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Salad with ulu a winner for KCC student duo

The Kahala Nui retirement community hosted its seventh Art of Healthy-licious Cooking contest, inviting Kapiolani Community College culinary students to submit recipes designed to be healthy and simple for seniors to prepare. This year’s featured ingredient was breadfruit, or ulu, from the Hawai’i ‘Ulu Cooperative. Read More

Bread for Day of the Dead makes lively project

Over many years of Octobers, I’ve presented many recipe ideas for Halloween. This year I thought I’d turn to the root of Halloween, Mexico’s Day of the Dead and the traditional pan de muerto, bread of the dead. Read More

New cookbook features dishes from school cafeterias

A third “By Request” cookbook launches today. Read More

Fresh fruit ice cake a tasty adult treat

Sweet, sticky ice cakes were a part of childhood for so many of us, yet I hadn’t given them a thought in at least 20 years. Read More

Baking scones takes some science

Recipes for scones are thick on the ground, but that bounty yields some variables. While the ingredients don’t change much, some of the finer points do. Read More

Use sesame stash in savory pancakes

These crisp-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside pancakes would be a nice addition to your next Chinese meal. Read More

Evaporated milk plays new part in frozen Lemon Crunch

It turns out evaporated milk, because, well, much of the water has been evaporated out of it, has a high enough percentage of protein to be whip-able, despite having considerably less fat than whipping cream. Read More

Beloved chicken recipe packs a gingery punch

Kauai’s Hanamaulu Cafe closed in 2014 and some devotees are still in mourning. Read More

Pie melds pumpkin, custard

Some people like pumpkin pie, some prefer custard and some families fight about this when there’s room for only one pie on the menu. No need for such strife when there’s such a thing as a layered pie. Read More

Quest for old recipe generates readers’ help

Last week I introduced Darren Asato and his quest to find an old recipe of his mother’s — one that she’d gotten on a recipe card handed out at a supermarket some 40 years ago. Read More

Recipes keep memories alive

Darren Asato has some advice for parents and grandparents everywhere: “If they really want to pass on some good memories to their children or grandkids, they should put together a family cookbook. Read More

Fresh lychee makes a luscious sorbet

I’m having a particularly good lychee season. Read More

Maui native’s winning recipe brings limu poke to San Diego

Sean “Maui” Canosa can be a little prickly about poke. Read More

Fruit soup at Halekulani made lasting impression

When something tastes good it can really stick with you, no matter how many years go by. So it is for Jean Neuer and a chilled fruit soup that she remembers from the Sunday buffet at the Halekulani. Read More

Tropical ceviche is a summer specialty

Think of ceviche as something like poke. If you must. Read More

Peas please in this classic creamy salad

Think of a pea salad as a green cousin to macaroni salad — creamy and mild, quick to assemble and suited to making ahead for parties or potlucks. Read More

Butter mochi tops local comforts at Hauula store

In a previous life, Kaya’s Store in Hauula dealt in hardware. Also animal feed and groceries. Read More

Failed recipe prompts discovery of a satisfying one-dish dinner

If anyone out there knows how to make stuffed turkey wings, I’m listening. Read More

Cooking eggs just right doesn’t have to be hard

As a frequent consumer of eggs, I’ve come up with this guide to the best and easiest ways to deliver an egg to the table. Read More

Black rice contains an antioxidant other varieties can’t boast

Black rice when raw is reminiscent of midnight, but when cooked it turns an intense purple and the cooking water gives off a violet hue. Read More

Patience is a staple of Indian cooking

Yes, the ingredients are key, technique is important and the spices — many spices — are crucial to Indian cooking. But the prime component: “To cook Indian, it takes a lot of patience,” says chef Ronald Thomas Minezes. Read More

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