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Woman charged with trying to rob Kapahulu restaurant

A 45-year-old woman was charged Tuesday with trying to rob a Kapahulu restaurant owner Sunday night.

Barbara Briscoe, who has no local address, was charged with second-degree robbery. Her bail was set at $11,000.

Police said Briscoe entered the restaurant just before 8:30 p.m. and demanded money. When the 33-year-old victim refused, Briscoe struggled with him, but fled empty-handed.

Briscoe was arrested a few hours later at the Queen’s Medical Center where she was taken for an mental health evaluation.

16 responses to “Woman charged with trying to rob Kapahulu restaurant”

  1. Mr. Luke says:

    Uh, SA, like where did this occur??

    • copperwire9 says:

      It’s exhausting trying to get news out of ’em sometimes, isn’t it?

    • Winston says:

      (From the Winston News service): My guess is the Popeyes chicken place on Kapahulu ave. We saw a woman go bonkers there about that time Sunday night—-screaming, tried to break the glass door by slamming it against a wall repeatedly and appearing to assault customers before being run out of the place, then pacing back and forth on the sidewalk while muttering to herself about how stupid democrats are for nominating a corrupt incompetent like Clinton. (Made that last part up, but, hey, it’s the internet. Happens all the time.)

  2. jessapo says:

    Perhaps the owner requested to keep the restaurant name out of the paper for confidentiality. Not everyone wants to be famous or have a moment in the spotlight.

  3. wrightj says:

    A male robber may have had different results.

  4. saveparadise says:


  5. residenttaxpayer says:

    The owner should have pepper sprayed her….give her something to remember him by…..

  6. wn says:

    Let’s not condemn the all homeless. This person may have been more of a vagrant who required some help but is left on the street to be a potential threat to the Community. So who’s to be held accountable. Unfortunately this will end up like many of our other arrests…”catch and release”.

  7. roxie says:

    This Just might be the latest trend for the residentially challenged…ROBBERY…..If committed the act they will get 3 squares, roof over their heads, medical care, warm bed, running water and love form their cellmate.

  8. mctruck says:

    Just reading recently on the internet where a guy held up a place and then went out and sat out front for the police to come and arrest him; hmmm?, sounds like he needed a place to stay with a roof over his head and free meals.

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