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Silkworm larvae a tad bland

Food shouldn’t be scary. When I started writing this column eight months ago, I looked at it as a way to share food and learn about other cultures, even if the food might be different from what most of us are used to. Read more

Go for goat at Jamaican joint

On the island of Jamaica, the main dish at parties is Jamaican curry goat, not kalua pig or laulau. Read more

Stingray pupu offers a familiar experience

A young colleague at work told me she can’t eat stingray because she’s seen the movies “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory,” where an eagle ray named Mr. Ray is a teacher to young fish. Read more

Spice lovers should eye this fish

Covered in spicy, salted and fermented chilies, with eyeballs staring back at you, Hunan chili fish head can be intimidating. Read more

Bite your tongue, in taco full of taste

The icky factor, for those who don’t like tongue, probably has something to do with the idea of eating something that, when the animal was alive, could taste you back. Read more

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