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Five-0 Redux

Meet Miss Hawaii ‘Five-0’

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These last few weeks have been a blur of happenings surrounding “Hawaii Five-0.” We’re gearing up for Season Two, and unless you’ve been living in a grass shack on the beach — or on vacation like me — you probably know that shooting began Monday, July 11 with a beautiful blessing by Kahu Curt Kekuna from Kawaiaha‘o Church, and that “Hawaii Five-0” has three new cast members — Terry O’Quinn, Tom Sizemore, and Richard T. Jones. All three gents will bring more drama and excellent acting chops to the series.

There was also the announcement of the date for the season two premiere, and of course, the first day of shooting has created a frenzy on both Facebook and Twitter. Thankfully, Google Plus has come on board to take some of the load off the two major social networking sites.

Whew, glad someone is looking out for all of us who are starved for places to connect with fellow Five-0 fans around the world.

Group Shot of H50 Crew
The Cast and Crew of “Hawaii Five-0” Season 2. (Star-Advertiser photo by Craig Kojima)

So amidst the online spectacle about the second season, we are still able to watch rebroadcasts on Monday nights from season one. And last night’s episode, “Ma Ke Kahakai,” or, “(On the) Shore,” which I originally wrote about in “Diving into the Truth,” was a fun episode to revisit.

It was great for me to revisit this episode because I was lucky enough to watch filming of the last scene between the “Five-0” team, Kamekona, and local actress and former Miss Hawaii USA 2010 Renee Nobriga.

Renee Nobriga Miss Hawaii USA 2010
Miss Hawaii USA 2010 Renee Nobriga. (Courtesy Renee Nobriga)

9 responses to “Meet Miss Hawaii ‘Five-0’”

  1. Mai Yia Vue says:

    Miss Hawaii is beautiful! –What’s with the hospital booties in the H50 picture?

  2. Wen!

      Another awesome article, and Renee is simply stunning!  I’d really love to meet Taylor Wily though, he seems like such a fun guy to be around.  I miss ya buddy! :o) lets catch up soon! XO


  3. Anonymous says:

    Excellent post with more behind the scenes info. I like you hope they use more local talent to make it more real. Renee gets my vote for a regular. Glad to see that you continue to enjoy your vacation plus keep up with the blog.

  4. did anyone notice that Grace has a sock tan in the cast and crew picture?  Also that Alex is the ONLY one wearing slippahs?


  5. Anonymous says:

    You forgot to mention the other apparent new cast members — Abercrombie and Carlisle. What photo hogs.  They certainly could play nasty crooks on the TV show with their vast experience.

  6. I’m an island girl that’s lived away from the islands for almost 30 years, so when the new H50 came on, I was stoked.  But somethin’s gotta be done about that Danno guy … his hauole ways are just really irritating me. 🙂  Everybody supposed to be like Ohana, so needs to to get wit it!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can they get Danny DeVito to play the Governor Abercrombie?

  8. Doing a “happy dance” here, Wendie! So glad to see a new blog! Renee is truly a beauty and it would really be nice to see her again on 5-0!

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