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Should Hawaii’s tourism authority be investing more to court LGBT travelers as a core market?

  • B. No, status quo (501 Votes)
  • A. Yes, growth potential (251 Votes)
  • C. What's LGBT? (42 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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    • Exactly! The last thing we need is for them to be proudly running around in gimp suits and strap-ons in broad daylight on the streets in front of families with small children as they celebrate pride day every weekend!

    • Move to Birmingham, Alabama. You’ll be protected from the perils of LGBT visitors there. San Francisco is one of the great cities of the world for many, many reasons. Honolulu would be lucky to be more like it (Go Giants!).

      • Show me the numbers! I think the gay tourist market is not that much higher than it was in the closet days. Show me this huge influx of gay marriage money to Hawaii….

        • IRT Marcus, agree with your post. The University of Hawaii testified that there would be some 10,000 same-sex marriages in Hawaii a month. Is there anyone on this post that have the numbers? Before jumping into LGTB visitors, let’s have a study on same-sex marriage in Hawaii.

  • hmmmm, what not invest in a Sanctuary City? or is Honolulu considered one? There could be a lot of illegal migrants wanting to come to Hawaii but fear of being deported. Hawaii’s a perfect place for a Sanctuary City because of it’s community and the Spirit of Aloha!

    • Exactly. Remember when all the naysayers said if the Nei had gay marriage all the tourists would go somewhere else. Now fast forward to today and smart tourist destinations are courting LGBT travelers. Knowing no matter who spends the money the color is green.

      Sad to say the HTA is so far behind the times it is laughable. Just a bunch of out of touch bureaucrats wasting money. We would do well to clean house at HTA to bring in fresh, untainted talent.

  • HTA will court Millennials, who like a more “authentic” experience, eco-conscious and want the get a feel for the local neighborhoods. So stated the HTA. I read this to mean they will continue to market our residential communities as tourist destinations, tacitly promoting the illegal B&B industry, and destroying any sort of unique local experience. Now, all “local” experiences become tourist experiences. Just wait for the family of 4 to walk up your driveway and ask for some of the food off of your grill as you chill in the garage and talk story because they heard that’s what the locals do and they want that “authentic” experience.

  • Marketing is about selling. The focus is often on increasing revenue through per cap spending. The sector of the market in question here traditionally is more high end. Also generally well mannered. The Japanese is a great market for us to be in because of their spending profile and they are a very gracious interface. I’m told that Hawaii will not enjoy the predicted waves of Chinese when they come to visit as their manner of travel is much more pushy. Ethnocentric boxes a side what works best in a changing world is mutual respect and a culture of caring.

  • Don’t leave them out but don’t go out of the ay because of LGBT. Treat them like everyone else. Hawaii is usually color blind, we can adapt so should they.

  • Probably a good investment. This is the state of Aloha where the UH has the rainbow in its logo. I remember a city who years ago decided to change from pushing spring break to being gay friendly. Turned out to be a good decision.

    • Let’s push for legislation having illegal migrants vacationing in Hawaii without any fear of being caught for deportation! Could you imagine millions of illegal migrants contributing to Hawaii’s tourism count? Some will even stay for good to support our economy!

      • Or are illegal migrants allowed to fly over to Hawaii without legal identification already? hmmmm, and my point may be mute as to cater to illegal migrants to come to Hawaii for a vacation or to reside in Hawaii to contribute to our society.

        • millions of illegal migrants could donate for TheRail project! and we go all the way to the University of Hawaii with that!

  • This is a really lame question. The HTA should send a message of welcome to all people. When you depend on one industry, everyone’s money is the same color.

  • Hawaii already has a large resident gay population and also gets a lot of gay tourist coming here. There is really no reason to target them to come here.
    We do not need to be the land of fruits and nuts. California already has that honor.

  • Business & Capitalism, will control this market. It will be protected, by the US Constitution. No one can stop, this from happening.

    It is just like, trying to stop the building of highrise buildings or skyscraper buildings in Hawaii. There is no way, that anyone can stop it.

    It is in the hands, of our elected ruling elite. They will vote, for whoever keeps them in office.

    This is another inroad, to changing Hawaii, into mainland political correctness. The bathroom policies, have opened an unforeseen inroad.

  • HTA should do some research…per Gallup, only 3.8% of Americans ACTUALLY consider themselves LBGT. I can’t imagine the ACTUAL global percentage is any different. Why spend money on a MINOR target group? Come on now, should we be even considering this question. Hawaii has Aloha for everyone.

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