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With voter registration just ended, will you be voting in the general election?

  • A. Yes, definitely (1007 Votes)
  • C. No, uninterested (69 Votes)
  • B. Perhaps, if I remember (19 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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        • Got to quit voting party’s and vote for the best person that represent the people, cause the people put you in office not the deep pockets!

        • BINGO! Kirook boy and HitLAIRy are just foaming from of their mouths to sucker the middle class to siphon more taxes out of them.

          Kiriiky Boy needs billions to fund his little boys dream of playing with a choo-choo. He must think he’s a railroad tycoon like Vanderbilt, well, with our tax dollars, he’s sure spending like one and we’re all slaves to his tax scam.

          HitLIARy needs trillions to support the massive amnesty to illegal criminals bills she’ll try to push through and spend more on millions of refugees from terrorist countries in addition to expanding ObamaCare while shuttering spending on military and defense to leave us sitting like sitting ducks.

  • There is too much at stake.

    Our national deficit, is being fed by just printing money. Congress & POTUS have not done anything about it.

    Our US Military, is being gutted. Our SOCOM have been tasked with training Jihadis.

    Our law enforcement is under siege. There is a general public impression, that all of the US law enforcement departments & agencies have gone wild.

    Our Mexican border, has let too many illegal aliens entering the USA. What is the purpose of Immigration Laws, if you don’t enforce them?

    Everyone should vote, to save this nation.

    • It should always be remembered that our national debt was fed primarily by GW’s tax cuts during a time of war and two never ending wars which Obama has wound down. I am not enthusiastic about Hillary but I will take her any day over someone with zero experience and is just out to lunch on so many issues. Vote sweet Hillary!

  • Update: At 6:04 am, 14 dispirited Trump supporters have thrown in the towel. I can’t blame them. Who wants to be on the short side of the biggest presidential landslide in memory?

    • Never count out a potential politician, who beats 17 of the finest Republicans. Almost all of the news media polls, said Trump had lost. Newsmedia polls, only talk to a finite number of people, already in their databanks. Because his party is abandoning him, this has drawn many mainland silent majority people, to side with Trump.

      There are a significant number, of the mainland silent majority voters, who might cause a significant upset. Trump is still a significant wild card, that people seem to take too lightly. He keeps on landing on his feet.

      What if he becomes POTUS? Political Revenge, has always been a reality. Old wisdom says, always be careful, with your choice of words. Your future can either be very bright or very dismal.

      • Well, if the Donald becomes president, we can look forward to an economic meltdown second to none. We can look forward to chaos for at least the next 2 to 4 years. Fortunately, I don’t think there is anyway the Donald can win. Fortunately enough people are smart enough to vote against him..

        The Donald would continue the republican tradition of making the prior republican president look good. Considering who that was, one should be careful about pushing for a Donald presidency. lol

        • An economic meltdown is immanent! FED has pumped the economy with ZERO interest rates like Arnold on steroids! If you want the next candidate to keep pumping ObamaNomics then go ahead, jack yourself up further so the crash will be bigger and deeper. While at it buy that 2nd investment property for $5.6 million with an only stated income of $52k a year!

    • I don’t know if Trump will/should win. But I know this, if he does win all the pundits, stock market predictors and the politicians who refused to support him should all go into hiding.

      Remember, the bond market, the stock market and the majority of political opinion were all wrong on Brexit. Never underestimate the response of a ticked-off electorate in a secret ballot.

      • While at it, write to HitLIARy to quickly grant all illegal criminals full amnesty and accidentally rush them through the naturalized citizen process before Nov 8th so your sugar mamma can get you started on that welfare check she promised you and the 22 million illegal criminals.

        • Why don’t you move to Russia then if you hate this country so much. Seems like all of the alt-right rodents are coming out of the woodwork ever since Trump made it cool to hate everything about this country.

  • The political establishment… republican, democrat, Washington elite, political insiders, lobbyist, government, bureaucracy… everyone is afraid that Trump will upset the status quo… and that scares the baduzzie out of them… so they are doing everything they can to see that Trump is not elected. Now that is the best reason of all to vote for Trump. LOL LOL LOL

  • Romans 13:1 Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.

    • Obama was born a Muslim. His Kenyan father was a Muslim; the seed of Muslim is passed through the father like the seed of Judaism is passed through the mother. He was born a Muslim; his father gave him an Islamic name. Obama could care less about your Christian statement.

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