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Digital Transition FAQs

How do I login to my account?

Login to your account here.

I’m having trouble logging in. What can I do?

Try resetting your password.

Why did the Star-Advertiser decide to do a website redesign?

There are a number of factors that lead to our new site design. With the ever-increasing use of smartphones and tablets and with our mobile traffic increasing, we felt that a responsive design would allow us to deliver the same robust experience to our mobile audience that we provide to our desktop users. Also, by reducing clutter and making a few aesthetic changes, we wanted to emphasize our content as the focal point in this redesign.

We hope that in doing so our readers are better able to read and appreciate the breadth and depth of content we offer daily.

Where to find things – obits, Big Q? How do I navigate around the new site?

Many of our main sections are organized and presented in a linear fashion on our homepage – all one needs to do is scroll down the page to find the main section you’re looking for. However, you can also use the navigation bar at the top of the page or the expanded menu on the top left to quickly navigate to the section you are looking for.

Why do I have to be a subscriber to vote in the Big Q?

Like the ability to comment, voting in the Big Q is an added benefit that we give only to our paid subscribers. This ensures the results of this daily poll cannot be influenced by any external factors, thus providing our subscribers with a somewhat unbiased view of where people stand on the issue of the day.

Where is the columnists section?

To quickly find your favorite columnists, click on the expanded menu option on the top left and go to the Columnists page. You will easily be able to navigate to your favorite column from this page.

How do I find other sections and the archives?

The three lines you see at the top left of our site is a common symbol used to indicate that an expanded menu option is available. Click on it to see the expanded options.

Is the site still Single Sign-On?

Once you have activated your online account you will be able to access Premium subscriber content on the Star-Advertiser site, mobile app as well as access the print replica with the same login credentials across all mediums.

Is there a reason behind using large photos in the new design?

Many of our online users have expressed the desire to see larger-sized photos than the ones on the old site. We listened to our digital reader feedback and we responded accordingly.

Who do I contact if I experience problems logging on to the site or have questions and/or feedback?

You can email, click the Customer Service link at the top of the page (or expanded menu on mobile) or call our customer service center at (808) 538-NEWS (6397).

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