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Kokua Line

Passengers age 7 or older allowed on isle motorcycles

Question: Can you please tell me what the law is for kids riding as passengers on motorcycles? Read More

Lee Cataluna

Lee Cataluna: Kauai feels the burden of overtourism

The new Kauai Tourism Strategic Plan has at its heart a stunning premise — that tourism has reached capacity on the island. Read More

By Request

By Request: Spam chips a surprising, super easy snack food

Spam chips. Sounds bad. Sounds wrong. Perhaps you are swearing you could never, ever, in a billion years even touch such a thing. Oh, loosen up. Read More

In the Lineup

In the Lineup: More than gender determines winners in the surf

You get attached to a place where people know you and are more likely to share waves. Read More

Incidental Lives

Column: Volunteer helps others with mental health issues

The symptoms first appeared when she was 3 years old but Susan King was too young to fathom that anything was unusual. Read More

Ferd's Words

Ferd Lewis: Rolo’s recall won’t allow UH to overlook Duquesne

There are a lot of reasons the University of Hawaii football team is a prohibitive, and in Las Vegas off-the-board, favorite tonight against Duquesne, but one of the biggest can be summed up in two words: Portland State. Read More

Further Review

UH to host program for at-risk youths

A chance meeting in a garage more than a decade ago got the idea going. Read More

Hawaii Gardens

Hawaii Gardens: Gentle watering coaxes ohia to grow and thrive

Ohia lehua can be grown from cuttings, air layers or seeds. Starting with seeds is the easiest and most fun way. You don’t need special propagation mist boxes or rooting hormones, just patience and daily gentle watering. Read More

The Weekly Eater

The Weekly Eater: Megumi Odin reopens Vegan Hills in Kaimuki

It’s nearly impossible to call yourself a vegetarian or a vegan in Hawaii without knowing the work of Megumi Odin. Since opening Peace Cafe a decade ago Odin has been one of Oahu’s leading proponents of green eating. Read More

She Speaks

She Speaks: Chopsticks everywhere make life a breeze

I am almost never without a pair of chopsticks — in my handbag, in my car, at my work desk. I can’t remember when I started doing it, but they’ve become a necessity. Read More

The Urban Gardener

Natural farming emphasizes observation over chemicals

Natural farming systems are universal, practiced since mankind first began growing food crops. Read More

Barfly: Oktoberfest, RumFire, Beer Lab, Paradise Ciders

Get ready for Oktoberfest and learn more about RumFire’s new VIP lounge, Beer Lab HI’s new location and Paradise Ciders’ grand opening in Kalihi. Read More

On the Scene

On the Scene With Dita Holifield

Texas-born Dita Holifield will introduce a second Salem Media country music station. She calls it “Real Country.” Read More


Rail finances get more funky; governor’s race grows touchy

It’s the last Sunday in July and time to “flASHback” on the month’s news that amused and confused: Read More

Volcanic Ash

Volcanic Ash: Dispute about rail delays puts HART over a barrel

It’s hard to decide what’s worse, the persistent bad news about Oahu’s $9 billion rail project or the city’s unrelenting efforts to put a happy face on the problems. Read More

On Politics

On Politics: Passive-aggressive ‘school tax’ proposal could turn out more aggressive than it seems

If it is possible to have a passive-aggressive tax bill, the proposed state constitutional amendment aimed at funding public education may be it. Read More

Show Biz

Show Biz: Hit Broadway shows cast a blind eye to color, gender

Last week, we reviewed “Carousel,” “Hello, Dolly!,” “SpongeBob Squarepants” and “Pretty Woman;” we continue the Broadway coverage, with more flashes of color-blind casting plus gender-bending. Read More

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