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Five-0 Redux

Ripped from the headlines

“Hawaii Five-0” has had an interesting third season; one week they are up, another week they are just so-so, and sometimes they are on fire.

This week I’d say they are on an upward slope, with a pretty solid episode melded with a thread of realism that would soften even the most strenuous Team Five-0 naysayer. Between the intense moments of a heart-wrenching case, and a deeper look into Danno’s Daddy psyche, we got to see the team really work a good procedural, as well as get some movement in the Kono-Adam storyline.

This week’s episode, “Hoʻopio” (“To Take Captive”), for the most part centered on the murder of Amanda Morris (Kanani Rogers), who had been kidnapped 10 years earlier and found dead in a shallow grave. Her murder leads the Five-0 team to uncover clues about a recent kidnapping of another little girl, Ella Bishop (Mykayla Sohn). Both Amanda and Ella seemed to have been kidnapped by the same person, and Danno and McGarrett use everything within their power to find little Ella — as well as Amanda’s murderer.

I think the best part of the episode, besides the really intense moments when Scott Caan really had a chance to shine as not only a sympathetic cop, but as an empathetic father, was the “ripped from the headlines” aspect of the case. The kidnapping of both Amber and Ella is a reminder of Maile Gilbert, who was kidnapped and murdered in Hawaii in 1985.

Maile’s name was used to create Hawaii’s MAILE AMBER Alert. MAILE stands for “Minor Abducted in Life-threatening Emergency” and has been referenced before on “Hawaii Five-0,” most notably in “Ua Lawe Wale” and when Danno’s own daughter Gracie (Teilor Grubbs) was kidnapped in “Mai ka wā kahiko.”

The moments when Danno recalls the inner panic he felt while they tried to find Gracie when she was kidnapped by his former partner, and when he shakes the hand of the Harley-riding, Good Samaritan father of Maile, Tip Gilbert, who plays himself in the episode, was Scott Caan at his best.

I know some of you will take issue with the fact that he used his fists to get information out of sadistic scam artist Ray Beckett (played with creepy weirdness by former punk rocker and spoken word artist Henry Rollins), but as a mother, I understood his extreme action. I did appreciate how McGarrett instinctively knew that Danno needed to get that information, and that in order to protect his partner — he needed to take Danno’s badge and just walk away. Not because he was punishing Danno, but to protect him. They needed Beckett to tell them where Ella was hidden, and it looked like it couldn’t be Detective Williams who would get that information out of their suspect, but Danny Williams, father and concerned citizen, who would get him to talk, no matter what.

Often I wonder why “Hawaii Five-0” uses the “red herring” as much as they do — the one character who is a shoe-in for the suspect, but who is, of course, not the real killer/kidnapper/villain. But I guess it is so we can see a famous face for a few minutes, and this week was no exception.

Don Swayze (yes, brother to the late Patrick Swayze of “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghost” fame) played this week’s not-quite-our-guy, Lloyd Grimes. Grimes is a perfect suspect with a long rap sheet coupled with the team’s proof he was near the scene of the crime—but alas, he was just a thief not a kidnapper. He did look the part, and when McG plays chicken with Grimes’s van to catch him and then Danno breaks the hinges of the interrogation chair to make him talk, it was all good Five-0 action to keep us guessing.

Too bad Swayze didn’t have more lines and could have offered Danno some relaxing dance lessons to loosen up. That would have really been a way for Swayze to utilize his guest star moment to its fullest potential.

A good portion of the episode was used to further develop the side story of Kono and Adam. Kono and Catherine have a couple nice scenes where Kono asks Catherine to investigate Adam’s dealing with a man named Sato. It’s not really what we want to hear for our romantic couple. What happened to hot shower and bubble bath scenes? I guess when your boyfriend used to be in organized crime and you’re a cop, it can get tricky, but it doesn’t mean you should lie to your cousin and search your guy’s house. I know he’s not answering your calls, but that just means you have to stalk him through your BFF who can use her Navy intel connections to hook you up with good info.

At least now Kono knows where Adam is and who he’s been hanging out with — albeit it’s in Japan and he’s hanging with the Yakuza — but Chin did say to let Adam explain first before she decided if she could trust him. And it looks like Adam has a lot of explaining to do.

Besides the intense moments of the procedural and Kono trying to figure out what’s up with Adam, there were many sweet moments in this episode as well. The good-natured ribbing of McGarrett’s super short hair, which was a smart way to let actor Alex O’Loughlin ditch the horrible wig he had to wear in last week’s episode “ʻImi Loko Ka ʻUhane.” And Danno taking time to get a hug from daughter Gracie during her cheerleading practice, was a moment we needed after seeing two sets of demolished parents, as well as watching the difficult minute when Tip Gilbert offers his services to McG and Danno with a picture of his lost daughter Maile pinned to his leathers.

The ending voice over by Kanani Rogers reading Amanda Morris’s journals as her parents weep and Danno looks on was nicely done. Many times television shows go too far, and have characters use melodramatic screaming and sobbing to portray sadness and suffering. But I thought the tears and the pain was very realistic in this episode and evenly handled. Nice direction by “Hawaii Five-0” veteran Steve Boyum, based on a great story by Peter Lenkov and teleplay by Noah Nelson.

If the last two episodes are like this one, we could end season three with a bang.

Redux Side Note:

This week, several Hawaii actors — as well as a Hawaii Olympic athlete — were featured in the episode:

» Jodi Jarvis and Brent Scott Dupuis played Joyce and Don Bishop, the parents of the missing little girl, Ella Bishop.

» Kanani Rogers, who most recently was seen in Manoa Valley Theatre’s “Next to Normal,” played brave Amanda Morris, the girl who had been kidnapped and held captive for ten years.

» Former newscaster and current Star-Advertiser blogger Diane Ako was seen on Henry Rollins’s television reporting on the death of the alleged kidnapper Helen Cantera.

» U.S. Olympic wrestler Clarissa Chun, who is credited as “Petite Young Woman,” help separate Shawn Mokuahi Garnett, Kamekona’s cousin Flippa, from a shrimp dinner as well as his dignity.

» Dennis Chun shined yet again in a short scene with the team finding Amanda’s body and catching McG and Danno up on the chain of evidence.
Wendie Burbridge is a published author, playwright and teacher who lives and works in Honolulu. Reach her via Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

15 responses to “Ripped from the headlines”

  1. KAD1228 says:

    After last week’s debacle, I found last night’s episode outstanding and very raw and emotional. It was a hard episode to watch and the very last scene brought me to tears. One of the first news stories I heard this morning was about the 3 young women finally freed from 10+ years of captivity in Ohio. Talk about ripped from the headlines.

    Alex and Scott were both excellent last night, they really rocked it. The range of emotions of both men was outstanding. And the writers got just the right mix of emotional, procedural, sweet and fun. Loved how the team ragged on Steve about his hair. I really love the new do, just wish they’d #freethegrey! Chin dishing advice to Kono about Adam. Danny being Danny. I’m sure he’s not the first cop to use his powers of persuasion to get to the end result, hey you gotta do whatcha gotta do. Seeing the looks on all their faces when Ella was found was powerful – you could see the relief take over after the frenetic hand-digging. When the team works together it’s magical.

    This season has been a roller coaster ride of either bad or good (at least for me the good has mostly out-weighed the bad). After last night’s superb episode, I’m hoping the last 2 episodes are just as good, if not better, so the season ends on a high note.

    Thanks for another great review Wendie!!

  2. LovesAlexO says:

    Thank you Wendie for another superb review!

  3. AWESOME post Wendie… It’s always awesome to read your blog after the episodes, and since I got to see last night’s episode first hand. it was even better. I appreciated seeing Tip Gilbert in last night’s episode, and I can only imagine just how difficult it must have been for him to star in this episode, with a topic that hits so close to home for him… I think that’s one of the wonderful things about the writers of 5-O, they’re relevant, real, edgy at times. I believe that the writers try to do the same thing I do with every tour I take onboard Missouri, educate, entertain, and inspire…

  4. that was a great review Wend, love it as much as i loved this episode, it was great & wonderfully DONE by the one & only & one of my fav Hawaii five-0 directors Steve Boyum, i recognized a difference in the show & the acting, didnt know it was Boyum till you mentioned it Wend 🙂 such a great Director hope to see ’em work more epi next season 🙂
    mahalo nui loa for this babe 🙂
    PS: love Alex’s new hair cut, he looks even sexier <3<3<3
    Kari ,,,/

  5. jlopie1 says:

    Thank you for another great review, Wendie! I don’t have a lot to say about this episode. I loved it, but at the same time I was a little disturbed by it. It’s no secret I usually see no wrong in Danny, even when others loudly bemoan his ranting and whining (both of which were obviously missing in this episode), but yeah, I’m one who could have done without quite so much violence. I understand why it was necessary, but I did not like Steve condoning Danny’s beating of Ray – I didn’t see his taking Danny’s badge as a way to protect Danny, but more as a means to get the answers they needed. If Steve really wanted to protect Danny from himself and the ramifications of beating a restrained and unarmed suspect to near death, he would have recognized the level of frustration and despair Danny was quickly reaching and gotten him out of the house! But Steve didn’t really have a problem with beating the truth out of Ray – a case here of results justifying the actions. The look on his face as he walked away from the house, to me at least, showed a man who perhaps had participated in this type of interrogation before and was well aware that sometimes extreme measures are required to get results. I think I would definitely enjoy seeing these two partners sharing counseling time together at some point in this series – both guys have issues!

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved the drama and the poignant moments with the parents and Amanda’s diary (for some reason, The Lovely Bones came to mind during the voice over at the end!). I enjoyed the heart hearted start to the episode, and even though I’m getting tired of Kono and Adam, I’m glad they have finally started moving this plot line along!

  6. Mia Adams says:

    Mia Adams here who played Tess Morris, Amanda’s Mother. I’m also a local actress. Thanks for the kind words.

  7. Sandy B says:

    Great review, Wendie, as usual. You always give Hawaii Five-0 a fair and unbiased review. All of the actors were on their “A game” last night, especially Alex and Scott. The ending was very emotional and I found myself crying like many others. I too hope that the last two episodes blow us “out of the water” and give us some topics to discuss over the summer. I am looking forward to Season Four and many more seasons. I love visiting Hawaii each week via Hawaii Five-0 and your blog. I was in Honolulu last year and took a tour of the island. Hawaii is truly a Paradise. Hope to visit again soon.

  8. Diane says:

    Hi Wendie, great review as usual. I loved this episode. I was a little shaken to watch the episode, then stay up for the news, and the story of the 3 women in Cleveland came on. I know it was just a coincidence, but the timing sure was strange.
    I loved that they used Tip Gilbert as himself. We can only imagine what type of pain he has gone through. H50 does such justice to the emotional side of stories, and the actors really know how to make it come across the screen.
    I’m glad that the Adam/Kono thing is going to be part of the finale. I’ve always liked Adam. I was hoping for a good guy, but right now I really don’t have a guess as to which way they are going. It can still be done either way.
    I hope Catherine tells Steve. If I was her I would say to Steve, “ask me about Kono” because she told Kono she would not lie to Steve if he asked.
    Looking forward to the last 2 episodes, but not the long drought in-between.

  9. Dina says:

    Wendie you never cease to amaze me with your facts, critic, and support of a great TV show- without over hyping. Love it!!!

  10. Mike says:

    Great writeup as always. When I saw the title of this week’s blog, “Ripped from the headlines”, I had assumed you were referring to the Cleveland kidnappings. I agree with the others that this episode really was excellent and the acting was superb.
    My only comment is the declining number of viewers. I question the accuracy of the “reported” viewers. In any case, I’m looking forward to the two final episodes.

  11. junewilliams7 says:

    As soon as the episode ended, my local TV news came on about the three women who had just been rescued in Cleveland after years in captivity. Talk about relevance!

  12. Dale3 says:

    The good guys drive Chevy products while the bad guys use Fords. Thanks so much Wendie, you are one of the best parts of the show.

  13. this guy with the black shirt and white hair is my brothers identical twin

  14. mcgreggl says:

    Thanks for another great column, Wendie.
    This was an excellent episode. Finally, we get back to the realism and straightforward police work of seasons gone by. Very refreshing.
    Looks like the Kono/Adam storyline is coming to some kind of conclusion but we still need to find out what happened with Wo Fat after he was admitted to the hospital. Lots to wrap up in only two episodes but I’m really looking forward to it. Didn’t like the preview showing Kono getting shot – she was already put in jeopardy in last season’s cliffhanger. All I could think was “not again!”. I love Grace Park and it would be hard to watch Five-O without her.
    Thanks again, Wendie.

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