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Top states where Americans want to live include Hawaii

Florida and California beat Hawaii as the top states where Americans want to live, according to a Harris Poll released today.

Online pollsters asked 2,232 adults where, excluding their current state, they would most like to live, and Florida came out on top for the first time since 2001.

Texas dropped out of the top five from 2013, the last time the survey was conducted, putting Colorado in fourth place and New York at No. 5.

While California ranked No. 2 among most desirable states in which to live, it also was the No. 1 state where some survey respondents would least like to live, followed by New York, Alaska, Mississippi and Texas, at No. 5.

Hawaii was the No. 1 state in which most respondents wanted to live in 2011, and came in second in 2006, 2010, and 2013.

Among U.S. cities people would most like to live in, or near to, Honolulu ranked at No. 7, while Maui, described as a city for the purposes of this survey, is in 13th place.

The survey was conducted between Nov. 11 and 16, and results are posted online.


7 responses to “Top states where Americans want to live include Hawaii”

  1. PMINZ says:

    Dats cause dey don’t know about our run away Taxes!

    • laachang says:

      …or the sky high cost of housing, food, gas and as you mentioned taxes. They also need to realize that in addition to the high cost of everything, we have the horrible traffic situation to deal with every single day of the week regardless of the time of day. Then we have the homeless situation as well as all the Krazies roaming and living on the streets in all their madness. Let’s not forget all the potholes they will have to dodge while crawling along on our roadways and the lousy pay they will receive from their employers which means they will have to live pay check to pay check to survive in this so-called “paradise”. And lastly they will learn how messed up our leaders and politicians are and how poorly our State is being governed. But hey!! it doesn’t snow here and the weather is pretty good too……and THAT is the “selling” point until they actually get to “Live Aloha”. The new motto should be: UNLUCKY You Live Hawaii.

  2. rhone says:

    Maui is described as a city. good grief

  3. wrightj says:

    Better to live in Hawaii than on the mainland. It’s the lesser of the evils.

  4. kalaoa says:

    Indicates how little people know about living in Hawaii. Probably remember the Good Old Days, when we go to the beach without endless hotels and homeless

  5. BigOpu says:

    I bet it’s top of the list for homeless.

  6. Ronin006 says:

    Meaningless survey. It would be nice to know why people responded as they did. If asked, I dare say that most would have replied: “I don’t know.”

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