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What the inside of the rail cars will look like

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HART unveiled the first four rail cars today.

The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation unveiled the first four-car train on the tracks at the rail operation center next to Leeward Community College today. Here’s a sneak peek:

112 responses to “What the inside of the rail cars will look like”

  1. Oahuan says:

    How’d you like standing for the trek into town? That is suppose to gain ridership? I don’t think so. Couldn’t they fit more seats? Lose money!

    • dragoninwater says:

      They made enough room between the seats for the homeless to pitch up their tents and park their shopping carts.

      • ukuleleblue says:

        Beautiful train. What an exciting scene that speaks for itself. Look at all the smiling faces!

        • primo1 says:

          Look at the decrepit design with the seats facing the wrong way. All the smiling faces belong to those raking in the money.

        • peanutgallery says:

          Hopefully, nobody will ever really see the inside of one of these. Hopefully, we’ll come to our senses before then, and kill rail.

        • awahana says:


          Looks more like the inside of THE BUS, than any train I’ve ridden in the states, Paris, Tokyo, or Seoul. AND thats NOT good.

          Hitachi is known for poor industrial design. They are considered the anti-Samsung, the anti-Apple. Just look at their EV CHAdeMO adapter. Not only is the name odd, the connector is as big as a jabong fruit, whereas, in comparison, Tesla’s charging adapter is the size of a garden hose, and can handle Supercharging, which is twice as fast as CHAdeMO. Major yikes!

          If anyone had any doubt about the genius of the engineering of American made Tesla vs a foreign modern tech vehicle, you can start with the technology of charging.


        • SHOPOHOLIC says:

          ukuBS…what a shameless, shameless, disgusting P * O * S shill! Writes like a North Korean propagandist!!

          Exciting scene that speaks for itself? All the smiling faces? Really???? EXACTLY as primo1 says…those that are raking in the payback

        • justmyview371 says:

          All the smiling faces. You mean Caldwell, the Managing Director and the Rail CEO. Of course, they are smiling. The question is WHY? They wouldn’t ride it.

        • localguy says:

          uku – Grabby & his HART minions should have loaded up the rail cars as they will be in real life use.

          Homeless shopping carts, more bikes than rack space, scooters, senior shopping carts, strollers, people with suitcases & Balikbayon boxes, surfboards, lots of people.

          Hmmmmm, where did all that space go?

    • inverse says:

      Then they could not put in those bicycle racks in the cars. It is the University and Oahu private school commuting crowds that determines bearable vs gridlock weekday traffic and they cannot use this dang train. Right now UH is winding down to finals and private schools like Punahou have some exam week so most of this morning local morning news was reporting the commute time from Kapolei/ Ewa Beach was in the 50 minutes range till later in the morning. The train itself that stops every mile will take 45 minutes alone and that does NOT include the catching feeder buses before and after the train leg. There is NO way the City can afford to add more buses to current routes that will be feeder buses to the train. The train will easily DOUBLE the commute time for these West Oahu to town school commuters or those that work in Waikiki. With 100 percent certainty the Oahu train project will FAIL Oahu commuters and taxpayers.

    • allie says:

      Ironically, the photos depict empty cars. This well symbolizes the likely ridership of the disastrous boondoggle wich will haunt t Hawaii for decades to come.

      • Hodad says:

        And your solution to perpetual gridlock is? Of course, you have no.answer…Too.much trouble to.think.about future generations ?

      • HOSSANA says:

        It will take time before people become acclimated to riding the rail just as much as it took time for people to drive the H-1 extension going from town through Kaimuki to the end of Kahala…In fact, if you go back and read the news articles at that time, people were complaining what a waste of monies that extension would be…and the same goes for H-3 to the windward area so all you people complaining that the rail cars will be empty, yes, it might be initially, but once you get acclimated to it and find out how easy and comfortable it is to travel by rail, then and only then will it become a positive alternative to our traffic problem. Rail will not solve the traffic problem but it will provide people in the leeward area, like myself, another alternative to the traffic problem and don’t forget the train that came from leeward and stopped at Aala Park station….all the people that worked in town and Waikiki used that train and walked to town and caught buses to Waikiki so all you people always griping and complaining, I have one thing to say to you…..SHUT IT DOWN.

        • kiragirl says:

          Wow! So a $10 billion ALTERNATIVE to driving? How absurd. Rail will not relieve traffic. Rail is not going to the UH where it was supposed to go. Rail IS NOT On Time and On Budget. SHUT DOWN RAIL!

    • justmyview371 says:

      Wait until they hire the guys from Japan that make sure people are packed in tight.

      • NanakuliBoss says:

        Tired of hearing ” the rail is not going to UH”. REALLY? UH rather have dorms to accommodate the mainland kids and make 250% more tuition.

  2. wave1 says:

    We paid $20B for that…

    • Keolu says:

      The car design is lame. They should have gotten the same kind of seating that they have in Japan. Seating only along the windows facing towards the center of the train. That way there is plenty of room for people who stand.

      Nothing about this rail has been doe right.

      • kiragirl says:

        If your arrangement can have more riders seating, then I agree. And more important, if you are right, then HART is really really incompetent.

        • kiragirl says:

          Oops. Sitting.

        • Keolu says:

          The seating is like the bus. It’s actually inefficient in a train. There’s just as much seating with the seats against the window and there’s more space for standing passengers.

          Also, our inefficient rail will be stopping practically every mile. We could have had half the number of rail stations, saving over a billion dollars and the train ride would be shorter with less stops.

        • kraid808 says:

          I don’t think it would, but Keolu’s point is right. For a commuter train, seating should be along the sides and most people should stand. It’s easier to get on or off the train that way.

        • butinski says:

          Right. Commuter trains in Tokyo such as the Yamate line all have bench seating along the sides, facing inwards. That leaves a lot more space to accomodate standing commuters. What did all our rail experts who visited Japan to study their efficient modes of transportation do there, at our tax dollar expense? Too busy sightseeing to really care???

      • primo1 says:

        Efficient rail car design is not about having more riders sitting, it’s about maximizing space and ease of ingress/egress. That’s why the seating is the way it is in Japan.

      • NanakuliBoss says:

        Keolu, the girls in Japan says facing the middle forces men to push their crotch area towards their face. Go read it. You understand japanese?

      • MililaniGal says:

        If they reduced seating capacity or increased standing room, you “anti’s” would be grumbling about not having enough seats. Further, why do we need a lot of standing room? According to the “anti’s”, 1there won’t be many riders. Typical fuzzy logic. Never mind reasoned truth. Just throw out any kind of BS to hurt rail.

        This is why Hawaii will always be third-world with a lazy mentality. Just watch growth of homeless and welfare freeloaders.

  3. FARKWARD says:

    Visibly, there were semen stains on the seats…

  4. pgkemp says:

    not, your missing grafitti…………..

  5. wave1 says:

    I thought the trains were made in Italy yet it says Hitachi on the front? Also, imagine all the older peeps getting wacked by bike pedals as the kids (and adults) roll their bikes into the train while 800 peeps are trying to get off. Be some hurt shins.

    • inverse says:

      Ansaldo went bankrupt and Hitachi bought out Ansaldo.

      • wave1 says:

        Eh, thanks. I knew Ansaldo had money trouble. Probably a good thing they went bankrupt else we would wind up with a fix it again tony train, not that we still won’t…

        • inverse says:

          That still does not fix the problem of a steel on steel turn of the century based train technology that is incredibly vulnerable to Oahu’s year round humid and corrosive salt air environment that literally corrodes steel and will wreak havoc on vulnerable electrical equipment and circuits that power and run the train. Aloha Stadium without moving parts, AFTER they had to fix the stadium to the football configuration because the movable stands was a bogus unreliable selling point, could not withstand Oahu’s corrosive environment. The train will be a total maintenance nightmare with a over hundred million per year electric bill but that means Ansaldo/Hitach, HECO and those involved will make a killing at Hawaii taxpayer’s expense in profits for all of the extra maintenance and new electric power plant.

    • dragoninwater says:

      The only thing they made in Italy are the mafia connections to racketeer far more money out of us than they originally claimed. We all know from the various leaks in the media that the politicians could technically be held liable civilly and criminally under RICO charges since they operated like a organized crime syndicate.

  6. wave1 says:

    Too bad we could have not gone with a company like say Bombardier:
    With over 60 systems in operation worldwide, Bombardier is highly proven to deliver turnkey transportation systems anywhere in the world.

    As a complete system provider, Bombardier efficiently and effectively manages complex transportation system projects with multiple suppliers and partners – we are your one stop provider.

    The advantages of working with us include:
    •quicker implementation times
    •cost control due to risk minimization
    •low life-cycle costs
    •complete integration of all system components
    •our complete portfolio of solutions including vehicles, signalling,propulsion, energy management and services

    From automated driverless systems to intercity and high speed solutions, every day our systems transport thousands of passengers quickly, reliably and safely.

  7. iwanaknow says:

    how long before the new train smell disappears and the human waste/vomit smell lingers? Vinegar/bleach will kill the smell, pine-sol too…

    keep those marker pens capped and in your pocket…..graffiti is ugly.

    how soon will they make the rule, don’t hog the second seat with your stuff?

  8. Alohaguy96734 says:

    For what the people of Oahu are paying, those yellow rails should be made of gold. Rip off all the way. Thanks, Caldwell.

  9. rhone says:

    headline: “how the inside of the rail cars will look like”. a seventh-grade English teacher would give that an F. do the writers and editors at SA have any sort of grammar skills?

  10. Pukele says:

    Marcel- what percentage of riders are standing?

  11. Bothrops says:

    Those luggage racks look kind of low, will people be braining themselves when they stand up. Also the bike handles stick out so it looks like one might be jabbed in the groin. Seats 188 but squeezes in 800? Pervs will love that.

  12. HRS134 says:

    Looks like the inside of TheBus. Just add a few vagrants sleeping, some graffiti, and some stressed out passengers and it will be the bus in a different venue. 🙁

  13. kiragirl says:

    Bike racks should be installed on every other car as they take up space. The current design has the bike handles sticking out into the aisle which needs to be corrected. But HART knows this, right?

    • cojef says:

      Bicycle racks may pose a safety issues and could delay operations?

    • SHOPOHOLIC says:

      No…the last car, should this boondoggle actually get operational, should be designated for bicycles. That’s the way a lot of other countries do it. Let’s see HART enforce something like that though…(rail police run by Securitas, anyone??)

    • polekasta says:

      Here’s a question. How much bikes does that rack hold? and what happens if someone comes on the train with their bike and there’s no space on the bike rack, does the rider just hold their bike. At least with the bus, you can see if there is no space on the bike rack before you decide to board the bus.

      • localguy says:

        No bike rack space no problem. Just get on with your bike and move people out of the way. You paid for a ticket so you have a right to get on at any time.

        Homeless shopping carts, more bikes than rack space, scooters, senior shopping carts, strollers, people with suitcases & Balikbayon boxes and surfboards.

        Hmmmmm, where did all that space for 800 riders go?

  14. ryan02 says:

    Without arm rests, those “double” seats will only fit a single person, due to “spill-over.” Ever saw our obese population trying to fit within a single airplane seat? That’s why these seats need armrests that don’t lift. Oh well.

  15. connie says:

    I’m disappointed.

  16. KB says:

    soundsgood “bike rack idea”…and the 99% suffers …rationalize living green 🙂

  17. Kalaheo1 says:

    That’s funny. Those photos look nothing like this:


  18. LRob69 says:

    Can’t win….everyone complains because there’s too much traffic and it takes too long to get to work so they build the rail…now everyone complaining because there’s not enough seats, too much bike racks, takes too long to get to town, etc. So you may have to stand 45 minutes to get to work…so what?? If its too much, get in your car and ride the 1 1/2 hours in traffic, just stop complaining already…

    • Bean808 says:

      Yeah, stop complaining. They have got a clue what to do about the electrical line or when it come to burying them. Nor does anyone have a clue how to power the train. LOL

  19. paradisetax says:

    A slick PR stunt. Mufi’s folly rolls on.

  20. paradisetax says:

    Pick pocket field day!

  21. Shellback says:

    Let’s extend the rail to UH Manoa! Let’s extend the rail to Ko Olina! Let’s build a rail spur into Waikiki! Let’s build a rail spur to Mililani!

    • dragoninwater says:

      While at it, just extend it to the other islands on top of floating Styrofoam billets. Opps, I better stay quiet, these guys might take my joke and literally try to tax us to build it!

  22. 808comp says:

    People of Oahu your new toy has arrived. City going have to hire more people to wash and polish the cars.

  23. sahara11 says:

    From a 2014 HART report (online): note it says the railway stations will be UNSTAFFED and GATED – imagine all the problems.

    The fare collection system will support seamless travel across all modes. The current
    Concept of Operations plans for an account based, open architecture system with realtime
    communications with support for payment using electronic closed-loop (i.e., transit
    specific) contactless fare media issued by the agencies, and in some cases, media
    issued to third-parties (e.g., employee and student IDs). In the future, the system may
    support open and/or mobile phone-based payments, but it is not currently planned that
    these payment methods will be enabled at launch. The fare collection system will deploy
    simple, small footprint ticket vending machines (TVMs) that vend and reload extendeduse
    fare media, and accept both cash and bank cards for payment, but do not issue
    change. The project is also looking to leverage retail partnerships for the selling and
    reloading of fare media.
    Equipment will be deployed across the system to support fare collection. On TheBus,
    current planning is for a stand alone reader that will be installed to support validation of
    contactless electronic fare media. Integration with the existing farebox is not planned,
    but the reader may be integrated with the CAD/AVL system to support single sign-on
    and onboard data integration. The rail system stations will be unstaffed and gated. The
    Concept of Operations currently plans for TVMs that will vend contactless electronic
    fare media that is validated by readers integrated into the faregates.

  24. joatmon says:

    Anyone notice the A/C ducts on the roof of the Maintenance Bay? Our Keiki is dying from heat exhaustion in school, but these “garages” will be a comfortable 70 degrees???

  25. Schmidtke1410 says:

    One of these cars allegedly fits 200 people. The B717s Hawaiian uses inter-island seat 128 in 27 rows. If you hypothetically add 3 people standing per row you get to 209. Does anyone really think you can realistically get more people into that car than a B717?

  26. EOD9 says:

    And exactly where are all the surfboards suppose to go?

    • polekasta says:

      People can bring surfboards on the train but the walk to point panic from the ward stop is going to be a far one, same with the Ala Moana stop, since surfboards aren’t allowed on the bus.

  27. postmanx says:

    Ridden lot’s of more modern looking trains in the 90’s in Europe. I guess the idea is to keep the plantation mentality alive and well.

  28. CKMSurf says:

    Wait until it gets graffiti and human excrements like everything else public in honolulu.

  29. dex says:

    Those rail cars will never make it to Ala Moana. Rail cars will be too old and rusty to make the trip to Ala Moana.

  30. justmyview371 says:

    Nice comfortable seats. Not! I’ve seen rail cars on the Mainland with better interiors. Where are the route maps? I hope not all signs are in Hawaiiuan for those of us that don’t speak Hawaiian.

  31. cardoc says:

    talk about putting the cart before the horse. We got to store these rail cars for at least 6 years before the run! Try storing a car for 6 years in your garage then start it up- nope the battery will be dead, the brakes may be frozen, the tires flat etc.. It gets old just sitting. Same with these rail cars. and 6 years is a maybe, it could be 12 years before the rail is in full operation.

  32. ehowzit says:



  33. W15 says:

    looks like the standard design for metro rail cars …

  34. Crackers says:

    I give it 4 hours before West side riders slice the seats and graffiti the interior.

  35. inlanikai says:


    As an ex-NYC subway rider I am here to tell you that there are not enough straps and poles thong on to. People will be flying about.

    • mililanihi says:

      The seat configuration will only cause slower travel time. The idea is to transport high capacity, get people in and get them out. In Japan, they go in and out. Everyone knows their role. The train wait’s for no one. Here, It will be like the bus. Slow in, slow out. Auwe.

    • inlanikai says:

      They also need a pole, floor to ceiling, right in the middle of the floor between each pair of doors. Riders congregate by the doors, not so much in the middle between the sets of doors, when standing and there is nothing to hold onto in these pictures.

      Geez, did’t these guys ever ride a NYC subway? They’ve been doing it for over 100 years. Copy the best.

  36. NanakuliBoss says:

    Marcel only needs to take pictures. Then let the anti haters rant on every detail in the photos. Lol.

  37. samidunn says:

    Tell me again how much each car costs.

  38. RW says:

    I suggest removing all the chairs at HART meetings until they add more seats in the rail cars. There is no excuse for fundamental mistakes like this.

  39. toad103410 says:

    IF and when rail is up and running these cars will be obsolete.

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