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Woman, 80, fatally shoots intruder who stabbed husband

  • A framegrab showed police at the scene of a fatal shooting at a home north of Seattle Thursday evening. A woman shot an intruder who had stabbed her husband. (KCPQ)

SEATTLE » An 80-year-old woman fatally shot a man who broke into her home north of Seattle and stabbed her husband, authorities said.

The woman called police around 8:30 p.m. Thursday saying she had just shot an intruder, according to Shari Ireton with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman told police the man broke in through a back door and that she heard a noise, went to investigate and saw a stranger standing over her husband holding a knife.

Merlin Halverson, Snohomish County Fire District 5 chief, told KOMO-TV the woman ran to a bedroom, dug around in a closet and came back with a gun.

“(She) comes out, fires several shots and kills him,” Halverson said.

It appeared the man was looking for drugs, Halverson said, noting pill bottles near the man’s body.

The suspected intruder, a 25-year-old man from Gold Bar, died at the scene, Ireton said.

Ireton said the woman’s 75-year-old husband was flown to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle with abdominal stab wounds. He was in serious but stable condition Thursday night.

The woman was not injured and neither was the couple’s 45-year-old son, who was in the home during the incident.

Detectives believe the man was attempting to burglarize the home and that he didn’t know the residents.

The names of those involved have not been released.

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    • She had every right to use it. In Hawaii, guns are very restricted. With the decline of an inept and corrupt HPD, we may need to loosen the gun laws to allow self-protection.

      • All the gun laws in the world will not prevent a determined criminal from committing the desired crime. HPD is very efficient in solving crimes but there is only so much they can do after the fact.

        • Yeah yeah! What HPD should be doing is picking up all these criminals on the street who have multiple warrants out on them.

        • Yeah yeah they do! Sadly the other part of the Judicial system releases these criminals. 20+ priors? Don’t you read? Who do you think caught them those 20 times?

        • You are wrong – when you read about HPD catching someone for committing a crime, the report, in most cases, say that the criminal had many outstanding warrants against him. If the HPD went after and caught the criminal for those outstanding warrants, the last crime would never have happened.

          You need to learn to read – not just the reports but comments like mine.

        • Read my comment again – I did NOT say “priors”. I said “warrants out on them”. Do you know what “outstanding warrants” are?

        • saveparadise – you seem rather dense so let me give you an example. April 26, 2016 SA reported that a man who escaped from police was captured in Nanakuli. He was caught after being spotted riding in a red Explorer. The man already had 3 warrants and “A woman driving the SUV was arrested for seven warrants”. Here is a case where the woman had 7 WARRANTS but was free driving around the island. HPD should have gone after her long ago and arrested her for the warrants.

        • HPD fails to go after their own criminal elements. The public is losing confidence in the hPD under the clownish “Chief” Kealoha.

        • advertiser1, I think cojef is well capable of answering for himself.

          As for your comment, not only is it patently ridiculous, but shows you to be willfully obtuse as well.

          Why is it so very hard for you to admit to a lie? Is bruising your petty pride so traumatic for you – even on an anonymous venue like this? You were given a chance to save face days ago but all you’ve manage so far are pointless jabs with no real insight or substance.

          Put simply, you can’t prove your assertions by researching the Star-Advertiser archives because the proof you need simply isn’t there. I’m sure you would’ve crowed your heart out here had it been otherwise.

          So continue shuckin’ and jivin’ as long as you like. But just consider, you’ll be called out as a liar each and every time you profess to know more than you actually do.

        • To all readers here, I rest my case. advertiser1 simply does not respect the truth, likely due to poor and inept parenting and upbringing.

  • Awesome outcome!!! She did the right thing, if not she would have been his next victim. Homeowners take a stand and protect yourselves….you have that right!!!

      • @ choyd – jus saying that any other time you shoot someone here, you go to jail. If the burglar just stood there with a knife, and did not stab anyone yet, you would be expected to retreat.

        • Before readers seriously consider what advertiser1 has to say, consider that he previously made two assertions: first, that I always support excessive use of force by police and second, that I always support the NRA. He was then asked to prove either assertion, even so far as going back three years. Despite advertiser1’s great facility for cutting and pasting snippets, he has yet utterly failed to dredge up such proof. Until advertiser1 can offer proof or acknowledge he lied, his honesty, veracity and integrity simply can’t be trusted.

        • advertiser1, no, of course not, and if I’ve written anything here that remotely could be construed as approval of the killing of innocents then I’d like you to prove it. That you ask such a ridiculous question of me suggests you believe you know of such. If so, then again, prove it.

          Just like your assertions that I approve of police brutality (otherwise known as excessive force) and that I side with the NRA on all things, you’ll come up empty.

          Again, advertiser1, why are you so pathologically afraid of being truthful? If we passed on the street, you probably wouldn’t merit even a glance from me, so why not admit your brain was switched off when you made your silly post? If you value lies more than you value the truth, then go ahead, persist in your shuck and jive routine. I’m sure most readers here can see right through it.

  • What happened to all the anti-gun and anti 2nd amendment whackos? Too bad the criminal didn’t break into a anti-gun household, outcome would have very likely been in favor of the criminal and ridding of a bunch of anti-American and anti-freedom commies.

  • 1st of all, this burglar is a victim of the Darwin theory. He LETS Granny run away, THEN HE does NOT run away when he sees she has a gun !! Obviously, this lady HAS some experience AND training in firearms because she used it successfully. To the satirists below, this Granny was lucky the burglar wasn’t a pro who didn’t disarm her AND kill everyone in the house. Not every gun owner would be as successful as Granny.

  • Although I don’t like to celebrate someone getting killed, that intruder deserved what he got. Impressive, fast thinking and acting Old Lady!!! She took action before her 45 year old son. You Go Old Lady!!!

        • advertiser1, this is your third iteration of a remark that insinuates that the right to bear arms is reprehensible and somehow (in your mind) responsible for innocent deaths. Never mind that this Star Advertiser story (remember that?) has everything to do with an 80-year-old woman defending herself and her family.

          So I’d like you to state for the record what you think an acceptable level of accidental gun deaths is in a so-called free society with a population such as ours. Is it 10,000 per year? Or 1,000? How about 100 or 10? Or, are ANY accidental deaths worth the preservation of the 2nd Amendment? No cutting and pasting as an answer, please – we all recognize your facility doing that. What do YOU really think? If, as I suspect, you’re really an inveterate anti-gunner rather than the reasonable person you attempt to pass yourself off to be, then the answer is likely to be zero, nada or zilch.

          So what is it? A round number is certainly okay here.

    • That 45 year old son was probably the person that the intruder was looking for … the one with the drugs. With all the commotion going on, that son did not wake up.

      Granny may also have been using a shotgun and didn’t have to be Annie Oakley. Ahhh … I think everyone in here is old enough to know Annie Oakley? I personally don’t have or want a gun, even though I am well versed in the use of one. If what has been said is true, that there are 360 million firearms around, if there is a shooting at the mall … I’ll just wait till someone gets shot and use their gun.

      • Readitnow, criminals addicted to drugs often break into homes looking for legally bought prescription medications. You’re imagining an angle to this story that just isn’t there, and inadvertently or not, you besmirched the innocent victims of this story. Consider: “Detectives believe the man was attempting to burglarize the home and that he didn’t know the residents.”

        And who really cares what sort of gun the woman used and long as she used it with great dispatch?

  • Much as I appreciate the brave men and women of HPD they need to take shooting lessons from Granny. As for the anti gun folks well this just proves the gun is simply a tool for an 80 year old woman to defend her herself.

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