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Five-0 Redux

Happily ever after

The last time we had a wedding on “Hawaii Five-0,” Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) married Malia (Reiko Aylesworth) in a simple ceremony under a lei-covered bower, and for a while it seemed as if they would live out their own version of happily ever after. We all know that happy endings don’t always start off with a fairy tale ceremony on a sunny ropical island. Sometimes happy endings, like for Chin and Malia, end in blood and tears. This week’s episode, “Aia lā aku” (“From this day forward”), seems like no exception.

The episode started off with a five-star wedding, where a beautiful bride Dahlia (played with Julia Roberts accuracy by Briana Lane) takes off moments before her marriage vows and crashes her cherry-red “Just Married” Mustang. While Elvis sings backup to her mascara-fueled weeping, she is pushed over the side of a ravine by a supposed good samaritan. The “good samaritan” turned out to be her brother, who in the past had run “sweetheart cons” where his pretty sister Dahlia duped rich men out of their millions after they proposed or married her.

This was the set up for this week’s police procedural, which even with guest star Rebecca De Mornay playing a good guy for once, didn’t really capture my interest as much as watching the subplots play out between the major characters. And while I am a huge fan of seeing more about Danno and Gabby’s relationship; Cath’s new job with ex-boyfriend, Billy; and of course, seeing Kono and Adam on the run — I really wanted a better case to be used as the vehicle for this week’s storytelling.

Rebecca De Mornay, second from right, guest stars in this week's episode of "Hawaii Five-0." (Courtesy CBS)
Rebecca De Mornay, second from right, guest stars in this week’s episode of “Hawaii Five-0.” (Courtesy CBS)

Still, the episode had some fun scenes, especially between McG and Danno. The carguments were hilarious and included a running commentary on not only the case they were working on, but their personal lives and various “issues.”

Danno seemed particularly “down on marriage,” which had a lot to do with the fact that girlfriend Gabby (Autumn Reeser) was offered a great opportunity in Denver, and would be gone for six months. Danno had to decide between supporting Gabby’s career, and giving up his part-time girl, while trying to concentrate on his full-time girl — his daughter Gracie (Teilor Grubbs).

Caan is really excellent at playing a father, and his scenes with Grubbs are always lovely and sincere. Grubbs seems to be really growing up before our eyes, but is still the same Gracie we fell in love with in season one when she played with Barbies and hustled Kamekona in poker. Yet when Danno does a McG and tells Gabby to take the job in Denver, it was the most gentle breakup scene I think I’ve ever witnessed on television.

Now I’m sure there are some fans who are sad about Gabby leaving, but actress Reeser is pregnant with her second child (did you notice all the strategic hiding of her belly with pillows, theatre seats, and kitchen counters?) so I think that could be one of the reasons they seemed to have ended that storyline for Danno.

I’m glad that they kept true to Danno’s character, as he always puts Gracie first, and I did like the fact that Danno got a chance to explain some of his feelings about his new home. You can’t help but fall in love with Hawaii at some point even when you are forced to live there because of work or circumstance. They will grow on anyone if you play in its sands long enough. Gotcha, Danno.

This week’s episode sure focused on relationships. One relationship got a fast and furious update in the first few minutes of the show. Kono (Grace Park) and Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) are no longer in Hawaii, but they surely have not been forgotten. Their scenes in Hong Kong were intense and violent, but it seems as if their relationship, for all it’s sexy forbiddenness, has always been rather rough; just add in a few showers and bubble baths, and wrap it all up with a little light kidnapping and plenty of duct tape. I bet they both would like to take a nice long soak, scrub off their fugitive grime and get off their feet, because they are still on the run with no end in sight.

Now that Kono is a target, I think Adam has made up his mind to force her to go back to Hawaii where Chin and the team can protect her. They seem to be on their way out of Asia at least. Perhaps they will make their way to Canada and hide out there?

Nonetheless, Adam is on notice. Chin was not very happy with him and his forceful, “You promised to protect her … now DO IT,” was not a request as much as it was a demand. Part of Adam and Kono’s relationship is that they keep saving each other, so I wonder what it will be like when they can finally settle down and have their own happy endings?

I hope we see it soon and with more smiles than tears. They’ve had a enough of that for a while.

Alex O'Loughlin, left, with Scott Caan and Rebecca De Mornay in a scene from this week's episode of "Hawaii Five-0." (Courtesy CBS)
Alex O’Loughlin, left, with Scott Caan and Rebecca De Mornay in a scene from this week’s episode of “Hawaii Five-0.” (Courtesy CBS)

Of course, I can’t talk about happy endings or potential happy endings without talking about Catherine (Michelle Borth) and McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin). Their relationship, while seemingly getting stronger, seems to be threatened by Cath’s new boss Billy (recurring cast member Justin Bruening). McG keeps giving him the eye, but is it just McG being an alpha dog and letting Billy know who’s the boss?

While Billy seems a bit too good to be true for me, I wonder if Cath may have bitten off more than she can chew. Still, I’m with Danno, the whole situation — Cath working for and with her ex-boyfriend whose code name is “Big Kahuna” — is just all kinds of wrong. Yet I do love the fact that now McG owes Cath a few favors, and she’s cashing in. We never doubted she was a smart wahine, right?

I just hope that next week’s episode doesn’t bring an end to McG’s new found happiness. He could use a break when it comes to his women.

And I know you don’t want me to forget the best relationship of all: McG and Danno. I know your favorite scene was the McG/Cath and Danno/Gabby double date. That was just McG and Danno bromance perfection. Danno’s explanation of the romantic-comedy genre as a whole was classic snarky Danno at his best. Pair that with discussions of how weddings are bad ideas because no one should get married and that it only brings out jealous exes and murder; it was not only funny, but went along with the Danno we fell in love with from the start. You know he means what he says, but you can’t really take him that seriously when he uses words like “fisticuffs” in a sentence.

McGarrett and Danno both admitting they would miss each other if Danno moved with Gabby to Denver was just the perfect way to solidify their buddy cards. If there was only a few things to like about this episode, the McG and Danno scenes were the best parts.

Overall, this was a so-so procedural, with really great team centered scenes to help fill in the gaps. I suppose we would love each episode to end on a positive note like this week’s surprising happy ending. The runaway bride married the understanding rich guy, and Cath came home to a patiently waiting McG. If only everyone in “Five-0” land can find their own happy endings for the rest of the season — just with a little more action and drama mixed in.

Redux Side Note

I was one of the few optimists about “Hawaii Five-0” moving to Friday nights. I kept telling fans that airing between the popular “Undercover Boss” and the well-loved “Blue Bloods” was a great place to be in television land.

According to CBS, I was not far off. Their Friday night line-up is “posting across-the-board growth paced by its new 9 to 11 p.m. crime block of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ and ‘Blue Bloods,’ according to Nielsen most current ratings through the first three weeks of the season.”

“Hawaii Five-0” viewership is up overall 14% from last year’s Monday average, and up 27% from last year’s Friday night 9:00 (8:00 in Hawaii) slot. Overall, viewership has gone from an average of 8.28 million to 10.54 million. And compared to Friday last year, CBS is up 9% in viewers overall (10.39 million from 9.57 million).

I asked Peter Lenkov what he thought about the success of “Hawaii Five-0” on Friday nights before “Aia lā aku” aired.

“We’re thrilled with our new home on Friday nights,” said Lenkov. “I’ve always said ‘Hawaii Five-0’ was a 9 p.m. family show. This proves it.”

Just a start of perhaps another happy ending.
Wendie Burbridge is a published author, playwright and teacher. Reach her via Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

21 responses to “Happily ever after”

  1. FIVE0JOE says:

    KINDA FELT THE SAME WAY may have been distracted by a dog, a squeeky toy, 2 kids and a wife all on ipads and 3ds while i was watching lol – gotta rewatch – seemed like a run of the mill procedural . was more intersted in the charachter stuff and usually thats the other way around for me . liked it – id give it 4 out of 5 (yes this is joey i dont just say best ep ever every week) lol – looking forward to next ep – love when they give Alex material where he can do his stuff

  2. agree with you Wendie (and Joey too then)
    not my fav, it was an excellent episode in terms of characters – not procedural
    I love 5-0 for all . means I love the action, of course, but I remain a girl and then love romantic stuff as well 😛
    I think the writers wanted (and needed) to balance a little the show … we had some action packed episode ealier this season, and next week one seems to be another action packed one, and emotional ! this one was cooler, more fun and romatism, focused on characters personnal life
    felt like fresh air , with an absolutely lovely Teilor , and some huge smiles on their face 🙂

    I’m glad the writers did amazingly for Kono ! I mean, they thought about EVERYTHING ! they filmed a few scenes last April to make sure to have Kono in some way in the beginning of the season, we can’t forget her, she’s there almost in all eps, so it’s really great !

    looking forward for the next one and again MAHALO Wendie for the great review – xxx

    • FIVE0JOE says:

      and lets face it they are doing a good job with the cath charachter . billy is a rat u know he wants to steal her away – steve has good instincts – he needs to act on them – it wont be complete until he says the scary “love” word. danno- well hes just meant to be unhappy but you gotta give him props for putting his kid first— first rule of being a parent – kudos to the writitng team

      • They are indeed !!! (here comes the time when I realized how hard it is to dont mix fiction and reality, characters and actors …)

        I’m really “sure” Billy is gonna die next week ! I mean, promo “one hero will fall” hero could refer to NAVY, + the pic Peter shared with McG in a white costum and Cath in black dress looks like a funeral …
        and, its not a soap, I dont think they will write a love triangle – they introduced Billy character to make Steve moves on a little, to make McRoll be stronger – but he doesnt actually bring anything to the show expect in the McRoll story … so for a few eps was great,, next week looks FANTASTIC, but idk if he will last … if he dies next week, it’s gonna be a good way to make McRoll be even more stronger, and well as u said, it wld be hight time for Steve to say the “love” word (why scary pffff u’re such a maaaan !!! lol)

        For Danno, I always claimed and will keep claiming that except Rachel, no other woman makes him “happy” ! I love, and I think the majority does too, love to see an unhappy Danny, complaining … … so I dont want him to be happy, at least not now … with Gaby, then soon with Amber, i like to see those things in his life, it’s a way for us to know a little more about him .. but even not in s4, I really hope all this will end with Danchel again, even I’m hoping for a lot of drama for him before it
        it goes for McRoll too, a perfect relationship isn’t for me ! i want them to go through for hard times … but with an “happy ending” at the end 🙂

        Well the writers are doing an incredible job it’s true ! that’s why I love s4 so much ! action yep, but more into characters person life and feeling, it’s much better than only cops and action/stunts even it remain my fav part 🙂

        • FIVE0JOE says:

          maby its the transition the wqriters are looking for to bring cath to the team ? i dont know if that is what they have in mind but as they bought her from recurring to regular was seemless so maby instead of just dropping her in like lori they are making it “roll” into a more natural transition – just a theory – i mean ncisla has a control center and peeps at ops rite ?

        • yep I think too ! Steve Danny Chin for now + Cath and Grover + Kono when she’ back … To be honest, i’m not a fan of love stories at work, that why my “biggest” fear when I watched 1.01 was the “pathetic” stereotype of Kono and McG together and THANKS GOD it didn’t happen ! lol
          but well if it’s well written and well done, why not, pretty sure Kono wld love to have a girl on the team … girls VS boys cld bring some great scenes 😛
          because if Billy dies, what’s next for her ? no job, or she becomes the new boss of the team, but not sure waht a private security company would bring … ohh well will see 🙂

        • FIVE0JOE says:

          baby my nadz were talking characters not actors – lol – lets not get that mixed up again – they are really bringing it big time this year love the balance of action and personal – they have more competition starting next week but i think the show is solid and will still win its slot drawing from mondays audience and adding fridays there have been what? 4 eps – pretty sure those new viewers are locked in by now

        • yup I know ! u know what i’m talking abt, just noticed, specially for this ep, how hard it is to dont mix up those things … but yeya talking about characters ! 🙂
          yep, that’s why I’m loving s4 more than the others, because, there is a real well balance between personnal and work life, and we really have ALL we want, action, fun, carguments, bromance, romance and emotional things … 🙂
          and moving to fridays was the best thing it could have happened for the show 🙂

  3. Dina says:

    YEs this episode was not the fast paced- stunt awesome show we normally see- however part of the reason we tune in is for the story arcs- and tonight’s episode did a lot to end- and continue those arcs. Now I was not a fan of Gabby and Danno’s relationship- however I SO AGREE with the final scene it was touching and wonderfully done by both Caan and Resser. Yes Autumn is pregnant and spoilers state there is a new women to appear in Danno’s life BUT like they left Rachel, and Matt’s arc- Gabby’s arc is still “open” and she may return????
    So maybe this wasn’t everyone’s FAV episode but one thing that many complained about the show was “open story arcs” from other season- so for me an episode or two as this one is NECESSARY to sort- state where the personal lives of our fav characters are going.

  4. Ryan Fluck says:

    I have said it before, and I will say it again, terrific redux Wendie! I swear you hit every point that I found was right and not right with the show.
    Frankly, I loved the whole romance theme and I thought that if this wasn’t in October, this would have made a great Valentine’s Day episode, it covers everyone’s favorite romances Kono/Adam, McRoll, McDanno and Gabby/Danny.
    Since this season premiered I have said Billy will want to find a way to get back with Catherine and it seems he’s making his move, I’m waiting for Steve to go Super SEAL on him and just be like “Stay away from my girl.”

    I’m sad about Gabby and Danny breaking up, frankly they were cute back in season 2 and even when Danny was scared about having Grace get to know Gabby a bit had led to them having a pretty good relationship which was hilarious last night!
    The case definitely didn’t seem up to the “Five-0 standard” but I liked the romance within it, it was sweet with a bit of redemption coming in for the bride.
    Cannot wait for your next Redux!

  5. Robin Jane Bridges says:

    I liked the show last night. It was more about the characters than the crime, it took along time for them the find the bride, she could have bleed to death before they found her. But anyway, what happen between Danny and Gabby is what Danny feared the most, Grace getting to know someone and they then go away. I have to admit I never saw the “spark” between Danny and Gabby, there is more “spark” between Steve and Cath, but not a lot. The bromance is there but is muted. I don’t know why is muted, but that is what it feels like to me.

  6. jlopie1 says:

    I have to agree, Wendie, the procedural was rather lame this week, but the theme did indeed allow an avenue for our individual characters’ story lines to move down! We needed all this wedding stuff to happen so Danny could spout off to Steve and Chin about how people should never get married. It became obvious to us, and Steve, that Danny’s rantings were elevated more than usual and thus we found out that Danny was at a crossroads in his relationship with Gabby. I’ve never really been a Gabby fan, but I almost felt sorry for her. She’s a modern woman – to her, career and love can go together on her terms. But I give her credit for realizing Danny is in a different place in his life and he’s searching for stability for himself and his daughter. I didn’t see the complete end to the relationship coming, but in retrospect, it makes sense, and it was a very tender scene.

    Steve is doing a great job supporting Cath with her post Navy adjustments – loved her switching the tables on him to call in a favor. I’m sure there will be rocky times ahead – like maybe next week, but I think this week’s episode furthered their relationship in a positive way (and I agree – Billy is a sleaze ball, but will they kill him off? We’ll see.)

    I’m beginning to think Adam’s about to do the ultimate sacrifice thing in order to protect Kono – especially since Chin demanded he take care of her! I hope the two can live happily ever after, but come on, this is television and that rarely, if ever, happens!

    This was an episode meant to move along story arcs and give us the characterization we love – so in that respect, the episode was great. Action and procedural were left dangling this week, but I can accept that for now.

    Great Redux, As usual, Wendie!

  7. sheba23 says:

    Gratuitous shirtless scenes and cartoonish heroics do not make for a hit show, instead it is superb acting! Scott Caan and Autumn Reeser for the WIN!!! Their break-up scene was the best acting I’ve seen on network tv in a very long time! Peter Lenkov and writers are you listening?

  8. alavenia says:

    Thanks Wendie for another great insight on the episode, I didn’t know about Reeser having a baby, that was a great scene between Danno and Gabby, and I am loving the looks McG gives to Billy, this is not going to end well! 🙂

  9. KAD1228 says:

    I thought the episode was ok. The double date was very cute. I have my own theories about both Billy and Adam. I don’t think Billy dies, I think he goes rogue and Steve has to take him down, leaving Catherine to run the agency. I do feel Adam dies (he has a new show and needs to be written out) sending Kono back home to HI and the guys! (I also know I’ll never give up my day job! LOL!). The best scene was the break-up of Danny and Gabby. It was well written and very well acted on both Scott and Autumn’s parts. The procedural was lacking and I felt the show had an awkward feel to it, off-kilter – I can’t quite put my finger on it. Personally, I like more BAMF and little less romance but you can’t love ’em or have it all. I’m looking forward to next weeks episode and watching Alex own those emotional scenes as only he can.

  10. LindaStein says:

    Sorry Wendie….tried to post twice and it went to moderation both times. Just doesn’t like me again this week.

  11. Diane says:

    Thanks for the review Wendie. I agree the plot could have been better, but I think the episode mainly focused on the relationships. I love the action, but we need to know about the characters also. I thought the relationship between Cath and Steve is getting stronger. I loved the scene with Cath cashing in on her favors, Alex and Michelle are showing more and more how much on screen chemistry they have. The writers are actually showing Steve’s feelings this season, whereas before, he would be concerned, but not really in a boyfriend way. Can’t wait for next week, Alex plays emotion beautifully. I agree, Billy is too good to be true, McG sees it, but Cath does not as yet. I agree also, Scott plays a great dad and wow is Grace growing up before our eyes. Loved the break up scene, sorry to see another woman in Danno’s life go, but they did a good job on the ending. Loved that Chin told Adam to “do it”, he looked a little more like someone who grew up in a Yakusa family in this episode. I love that they keep Kono in the episodes. I’m not sure which way they are going to bring her back to Hawaii, but I like the storyline.

  12. edmattes763 says:

    I’m going to disagree about the procedural a little. If I ever have an accident, I want Chin to come looking for me. And I’m glad that they didn’t go in with guns blazing this time, but worked a sting on the lawyer. A couple of weeks ago, the criticism was that Adam looked wimpy, letting Kono take care of three bad guys by herself – he was a little more pro-active this time. And I especially liked the groom forgiving his bride and marrying her despite the problems.

  13. pauldunn1 says:

    Great post as always. I enjoyed this ep as a somewhat lighter version than the usual darker subjects. I agree that something has to give on the Cath storyline. I go with Billy leaving. I still would like to see the Fonger return.

  14. Carrie says:

    I was also one of the few optimists about the Friday move. Having a little Alex/Scott appetizer before the Tom Selleck main course. And there are a lot of young people out there who love watching the show with their parents and 10pm was past their bedtime. Great review Wendie.

  15. Angela Gerstner says:

    Even though I agree that the actual crime story in this episode was probably not the best and most exciting one, I felt this didn’t matter because there was so much other stuff to enjoy. It was o.k. for me to get a little break from the usual explosive, exciting action and wild shoot-outs because I’m quite sure that the rest of the season will bring a lot more of that, anyway – for those fans who prefer action to the romance, bromance, comedy and personal story arcs of the main characters which could all be enjoyed in this episode. I loved the scene at the movie-theater. And
    Danno was so cute with the little baby-girl and he was great in his comments
    about marriage (I pretty much agree with Danno when it comes to marriage…) . I also love how Danno keeps warning his buddy Steve about the risks involved for the McRoll relationship in Cath’s work for her ex-boyfriend Billy whom I do not like and trust at all. But I think Cath is a smart girl and as such she would never give up someone like Steve for a guy like Billy. Even though we probably all agree that Billy
    is up to no good, he doesn’t stand a chance against the real “Big Kahuna” which
    is and always will be Steve – and Steve only! As a fan of Alex and, thus, of
    Steve I just had to make this clear 🙂

    There was also a little treat for me in this episode – “my” city Munich and
    Germany were mentionned in it – as if the writers knew that the biggest H50 fan
    in Germany lives in Munich and would smile at hearing the city mentionned on
    her favourite show 😉 Actually, I was already quite impressed when I heard Masi speak German in the previous episode – He did great, by the way.
    And so did you again, Wendie, with this blog!
    PS: Since others keep mentionning Fong in their comments – He will definitely return to H50 in ep. 4.07 according to Peter! So there’s no need to worry!

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