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By the Glass: Investigate the charm of chardonnay

The chardonnay grape variety produces some of the most highly acclaimed, prestigious white wines and has subsequently developed a huge following. So how do you find the good ones? Read more

By the Glass: 4 great wines rooted in family

You probably have not heard of any of these wines, but they can be found in Hawaii, and they are well worth seeking out, not just for quality, but also value. Read more

By the Glass: Explore another shade of pinot

Wines based on the pinot noir grape are among the most popular in today’s wine world. But here’s a curve ball in your search for what is good in wine: Think about pinot in connection with white wines. Read more

By the Glass: Reverence for heritage distinguishes Italian reds

Italian and Mediterranean foods — a growing category among Hawaii restaurants — offer lots of vegetables in their preparations. When pairing wines with this kind of fare, search out lighter- to medium-bodied, tasty, savory and well-balanced Italian “country”- style red wines. Read more

By the Glass: Corsican wines ready for world stage

Many parts of Corsica, the birthplace of Napoleon, remain undeveloped. We drove for hours on almost perversely narrow, winding roads through mountainous, rocky, wild countrysides and never saw a hint of civilization. Read more

By the Glass: Find finesse in pinot noir

California pinot noirs that garner high scores from the wine media these days are showy, flamboyant, dark-colored at the core, quite viscous, wonderfully lush, surprisingly opulent and often oak-laden. But someone who buys wines based on media scores and accolades could miss out on wines like that stunning pinot I tasted the other night. And that would be a shame. Read more

4 Mediterranean wines great for gulping

In the Old World, especially along the Mediterranean basin, wine was an integral part of dining. It still is. Through the generations, each region has developed food specialties, and along the way has figured out which wines add to the enjoyment of a meal. Read more

Wine seminar creates light-bulb moments

A group of us at Vino Italian Tapas & Wine Bar were fortunate recently to explore the connection between wine and food through a workshop featuring seven of Hawaii’s top wine professionals. Read more

Finding true value in a bottle

To find high-quality and affordable wines, find out where vineyard land is less expensive. Then seek out sites owned by one family for generations, where land mortgage costs minimally affect bottle costs, if at all. Here are four examples. Read more

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