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UH football team will get ‘versatile athlete’ from Australia

Stephen Tsai
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The University of Hawaii football team has secured a commitment from a versatile athlete from Australia.

Max Hendrie, who is experienced in rugby and football, is expected to sign a letter of intent with the Warriors on Feb. 3, the first day of the NCAA signing period.

Paul Manera, who serves as Hendrie’s tutor/adviser, said Hendrie is 6 feet 4, 245 pounds and capable of running 40 yards in 4.53 seconds.

Manera said Hendrie probably can compete at linebacker, tight end, running back or offensive lineman, as well as contribute on special teams.

Hendrie graduated from The Scots College, a Sydney high school, in December 2014. He has been training during the “gap year,” the period between high school and college in Australia. He is expected to enroll at UH in June.

“He might grow an inch taller, but if he doesn’t, he’s already tall enough,” Manera said. “He’s already fast enough. I’ve watched him play rugby, where he’s carrying the ball. He broke tackles. He side-stepped people. He stiff-armed people. He tackled people. He ran over people. … He’s quite versatile.”

Manera added: “Hawaii is going to get a mature kid. Hawaii is going to get a kid who will work very hard and be very grateful for the opportunity.”

Manera, who was raised in Australia, is a former UH offensive lineman.

142 responses to “UH football team will get ‘versatile athlete’ from Australia”

  1. crankit says:

    Great news!

  2. d_bullfighter says:

    Not to compare athletes but just reminds me of the late great soccer legend Jonah Lomu who had imposing size and strength coupled with speed unheard of for someone of his stature.

  3. serious says:

    I like the article–WAS graduated–so correct, not used very often.

  4. Oahuan says:

    Hmmm…seeing is believing being this is a Tsai article. ST tends to overhype everyone he writes about.

  5. HawaiiCheeseBall says:

    Can’t get enough good athletes. Just have to find his position.

  6. oxtail01 says:

    UH need to do a complete background check to make sure he’s eligible.

  7. mikethenovice says:

    Versatile sports player? Plays football, baseball, volleyball, soccer. That’s one way to save money.

  8. mctruck says:

    I’m dreaming, like at TE?? with his 40-time, slot or WR as well? and UH can use an RB who can run over people. Damn-good-get, I say!!

  9. Jiujitsu_Fighter says:

    Similar size to Cam Newton. QB would be great if he can throw.

  10. Kapaho says:

    Good to get recruits from all parts of the world. This guy has good size for football.

  11. […] reported by the Star Advertiser Max Hendrie has committed to the University of Hawaii as an athlete which is exciting for a non […]

  12. nomu1001 says:

    Thanks to Paul Manera, awesome pipeline from Australia.

  13. […] from Sydney say g’day, and aloha to America’s only Oceanic football program? Hendrie’s tutor told Stephen Tsai of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser Hendrie runs a 4.35-second 40-yard sprint, which, at a listed 6’4” and around 240 pounds, […]

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