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Five-0 Redux

Deconstructing ‘Five-0′ theories

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Behind the scenes with Scott Caan (Danno) and his on-screen daughter. —Photo by Neil Jacobs/CBS
Thanks to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships, we were robbed of our weekly hour of “Hawaii Five-0” viewing. And like many of you, after the ending of the “Na Me‘e Lāua Na Paio” (Heroes and Villains), I am still on the edge of my seat, mouth wide open, especially after the cryptic scene with Wo Fat and our nothing-can-phase-me-McGarrett.

Since I do not have McG and Danno carguments to dissect or Chin Ho technological wizardry to marvel upon, I’ve been thinking about different theories that our favorite Monday night show has introduced and have so far not wrapped up. And I know we’ve all been racking our collected Five-0 fevered brains.

Now, to be honest, I try not to read too many other blogs, but I know that many of you have the same theories, and have chatted about them on Twitter and Facebook. Many of these ideas are from the collective consciousness of the Five-0 fandom — think “great minds think alike” and such. Some of these theories are from conversations I’ve had with fans of the show or family members who love me and indulge my every whim and Five-0 obsession.

Remember — these are just my ideas on the plot points and my theories on what they mean or who is behind the mysteries presented to McGarrett and our Five-0 team. I offer no real conclusions or solutions — just some theories for thought. I have organized my theories with headings and bullet points for your ease and critical analysis pleasure. I am making the assumption that all of you understand the basis of the theory, and I figured it would be redundant after 18 blogs to repeat the plot points. If you don’t remember the specific storyline, not to worry, I’m sure it will be addressed before the end of the season — or at least, in Season Two, once CBS officially renews our show (are you reading this CBS? Major hint). Enjoy and don’t fret my Five-0 friends, our Team will return next Monday for a new episode, “Ma Ke Kahakai,” and so will the Five-0 Redux with another breakdown.


The 10 million dollar question is — who replaced the money?

Here are my options of who replaced the $10 million.

  • Wo Fat — most obvious option because he has the most money and what’s 10 million to an international criminal?
  • The Governor — perhaps her protection of McGarrett is a debt she owes to his father Jack. And why we’re on the point of McG’s late father — how close was Governor Jameson to our hero’s daddy? The plot thickens.
  • Jenna Kaye — is she really the plain jane CIA analysis on leave that we are lead to believe? My fellow Five-0 Fan, Charlie from Alabama, feels that Agent Kaye is a Wo Fat plant to keep McG and the Team away from Jack McGarrett’s original investigation. But if she replaced the money — she probably got it from bullet point number one. But it is an interesting alternate theory.
  • A “Mystery Man” who would be whoever — or whatever — Jack McGarrett was investigating. But that seems to be Hiro Noshimuri and therefore Wo Fat and so we are back to option one.

All options lead me to the next theory…

18 responses to “Deconstructing ‘Five-0′ theories”

  1. Jkeagy928 says:

    •Chin is hiding something from Steve that could hurt Steve or perhaps sully the name of Jack McGarrett, and he will go to his grave with that secret, even if it means never clearing his name in the HPD, or ending Steve’s investigation into his mother’s murder — and not his delving into the mystery that is Wo Fat.
    BINGO WENDI- YOUR ON TO SOMETHING HERE remember kono said he was protecting somebody maby it was steves dad! oh yeya you got it nailed i think. only time will tell. lots and lots of torturous time. great thoughts!!!!!

  2. NEO says:


    10 million dollar theory… I think you’re spot on regarding Jenna Kaye, she’s a mole planted by Wo Fat… Wo Fat put the money in there, and Jenna Kaye is the one who is pulling McG and team away from McG’s real investigation of Papa’s death… I also think that Chin knows something that he’s not telling, he always seems so distant, and isolated from the team in the episodes that I think there’s something lurking…

    Chin Ho theory… Kono holds the key… she doesn’t know it yet, but I think Wo Fat and company are pining to capture Kono, use her as bait to lure Chin Ho to spill his guts about what he knows/force Chin’s hand… even our caped crusader McG doesn’t know it.

    Danno theory… danno will figure it all out, but we don’t know it, because realistically (sorry Scott Caan, we love you but…) Danno is kept around on the show for comic relief and as a check and balance to the excessive seriousness and “no nonsense attitude” of our protagonist McG…

    My thoughts.. take em or leave em…


    • Val says:

      Hey Neo – I think many of us got the same bad vibe about Jenna!! Just don’t like her and don’t trust her at all and its good to know that its just not me thinking that she’s trouble the moment she stepped into McG’s office. If she’s the reason that fractures the team..she’s the most likely candidate and what is Chin hiding and who’s he protecting – is it Steve’s Dad after all or someone else in the family that he’s protecting. All along I wondered if both Chin and Gov Jamison are really protecting Steve from something. The unknown secret that might be lurking on the surface….could it be the secret that Wofat warned Steve about not to dig into his family’s affair..

  3. Val says:

    Wendie about the $10mil we all pretty much suspect Wofat – problem is you said just $10mil what about the $200,000 that Chin said went missing. The tally for the exact amount $28mil was returned but the problem that I have is that how did Wofat know about the missing $10mil unless he really got Hesse to put in for the ransom money on one of the Five-0’s which led me to think Wofat set Steve up also the only other person who knew about the $10 mil is Gov Jamison, (that we know of) – could she be the guardian angel after all – protect Steve as part of the payback she owe’s Dad? – what about the missing $200,000 how did that get put back – everything is so confusing but it still goes back to Wofat. If Wofat is the one that put everything back then he has to be the one who set Steve up with the ransom which Hesse somehow botched up. Any further thought on this?

    • Wendie Joy says:

      Thanks Val, didn’t want to get all confusing with different numbers within the blog, so i just concentrated on the $10 mil- just for clarity. I think you’re probably on the right track that the missing 200K is also part of the entire mystery, and we’re going to see it point back to WF. 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  4. Rockblossom says:

    The people likely to recognize the inside of the evidence locker – Chin and Danny – were not with Steve when he went in to get the money. Presumably, Steve never had access to the evidence locker himself. He used a map left by his father to find the grate opening into a room that had boxes of (presumed) evidence and money just laying out on shelves.

    So what if the room he took the money from is NOT the actual evidence locker, but a place where the corrupt people in HPD have been hiding evidence and money? That would account for why there was no money missing from the real evidence locker.

  5. myama99 says:

    Hey all,

    Interesting theories Wendie!! I think you’ve hit on something. I’m beginning to think that all this stuff is interconnected. Here’s my two cents worth.

    The $10 Million came from Wo Fat but was planted there by the Gov to keep things clean. Jenna is really Wo Fat’s underling to keep an eye on how close McG is getting to implicating him in the whole mess. The Champ Toolbox is really a cafe file in code. McG’s dad uncovered a whole mess of corruption that goes all the way to the top to include the Gov. McG’s dad got waxed because he was getting too close. McG’s mom was caught in the trap for dad. The box is the key bringing down the whole goverment. I think Chin knows all, but knowing what happenend to McG’s dad doesn’t want to say anything because Kono will get hurt.

    Bottom line, I think Wo Fat is behind it all even creating 5-0 as a way of keeping an eye on McG as in the old saying keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

    Hope you feel better Wendie can’t wait for new episode next Mon!!

    • Joannefrg says:

      I bet that the script writers don’t have a clue as to which way the storylines are headed towards. But you’ve given them a lot of interesting ideas and they may take you up on some of the creative ideas you have but then again, they may be having their own ‘changable’ thoughts, too.

  6. Val says:

    Hi Wendie – the “champ box” is definitely the key to unravel the plot which ultimately will lead to Wofat’s downfall that was why they raided Steve’s house to see what’s in it and also to kidnap MaryAnn, to see if she knows anything. No one has said anything about how Jenna got Steve’s father’s recorder along with why the post cards suddenly showed up at Steve’s porch. What is Wofat really up to? Mind you not everything got returned but Wofat must have scattered them all over the place to create a bunch of diversions to keep Steve looking the wrong way and not at him. Now that Jenna’s on the scene, Steve’s going to be looking directly at him. So how could Jenna be the mole if she’s holding Steve’s Dad’s tape recorder – unless Wofat’s plan is to string them both along since both want vengeance what better way than to feed them both with false leads and bad intel, and that face to face meeting…oh that is really good, really tempt the mouse with some cheese…and just drop a little bit of poison by feeding Steve the warning not to dig into his family’s past…”he’d might not like what he’d find”…ooooh very very nasty – what the hell can Steve do about this? Wofat’s going to really make life miserable for Steve and we are all going to be miserable with Steve.

  7. I love your theories! And it is best to be true … that if the second season! I hope you can provide early confirmation of the news! Thank you very much.

  8. Denise wilson says:

    Thanks, Wendy! I have three thoughts…1)How old was McG when his mom died? Could the governor be his mom who was hidden away by Jack to protect her and assumed a new identity and became the governor because it was the only way to protect their children AND keep tabs on Wo Fat eventually leading to his demise? and 2)How much of an age difference is there between Chin Ho and Kono? Could Kono be a love child of Jack and Kono’s mom, Chin Ho’s Aunt? Or could that love child be from Jack and Chin Ho’s mom and his aunt decided to raise her to protect her from Wo Fat? and 3)Did I miss something? How did CIA girl get the recording of Jack? If it was in the Champ box when it was stolen one would almost have to presume she had something to do with the theft and the return to McG of the postcards, wouldn’t one? Hmmmmm….

    I am shocked by how many people in MD do not watch H5-0! I know Castle and Harry’s Law, which air on other stations at the same time are also good shows, but Come On, People!, Harry’s Law is On Demand as is H5-0! How can you NOT know or watch H5-0? I, personally, have started a campaign to educate people about H5-0, even at the risk of new competition for AOL!! lol

  9. Mcgreggl says:

    I don’t see how they would cancel this show but it worries me that they have not officially renewed it yet.

    As far as Wo Fat is concerned, remember that in the original series he was never killed and was only captured in the series finale. The final scene of the series showed Wo Fat in a jail cell removing a file from his sleeve, presumably to be used to help him escape and continue his exploits. If the current series is renewed, don’t expect the Wo Fat story line to be wrapped up this season – or EVER for that matter – as it would be very un-Five-O like.

    By the way, thanks for the great blog.

  10. Paul D says:


    I love your blog almost as much as Five-0 itself. Your comments about plot developments and look backs to the original show add much to the enjoyment of the new version. Living in northeast Ohio where we are just now getting rid of our snow, Five0 is a welcome relief from the weather. The other thing you add are insights as a person who lives there about connections to local persons and locations.
    I would like to suggest that you host a web-cast with an ability for either call in comments or an online chat room set up. I think that would be a way for us Five0 fans to further our show prep for the next episode. I do hope the producers not only get it approved for next season, but also a few more NEW episodes. These repeats are tiresome, although the scenery is good.
    I do agree with some of the other blogger that Wo Fat will never be eliminated.

    Paul D, Concord Twp, OH

  11. @websouffle says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with all of Paul’s comments! I would love to hear Wendie on a webcast or even just to join me on my Podcast “Hawaii In Vermont.” You can hear how great she is in our “Hawaiian Blogger” interview at http://alohavermont.com/tag/hawaiianbloggerseries!
    Can’t wait ’till Monday’s new episode to try and point out our table in “deep” background in the final scene!!!

    Dana In Vermont
    Aka @websouffle from Alohavermont.com &

    • Paul D says:

      Thank you Dana for your comments.
      I did check your link and listened to your interview with Wendie. Very informative, and thank you for that link. I will try to see your table at the last scene tomorrow night. Please post a general comment on Wendie’s blog if you can see your table.

      Paul D

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