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Hawaii missile scare


A CDC study reveals Twitter posts show need for effective crisis messaging

No one needed a scientific study to figure out the false ballistic missile alert Jan. 13, 2018, set off “shock, fear, panic or terror” in Hawaii. Read More

1 year after false missile alert, Hawaii residents recall 38 minutes of terror

One year since the false missile attack alert, residents recall a sense of doom and scrambling to be with their families. Read More

A look back: Miscommunication led to confusion about test alert

The events leading to the botched ballistic missile defense drill on Jan. 13, 2018, began with an 8 a.m. shift change at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency headquarters at Diamond Head. Read More

Man who suffered heart attack during Hawaii’s false missile alert sues state

A man who suffered a heart attack minutes after saying his last goodbyes to his children following Hawaii’s ballistic missile alert on Jan. 13 is suing the state for an undisclosed amount. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Plan now to mark anniversary of false missile

Now that the leftover turkey has been ala king’d or jook’d and we are officially rolling like a winter swell into the crash of holidays, perhaps it’s time to start planning for Jan. 13. Read More

Emails a reminder of lack of leadership

Poor David Ige. He’s been working so hard lately to try to prove that he’s been working so hard the last four years, holding a bunch of bill signing ceremonies and press conferences to tout various things he says he’s done. Read More

Memos name ‘button pusher’ who sent false missile alert in January

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency has “inadvertently” released the name of the so-called button pusher, the man who sent a false ballistic missile alert Jan. 13 that plunged Hawaii residents and visitors into 38 minutes of uncertainty. Read More

Botched missile alert inspires broad FCC recommendations

The Federal Communications Commission said future ballistic missile warning tests in Hawaii should not include words that hark back to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor — specifically, “This is not a drill.” Read More

FCC’s final report on false missile alert cites human error and poor safeguards

The FCC this morning released its full report on the false missile alert in Hawaii, finding a “combination of human error and inadequate safeguards” and issuing a lengthy list of recommendations. Read More

Delegation calls on military to handle missile warnings

All four members of Hawaii’s congressional delegation urged the U.S. military Thursday to take responsibility for alerting the public about any future ballistic missile attacks, taking that role away from the state, which botched the job in January. Read More

Hawaii congressional delegation pushes military to take over missile alerts

Hawaii’s congressional delegation grilled federal officials at a hearing in Honolulu today on the Jan. 13 false ballistic missile alert. Read More

Confusion, relief, anger in 911 calls during Oahu missile scare

The department said there were approximately 2,000 911 calls about the missile alert on January after 8:07 a.m., when a state worker sent the message in error. Read More

Retired Navy captain takes helm of HI-EMA

Strategic planning will be a top focus for the new administrator of the beleaguered Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, who comes aboard as the agency works to shore up public confidence following January’s false missile alert. Read More

Hawaii releases redacted recording of missile alert drill

The state of Hawaii today released an audio recording of the drill it was running in January when an employee mistakenly sent cellphone and broadcast alerts warning of a ballistic missile attack. Read More

Hanabusa challenges Ige on missile alert records

Hawaii officials have repeatedly pointed to a low-level state employee and a breakdown in his agency’s leadership as the main cause for a January missile alert that left hundreds of thousands of islanders thinking they might die in a nuclear blast. But efforts to find out more about what other top officials did that day have been stymied at the highest levels of state government. Read More

Transparency after the missile alarm

Accountability and leadership. That’s what we demanded from the administration and our elected officials on the Jan. 13 false missile alarm scare. Read More

False missile alert sets off creative burst

The false missile alert the morning of Jan. 13 generated widespread fear and panic in Hawaii, but also spurred creativity in some quarters of the arts and entertainment community. Read More

Millions needed to beef up state’s emergency preparedness, report says

Hawaii residents shouldn’t expect the state to resume ballistic missile alert testing anytime soon, but the beleaguered Hawaii Emergency Management Agency is immediately seeking to hire a new leader and procure millions from the state Legislature to shore up its disaster-response capabilities. Read More

State missile-alert report: millions needed for disaster preparation

The report recommends the state enhance its disaster-response capabilities, improve technology and infrastructure, and implement community preparedness training. Read More


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