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Five-0 Redux

McGarrett would GO

It used to be that before the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, most people called a large destructive wave that wiped out a small tropical island — or Hilo — a tidal wave. Only we Hawaii people called it a tsunami. At least that was what I was told by my mainland college roommate: “It’s not sushi, it’s a TIE-dal wave. Don’t you guys surf tidal waves?”

No, we don’t really surf a tidal wave. There’s a surf meet. We surf 30-foot waves. It’s called the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational, or just “The Eddie.” But I wasn’t going to go into the details of the life of one our beloved heroes, nor explain to her that, no, we were not “crazy Hawaiians surfing a TIE-dal wave,” but that we were honoring a man who put his life before others and who was one of the bravest men to face a 30- to 50-foot wave. Because Eddie would GO.

So it looks like Waimea Bay is getting hit with monster waves this week. Am I the only one struck by the ironic twist that the week “The Eddie” could happen, the “Hawaii Five-0” episode will feature a tsunami?

I would love to say that the “Hawaii Five-0” writers and producers planned this phenomenal surf event to happen the same week “Kai e‘e,” or “tidal wave,” is to air, but I’m sure the lucky synchronicity has more to do with the weather than CBS’s scheduling. Or perhaps Peter Lenkov is a fortune teller. Or he is ready to face a big wave, which is what seems to be headed toward McGarrett and the Five-0 Team.

And you know Steve would go. Go get the bad guys, go secure the crime scene, go get Gracie so Danno can protect her. Go Steve.

All I can say is that some of you may be too exhausted from watching the AFC Championship game on Sunday, but I’m going to be waiting for the return of Kamekona, McGarrett’s Navy Intel girlfriend, AND the first shirtless Danno scene. Hold your applause, ladies, because if a tsunami of danger is headed Five-0’s way, then Danno may jump back into his shirt and tie quicker than you can say “Book ’em, Danno.”

Ah, yes, there’s the famous line we have not heard in a few episodes.

But I’ll save that for another time …


Wendie Burbridge is a published writer, playwright and a teacher of literature and fiction writing at Kamehameha Schools-Kapalama. Most recently, her story “The Cave Man’ was published in “’Oiwi 4, Kupa’a Makou ma hope o ka ‘Aina  (We Stand Firm Behind the Land) — Kanaka Maoli Voices on Annexation, Statehood, and Ceded Lands.” As a student at Gonzaga University she studied theater arts and acted in and directed productions in Spokane, Wash. She also worked in Extras Casting for NBC and Warner Brothers on various television shows and films in the Pacific Northwest.

18 responses to “McGarrett would GO”

  1. tawnliz says:

    I never saw how dangerous they truly were until I saw the Indian Ocean Tsunami. It opened my eyes! Also, I agree regarding the ‘mainland’s’ perception of Hawaii. There’s so much more to learn. Tonight, I learned about what an ‘Eddie’. All I can say is wow! Re: H50…this will be interesting! Also, seeing Kono give Danno surf lessons; I can’t wait! Thanks again, Wendie, for a great article!

  2. Hawaii 5-0 is definately my go-to show and I actually LOVE Mondays now 🙂 Great write-up Wendie!

  3. Hawaii 5-0 is definately my go-to show and I actually LOVE Mondays now….err i guess it’s Sunday this week 😉 Great write-up Wendie!

  4. Terry says:

    That Peter Lenkov is a pretty talented guy – he probably did arrange the waves! Maybe you’ll get to meet him and find out how he does it.

  5. Kaimipono says:

    Great intro to Sunday’s episode, Wen. I have to say that your write ups have made me a more faithful Hawai’i 5-0 viewer…Wasn’t as taken as you at the beginning…but getting better.

  6. Ileimohala says:

    Yet another amazing piece of writing!!! Every blog that you write reminds me of what an amazing writer you are. You always seem to crawl into my mind & write exactly what I’m thinking but 20 million times better than I could ever think it!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    “But I’ll save that will be for another time …”

    Um, what?

  8. Bella says:

    Oh yeah. McGarrett WOULD go. What a fun piece! H50 should hire you for publicity.

  9. So cool that it came together the way it did. It seems that the universe is in sync with H5O!

  10. Bob Hoffman says:

    Thanks for making a fun show even more fun to follow. Mahalo!

  11. Lynnette says:

    Hey, Wende – just found your blog for the first time! Love it! I’ve been a New H-50 fan since the jaw dropping pilot episode, and now that I’ve found you, I will be back!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I only found this blog now, awesome! I’m in Sunday’s episode as part of Kamekonas family. We did a very good job of keeping something safe for the team (One in particular), but you have to watch to see what!

  13. Mr V says:

    Mr. V won’t get into the whole “Mainland perspective” thing, but here is hoping “The Eddie” does go this weekend. Should be awesome if it happens. Maybe we will get to see Kono hit the waves or at least hit the beach again. Sorry, but you can have the shirtless Danno shots, Mr. V wants more Kono bikini shots. HAAHAHHAHAHH!!!

  14. Lunasco says:

    great job! you know I love the taking off of the shirt episodes myself that is why I watch it I think. Yeah it is,wow what a bod.

  15. Lunasco says:

    Hey Wendie you are doing such a terrific job, you know its your writing that I really enjoy it makes us all want to watch the show all the time now. Come to think of it you should be the publicist . Keep up the great work. I sure have my eye on Dano.

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