is eaten is rather mysterious. Read more

Varied diet offsets harm from natural toxins

People often express concerns about toxic substances in their food, but what is rarely appreciated is how many toxic chemicals are present naturally. There is little or no regulation of these toxins produced by nature. Read more

Despite studies, most folks are still lacking in vitamin E

In the past 50 years, there have been over 30,000 studies on vitamin E. Despite this, the most recent studies indicate that most adults around the world consume less than the recommended amount of vitamin E with many potential adverse health consequences. Read more

Nutrition labels to undergo changes in next few years

If you don’t like change and also read food labels, get ready for a bumpy road ahead. In the next few years there are a series of new federal regulations that will be changing the face of nutrient information provided to consumers. Read more

Passengers on long flights can cut risk of blood clots

Heading off for vacation can be relaxing and rejuvenating, but extensive travel can increase the risk of some serious health problems that could put you in a hospital far from home. Understanding the stresses of travel and what can go wrong can help you minimize the risk. Read more

Plant-based beverages lack same benefits as cow’s milk

New food products are being developed daily, and some definitely find their way to supermarket shelves. Over the last decade, plant-based milks have become increasingly popular as a substitution for cow’s milk. Read more

Body needs its water level to stay in constant balance

Water in, water out — it’s the most basic illustration of the body’s attempt to maintain water homeostasis, or the ideal balance of fluid in the body. Virtually everything the body needs is subject to a balancing act of taking in enough to balance unavoidable losses. Read more

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