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Visitors to Japan in 2018 top 30 million

The number of annual visitors to Japan topped a record-high 30 million Dec. 19, the government announced. Read More

Photo: Birds of a feather

Japanese cranes, or tancho, are seen in all their majesty in the village of Tsurui in Hokkaido. Read More

For Japan, NBA 101 is now in session

Pete Pranica, the longtime television voice of the Memphis Grizzlies, appeared to be square dancing as he stood in a small conference room here, demonstrating for Japanese broadcasters the NBA violation of thrusting out a hip while setting a screen. Read More

War memories, artifacts preserved at Japanese museum

Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture, was once home to the Tsukuba Naval Air Corps, which included one of the suicide attack squads that formed at the end of World War II. Read More

Photo: Coloring the New Year

Craftspeople in Osaka added finishing touches in shades of red and white to the base of traditional kadomatsu bamboo decorations used for the New Year. Read More

As Osaka basks in glow of successful 2025 Expo bid, economic concerns move to the forefront

After a night of celebrations in Osaka following last month’s announcement in Paris that it had won the 2025 World Expo, Japanese leaders promised an event that would surprise the world, demonstrate that there is more to Japan than just Tokyo, and serve as an international laboratory for co-creation. Read More

Photo: One paddle, two paddle

Novelty hagoita wooden paddles bearing the popular faces of 2018. Read More

Traveling gas station on trial run

An experiment with a traveling gas station is taking place in northern Hamamatsu, the first trial of its kind in Japan, with a tanker truck directly transferring gasoline to vehicles. Read More

Festival touts Kobe’s claim as home of stollen in Japan

As Christmas approaches, about 40 bakeries are selling their versions of stollen, a traditional German fruit bread, at a new event in Kobe. Read More

‘Sodane’: Japan uses top buzzword of 2018 to end year on a high note

The word was popularized by the Japanese Olympic bronze medal-winning female curling team Read More

Live-action Pokemon trailer reaffirms Pikachu’s enduring popularity

If you think Pikachu’s best days are behind him, you might want to head to your nearest Pokemon Center. Last month saw a shocking amount of Pikachu love on the internet. Read More

Foreign rental car drivers in more accidents than domestic drivers in Osaka

The rate of rental car accidents in Osaka Prefecture is four times higher for foreign drivers than accidents involving Japanese drivers, according to recent data released by the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry. Read More

Aging Tokyo town lures young residents with offers of houses and land

Just outside of Tokyo, Okutama lures young residents with offers of land, houses and money for renovations. Read More

Japanese citizens warned cannabis laws apply while overseas

Canada’s legalization of the recreational use of marijuana, which went into effect in November, has prompted the Japanese government to issue warnings that Japan’s law on cannabis use may apply to its nationals even when they are abroad. Read More

A Western architecture enclave

This nation may have more theme parks per capita than any other country. Read More

Unmanned bookstore opens new page in traditional Japanese city

Amid the tremendous popularity of online bookstores and e-books, an unmanned book store has opened in Nara’s traditional Naramachi district in Japan and has steadily attracted a growing number of customers. Read More



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