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Should Hawaii start collecting state taxes on online retail sales?

  • B. No - raises costs for consumers (1113 Votes)
  • A. Yes - fair to local retailers; revenues needed (465 Votes)
  • C. Unsure; undecided (54 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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    • Tax rates versus tax base. Two separate but related issues.

      Objecting to this fix on the grounds of tax rates overlooks the fact that taxing online sales is an equity issue. Level the playing field for local businesses is important for a functioning economy and society.

      By all means look at both issues, but please don’t ignore one because of the other. Doing so hurts everyone.

  • You want to tax online sales? Fine.

    Then how about in exchange you get rid of the tax on prescription drugs and medical and dental procedures. I can’t think of anything more absurd, unfair and inflationary than to tax someone when they are sick or suffered a traumatic, perhaps life-threatening, event.

    • Choy is a wealthy man who is out of touch with the rest of you cockroaches so to him this tax on internet sales is no big thing for him
      an it will give him as one of our vaunted legislators money money to spread around.

  • We are all over taxed as is and the money collected is being wasted. Better yet start cutting the wasteful spending and get the states fiscal house in order without laying more on the backs of the working men and women of the state.

  • What a no brainer. Of course internet sales should be taxes just as our brick and mortar mom and pop retailers are.

    Online retails already creates a net negative for Hawaii’s economy. The out of state retailers skipping out on paying taxes here just makes matters worse locally.

    Short sighted consumers failing to recognize collective action problem where the rational actions of individuals collectively harm the interest of the common good. This is a perfect example of when our government needs to step in and take corrective action.

    This is long overdue. Rein in the freeriders. Broaden the tax base and THEN talk about tax rates.

    • Who are you going to make pay? Some little mom and pop shop in Wyoming? How are you going to teach them about excise taxes and how complicated it is to even consider collecting Hawaii sales tax as opposed to other states that have simple percentages. How are you going to enforce this new tax?

    • II feel for the local merchants , but raising the taxes again on the local consumer is not an answer to their problem . Perhaps getting rid of the regressive multi tiered tax scheme call GET might help them.

    • Budget cuts first. I don’t understand how this tax will be collected. Hawaii does not have a sales tax. The excise tax is not a sales tax they are apple and oranges. We are the only state with an excise tax.

  • Hey B O Z O S we already pay taxes online. Most of the big names already charge us for GET plus extra shipping and handling. Wake up

    Get to work and CUT the Bloated government and STOP TAXING us to death.

  • The State should receive all of the 4.5% gross excise tax (GET), and give nothing to the C&C of Honolulu for the HART rail project if it needs additional tax revenue.

  • Whenever the Democratic party legislature meets each year, my pocket book gets rattled. You cannot find anything good coming out of this greedy Democrats who will always find someone or increase something that they already have. The tax-addicted Democrats are greedy and continue to mis-managed our tax dollars since their existence in 1959 when we became the 50th State.

    I can rant all I want, the general election is over and these rascals can do anything they want. They have sent many local families out of the islands to their new homes in the State of Washington, California and Nevada. Because of their greediness, head of household here that works more than one job to survive in Hawaii, is on the verge of takeing the homeless route because of the greediness of our Democrats in the legislature.
    Now they want to tax the goodness!!!

  • Who is behind this new scheme to take money from us? Is that you snake smile Caldwell? Still looking for ways to bleed the taxpayers to pay for your toys aren’t you?

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