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What are the chances of the Thirty Meter Telescope being built in Hawaii, now that Spain’s been named as a backup site?

  • C. Not good (568 Votes)
  • A. Still good (360 Votes)
  • B. 50-50 (341 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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    • Exactly. Way too many backwards thinking people here, afraid of technology and change. Waste of time and money to do anything of high technology in the Nei.

  • The existing 11 observatories, three of which need to be decommissioned and removed, should be a priority. There are only 17 years on the leases and we have a big job ahead of us. This community has spent way too much time and money on a very flawed undertaking.

    • Really? Who made you King for a day?

      Fact is the little backwater Nei is not a place for high technology as people resist change, are afraid of high tech. Exactly why our state and city government are so behind on automation, websites, anything to do with computers.

      Lets not forget how many years behind the mainland our state tax office was before it could start accepting digital filings, placing PDF tax forms on their website you can actually fill out and save the data, very few people who actually knew the tax code.

      South Park captured the Nei best in their episode “Going Native.”

      • That’s not so! Just obstructionist that want to justify their existence by classifying any site ancient burial ground defy the sitting authority. Way of getting back at the loss of the monarchy that could not even put up any resistance to the rebellion. Surrendered their rights and yet wanting to claim their sovereignty. Ridiculous claim.

  • At least now we can have a cleaner mountain since Hawaiians can take care of their aina at no cost to the government. Once the last of the telescopes is removed, no infrastructure costs to maintain, etc. Everyone is a winner.

    • Not true. Remember how the Navy gave back Barber’s Point to the locals/natives. Within weeks it was trashed, junk everywhere. Nearby residents actually wanted the Navy to take it back as they took care of the land/Aina.

      If the mountain top was ever cleared, locals/natives would trash it in a day. Just the way it is.

  • What are the chances that anyone clicking on this “poll” has a clue about the decision-making process involved with the location of the TMT. Perhaps a better poll might be “Do you think an asteroid will strike N. America tomorrow and eliminate the need to pay your MasterCard bill?”

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