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Census: Growing exodus of residents to mainland

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    Travelers loaded on their belongings into trays that will be screened, at Honolulu airport in June 2011. The U.S. Census Bureau’s latest population estimates show 10,000 more people left Hawaii than moved in from the mainland over the last year.

Federal figures show more people are leaving Hawaii for the mainland than coming to live in the state.

The U.S. Census Bureau’s latest population estimates show 10,000 more people left Hawaii than moved in from the mainland over the last year. About 30,000 more people left between 2010 and 2016, Hawaii News Now reported.

The number of people leaving the state has increased over the years. From 2014 to 2015, about 6,700 people left for the mainland, up from just 941 in 2010.

The population loss this year was countered by local births and migrants from other countries.

According to the Census estimates, Hawaii’s population grew by less than 1 percent in 2016 compared to last year. The state added about 3,400 people over the one-year period that ended in July to reach a population of about 1.4 million.

Hawaii also averaged 51 births a day and 33 deaths.

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  • This trend will get much worse as the state loses its charm with global warming, armies of homeless,overdevelopment, choking taxes, political incompetence and the chokehold of the overpaid unions over state economic decisions. Things look very, very bad.

    • Let’s not leave out the rail fiasco, horrific traffic problems…one of the worst in the entire U.S…., poor public schools, condos for the upper middle, poor road conditions, revolving-door politicians, the government run by the democrats providing for its people with the cradle-to-grave mentality. The list goes on and on. Don’t you feel sorry for the people who want to leave the state, but for some reason, are unable.

      • Agree, I am thinking of moving out. Taxes will go through the roof. Anyone that can afford to move will, leaving a majority of the population in minimum wage jobs struggling to make ends meet, and more homeless. The few with good paying jobs will be taxed off the island.

      • Don’t leave out the Honolulu Police Department run by a Chief and his wife a prosecuting attorney who is second in command in the City Prosecutor’s office, both under Federal investigation, with one former HPD officer already pleading guilty to felony conspiracy and a few other current HPD officers ready to follow suit or possibly end up themselves having to serve serious time in a federal prison, with the label as ex-cop to the other inmates.

      • Don’t forget the horrible state of the neighborhoods in Hawaii. Allowing all the add-ons and build-ups brings bumper-to-bumper vehicles up and down the neighborhood streets. Neighborhoods are in a race to see which can lose everything charming about living there. People pay $1 million to buy a wood box house, just to come home every day to see someone else’s beat up junk car sitting in front of the house.

        • You know that is funny, Maui has a county ordinance, no overnight parking on a public roadway. My son is a member of MPD. On midnight watch, when they are board, they go out and tag cards for parking. He told me this is what the most hated cop in Maui did, he was a former HPD guy. He did his twenty five, then moved to the State of Washington.

      • My sentiments exactly. She claims that her Native American folks back home have supported her through her studies at UH. Yet, after all these many many years and after graduating, she refuses to go back and give back to her folks by helping them. Either her experience here was a made up story or she/he is devoid of any conscience. Either way, she/he is a loser.

    • Coming Soon – May 2017 – Kurt Russell stars in the new sequel to Escape From New York, Los Angeles, and now Escape from Paradise. Rated PG-55.

      Cameos from David Ige, Kirk Caldwell, and a host of others.

      Tulsi Gabbard in the role of Adrienne Barbeau.

        • Ditto…I don’t believe most understand what a Banana Republic is…”small nation, especially in Central America, dependent on one crop (tourism) or the influx of foreign capital (Federal funding)”. This is not good. For those who have lived here as long time residents, we did have an agricultural industry (pineapple and sugar) and were developing a boutique agricultural industry…but that’s gone. I believe we were trying to develop the School of Astronomy (buckling under protest), School Pharmacy & Nursing School focus at the Big Island UH and then create a college / retirement Community around Hilo town…but we don’t have the Leadership to pull this thru.

    • “Overdevelopment”? If anything, the problem is underdevelopment – local families leaving because there’s no affordable housing! We “keeping it country” for the rich folks from the mainland and other countries…

        • Oh, yeah. Puna. On the mainland, I believe the term is “WhiteTrash”. No freaking way would anyone of us with 5 watts of brain power want to live there, and that’s the painful truth. Just saying.

        • You can buy one acre of land in Puna for the same price as a 20 year old VW. It’s cheap because nobody wants to live there.

      • Mahalo. And yet, locals, with their misguided loyalties, continue to vote “D”. Unfortunately, most of our population still haven’t figured that out. This ain’t rocket science, people!

        • Early pioneers had to work under the yoke of the “Big Five”, now it is still the “Bigs”, Developers in cahoots with local Democrats, and Union!

  • Our State squandered opportunities over the past several decades to build an infrastructure that could support a vibrant economy and now we’re seeing people leaving in the hope of a better life. Having a single party, who is controlled by unions, dominate our politics means we’re being controlled by people with little understanding of business. That has led to over taxation and regulation, a bloated do-noting government, ridiculous home prices, etc. killing many attempts to build businesses and the economy. We haven’t reached bottom yet but unless change comes soon (unlikely) we will all eventually consider the possibility of moving.

    • Right. People are over taxed in this democrat run state. The talented and contributors will leave for the mainland where the pay is higher and the taxes are lower and the ones coming in have a one way ticket with a map to get to the nearest welfare office.

      But not to worry, the rail will solve all of Oahu’s problems…..

      • Many people on the west side are fed up with suffering in the horrendous traffic commuting to town trying to make a living here and are moving away for an easier life. Unfortunately many of our average locals will not be able to afford to come back later when the rising home prices here will be well out of reach. That is how locals get squeezed out of living in the best place on earth by rich outsiders coming in who can afford here. Rail needs to be finished all the way to downtown do that west siders can have a better commute and a better quality a life do they will stay here. Rail will help average locals so that they and future generations can can live in their homeland instead of moving to a lesser place on the mainland. We have come a long way with the rail and need to properly finish the sorely needed infrastructure.

        • uku – Wrong again as always. Rail in itself is not nor will it ever be the deciding factor for people to stay on or leave the Nei.

          However, the crushing monthly O&M for rail, estimated between $25-50 million per month and the taxes to support it are one reason.

          Next add in the Nei’s crushing government pension money pit, educational money pit, infrastructure money pit and you see a pattern of excessive taxes, wasted taxpayer’s money.

          Why would anyone stay on the Nei when you can have a far better, more enjoyable, lower cost of life on the mainland?

        • uku – Wrong again. It’s not home if you are a working drone to pay for rail, pension, education, infrastructure money pits, a never ending GET.

          Your quality of life is so ruined by the incompetency of local bureaucrats, high cost of Matson’s shipping, much higher gas prices. Paying your electric bill is 3-4 times mainland averages.

          Smart retirees sell their homes, move to the mainland, buy a new home for 1/4 of their Nei home profits, use the rest to truly enjoy their golden years.

  • It’s the middle class that is leaving, which is the backbone of society. That’s why Hawaii is doomed to be a third world toilet (only rich foreigners and intentionally homeless/freeloaders) – that great disparity of wealth is one of the indicators of third world conditions. But it makes sense because politicians can get rich off kickbacks from millionaires and developers catering to them. And they can return kickbacks to unions, developers, and so-called “non-profits” by using the homeless/freeloaders as an excuse. But the middle class is useless to them. Just look at how money is being spent right now — millions to beautify Ala Moana Park for the rich Kakaako foreigners to enjoy, and millions to build shelters for the homeless/freeloaders. The middle class? Higher taxes is THEIR reward. The smart ones know this and will leave.

    • You are perfectly right…unfortunately it isn’t much better on the mainland. Not supporting one side or the other, both major political parties have done their best to enrich the people at the top. But…it is just puzzling how the poor and the middle class embraced a billionaire with little regard for their segment of the population.

      • Search for the “American Dream” home ownership! No can do as long as people continue to elect the one part-system established by the likes of Uncle Dan and big Union? Left in 1951 and never looked back. Have owned 4 different homes and done well,plus retired with federal service with 4 years military service(WW II) and Social Security since 1/1990. Live in a retirement community with its own bus system and approximately with 16,000 other retirees. Have owned most the American made cars, plus 2 Japanese cars and a German. Have 20 cruises plus visited most the up-beat European countries.

    • Not only Vegas, Washington too. No income tax. Retirees looking and if they leave, so does income to state. Oregon another one, no sales tax. The dollar buys more. Kids attending mainland schools too. This would be a brain drain as well. Daughter got a job in Oregon working at a school, not paid as well as Hawaii teacher but her dollar is worth more and because she graduated from OSU, loan forgiveness options where she works. Police benefit as well. Most west coast agencies, 20 years, out with 50% of your high 3. Compare this with State of Hawaii, 30 years-all 4 counties, 80%. Most take laterals, pay depended on what you bring to the table. Counties waive attending State Academy IF your department is Post certified or CALEA certified. Most require 3 years of experience. What this means for department recruiting, don’t have to spend on written testing, pysch. evaluations, polygraph, and paying(county or city has to pay) for candidate to attend state academy. Sat in with a recruiter talking to my son. Now I think about what is going on with HPD, you got to be stupid to stay in that department, no leadership, Feds will watch everything you do, you gotta work 30 years…kind of funny, if a 60 year old cop gets assaulted, not only assault on police officer, Elderly Abuse kicks in….

      • Agreed. The ideal situation would be to live in Vancouver, Washington (no income tax), and shop in Portland, Oregon, just over the Columbia River (no sales tax). Hey, you’ve got the best of both worlds. Also, for what it’s worth, Police Departments in Washington and Oregon actively recruit HPD officers, tapping into their discontent with the cost of living here.

        • You are exactly right about Vancouver, Washington. Just have to deal with the cold and traffic going over bridge . As retiree, just travel at non-peak period. I work with a guy from Portland, call him a federal carpetbagger, says that is where he is retiring. Also hold me Lake Oswago Community in Oregon trying to entice retirees to come and settle there. Incentive, increased population of doctors who specialize in aging.

  • Yes, they called it the brain drain before…but it really is an exodus of the younger middle class going away to get better value for the money. away from choke neck traffic, poor govt. services, corruption, better schools, and the high cost of living to name a few. The sad part, is with a one party system you would think we could solve some of these issues? The truth is Hawaii has become a mecca for the rich and corrupt. Sadly, we see nothing in the future that brings improvement or real change.

  • Earlier this year one of my sons moved to the mainland along with his wife who was an elementary school teacher. The high cost of living, the homeless situation, crowded highways and cities, taxes, crime, poor job prospects, have all contributed to their decision to move. They have since bought a nice house for $250k and now enjoy living costs that are 50% lower than Oahu. Although they would rather have stayed home to raise their family the economic and political climate forced their decision to move. A sad example of the ability of our keiki who want to remain home but have no other viable means of remaining in their birth state.

  • So what is the implication of this article saying….??? “Not only do we need more tourist and non-stop growth in tourism but we also need more and more people moving into the state”. Need to curb the insanity that is growing here.

    • Not, if those moving away are long time residents, retirees, educated class-brain drain, and your are getting homeless and U.S. government trustees and their issues are put on the State of Hawaii with no Federal support. Lots of these trustees have medical issues and contagious diseases. Every week I hear the latest outbreak in the Pacific region from CDC and I wonder….homeless bringing it from the mainland, trustees bringing it form the Asia and South Pacific, we right in the middle.

      • Ohh..really? Both me and my wife are retirees. Lot of my friends and family are retirees. Ones still working ALL have good jobs and well along the path to good retirement. None of us are contemplating moving away. Why when we have good weather, good healthy lifestyles, good resources? Lot of us have kids on the Mainland in their early careers and doing well. We get to visit two or three times a year, travel the world two or three time a year ( and that don’t mean Vegas). Only ones I see moving away are carpetbaggers who’s jobs didn’t work out here, ones who don’t appreciate or got assimilated to Paradise, or ones wanting to be close to their kids. As I said, GO, please?

        • Wrong, I work in the Federal government, carpetbaggers are feds. They come, work until there is an opening back on the mainland, then go home. If there is an opening close to home they take it. I am talking about transfers. Locals stay but the Feds have shifted from COLA to Locality pay which means locality is taxed and % is less.

        • ever checked the price of ox tail recently…. crazy ….most expensive dish at Kam Bowl restaurant. Its like retirees and medical costs getting crazy .

    • And if many of those leaving are paying the bulk of the taxes (Real Estate, Income, Auto, ect, ect, ect) then what does that mean for those that are left- Yes, HIGHER Taxes….

      • Not if you fire the unions. Only viable way I see it is to sabotage the spenders into spending so much that the county will be forced into bankruptcy and under bankruptcy the only services that can NOT be shutdown are mandatory services like Police, Fire and paramedics. Everything else is pretty much useless government waste of our tax dollars. Just look at Costa Rica for crying out loud. They are as minimalist as it gets, really impressed by the way the country is run.

  • Let me be the devil’s advocate. As a Federal Agent when I do my visitations, most expensive estates are owned by non-residents who are paying high property taxes, cesspool assessment, and high maintenance fees. These proceeds are then use to fix our roads, clean our environments, moreover, they don’t utilize it. Some are investors, but most are owner occupants and use as second homes.

    • Your assumption that “proceeds are then used to fix our roads, clean our environments..” is wrong. Taxes and fees collected are NOT used to fix roads or clean our environment. It was just in the news there was a moratorium on any major State traffic improvement project due to lack of money. The only money spent under the transportation category is the Oahu rail project and that is nothing more than useless, endless money pit boondoggle. Most of Hawaii’s roads and parks are in a third world state or taken over by the homeless.

      • And, worse yet, these part-time residents, for the most part, place no burden on the public school system or on social services. On the other hand, it is precisely these rich outsiders who drive up the cost of real estate to levels so that our keiki, with limited employment options available to them here, can NEVER hope to afford. And I resent that greatly. I don’t care who that sentiment offends, and you all know who you are.

        • You’re looking at it all from just one perspective. You should be angry at your own people for selling to the outsiders. Also, you could have chosen to buy up their portion before they left but instead you blame the outsiders for your lack of securing your keikis’ future. Thirdly, your keiki may not even want to live on an isolated pumice rock when they finally grow up. I know plenty of Hawaiians that are far happier on the mainland. Many of those that stayed behind were the welfare recipients that didn’t want to move to a (R) state that doesn’t pander to illegals or offer many government assistance programs. Go ask NanakuliBoss he’s an expert at staying home and getting drunk while sucking on the public teat.

      • “It’s a very significant decision for the entire city,” she said. “The tax revenues generated by this are about $39 million a year, so it is a very important piece of tax legislation. I can’t tell you how important it is for the city’s finances.”

  • Downtrodden and ambitious plantation descendants leave. Ambitious, privileged, (some retired), white folks move in. Not playing the race card. Just stating the facts. You can find these plantation descendants in Henderson, NV. still trying to find their dreams. At least eggs are cheap.

  • If you are young and able, you would be well advised to strongly consider moving to the mainland where you have a hope for a better life.
    There is little hope that you will be able to find it here anymore. The brain drain has been going on for the past 40 years and is just increasing as people vote with their feet.
    Anyone with half a brain can see the writing on the wall. Only the very rich and those who serve them will remain.

      • Very mean and untrue. I had tribal money and private scholarships at UH. Many appreciate the investment made in my education. I believe in giving back to the community. More should. Even you.

      • You are so completely full of s_ _ _ t. Mandan? What a pathetic joke. Get lost and go back where you came from. It’s transplanted fools like you who move here and after a few months think they’re a f _ _ _ ing expert on everything. True locals can’t stand people like you.

        • Mandans have lived in America for thousands of years and are legitimately indigenous unlike Hawaiians here. That said, locals have always been very kind and welcoming to me. Many express admiration and appreciate fresh exogenous insights

  • The entire problem can be fixed by elimination of the Jones Act but we don’t have a politician who will stand up to the unions and sue the US Government for the inequality of the Act. I wish Trump had won here, he’s the only one with the b— to do it!!

  • The people of Hawaii have spoken during this past election and will be getting what they voted for. With a all Democrat legislators and no oppositional party, Hawaii will be doomed because they will be giving handouts left and right… Ige already appropriating millions/billions for homeless. Hawaii will be a place for the elite rich and homeless. There will be no middle class.

  • Sad truth is ones leaving are capable young adults looking for better job opportunities and lower cost of living (brain drains), ones moving here are homeless from mainland or from Micronesia looking for free handouts making our homeless problems even worst. Yes, Jones Act should be repealed to lower cost of transporting everything to the island, vote out all incumbent Democrats, rid of corruption, and reduce union stronghold on our politicians.

  • No surprise with this article – local families have been leaving in droves because there’s no affordable housing! We “keeping it country” for the rich folks from the mainland and other countries…

  • I think we need even more people to go back to the mainland. There’s just too many people on this island, the overpopulation on Oahu ruins the quality of life for everyone.
    10,000 is nothing, 100,000 would be a good start.

    • Agree as well! They need to expand the rail all the way to the Fruit-and-Nut state of California for a mere extra $1-trillion! The day the Honolulu County goes bankrupt like Detroit, all the non-essential government unions will be unemployed and moving off this island. Literally, overnight 8,500+ useless union chair warming government cronies will be out after the spigot of funds gets cut off to them!

      • Honolulu will never go bankrupt. It will be only for rich people as average locals gradually get squeezed out if they don’t own a home. Once locals move, most likely won’t be able to come back. What a shame to have to leave your hometown.

        • ukulu, you as a government union worker employed by HART and earning over $850,000+ a year as a professional PAID blogger to promote the rail don’t seem to realize that we need to expand the rail everywhere!

          We need to promote a spur to Japan, a second spur to Volcanoes National Park and a spur to Syria to help those undocumented refugees get here faster! Ukulu, there is no one like you when it comes to promoting the rail. I fully support and encourage you. I beg you to quickly call Krook on the phone and promote the expansion of the rail. Your children and grandchildren will save thousands of dollars in airfare costs by taking the rail to visit other destinations and vice versa!

          Ukulu, one more favor, call Krook and let him know this is going to be a mother F#@$er of an expenditure but we can do it! Tell him to tap the entire Hawaii ERS pension system loaded with billions of cash to cover this, the taxpayers will never miss the money! I promise you bro! If we build it they will come and your children and your grand children will all thank you for your great contributions to the betterment of our islands!

        • And all those so called average locals have to pay dearly for your actions Grabauskas,as a rail criminal. Can you really walk around town knowing how you did a number on us. You should be among those 10k that goes back to wherever you were.

  • Well, sadly it’s not only younger ones. As a retiree, I am tempted. One of my close friends, also retired, realized that after retiring on a fixed income, he simply could not afford to live in Hawaii. The majority of his retirement checks were going to bills: utilities, food, gas, etc. with very little left over for the so-called pleasurable things a retiree should enjoy like going to dinner once in a while, maybe a movie, or traveling. So, after much thought, he and his wife packed up and moved to Oregon where a $1.80 gallon of milk actually costs $1.80 at the register. His home cost $220,000 (sold his Hawaii home for $570,000) with a bigger yard, more bedrooms, a deck and a basement. They go to Vegas at least 2-3 times a year with occasional trips to the far east or Europe. Of course, they miss Hawaii but as he jokes, he catches up easily with Hawaii friends because there are always a few in Vegas, many of whom he would would rarely even see in Hawaii. Sure, there’s some negatives. It does get cold like high 30’s or 40’s in the winter and parts of spring and fall, and Oregon is really “white” (not being racist, just a fact) so at times, they are the only Asians in a restaurant or store. And yes, they miss “local” food. But they can afford to visit Hawaii for special occasions. I know there are those who will say, “Leave then, good-bye!” And to that I would say that it’s fine with me, but keep in mind who will eventually be left if we keep going the way we are: The very rich, living in those multi-million dollar high rises or even regular homes now selling for $700,000+, and the homeless who don’t care how much it costs to live in Hawaii because they have no mortgage anyway. So, I need to weigh my options: live in Hawaii with barely any money left over at the end of each month, or move to the mainland and be able to afford the “joys” of retirement. You only get so many years to live and after 40 years of working, it’s about time to enjoy.

    • When you’re old all that really matters is good access to good medical care and medical care is much better on the mainland for anyone at risk of heart issues, cancers, etc. So unless you go surfing everyday, there probably little to no advantage left to stay on an island that was essentially only useful for surfers to enjoy.

    • Your friend who sold his home for $570,000 probably would have to pay much more to buy it back, if he was able to. This is the perfect example of why he should have just stayed here in a highly appreciating real estate market. That’s how locals get squeezed out of living here. If you own a home here, in my opinion you should just stay otherwise you’ll never live here again. Don’t get squeezed out. Let your children be able to have a legacy here.

      • Yes, ukulu, great advice coming from a government union worker employed by HART and earning over $850k+ a year as a professional blogger to promote the rail!

        Listen to Ukulu and just watch Krook Caldwell artificially raises every home valuation into the millions and raises your property taxes every year to the point where you become a slave to the county to pay for the biggest government railroad racketeering scam in the history of the United states.

        Krook Caldwell makes the poor and middle class public so sick of the BS lies and sky-high taxes that the hard workers are moving out already.

      • Ups, you just don’t get it do you? We will not live forever and no good being house rich when you cannot buy food or melds or pay your pets vet bill. And I got kids and they are not getting my house, they need to get an education, a job and then buy their own freaking house where ever they want to live.

    • Blah blah blah I can buy a thousand acres with a 50,000 SF home with pool and a 1000 seat home theater in Ohio for the price of a cracker jack box in Honolulu blah blah blah. Nobody cares because virtually nobody that lives on Oahu wants to move to virtually anywhere on the mainland. How many gallons of milk do you drink in a month??? 20? 30? Next guy that talks about milk prices here gets a firm slap across the nuts.

  • Look folks, many are finally leaving! This is a good thing! Oahu, Maui and maybe a few other spots are pretty much surf destinations. There is little to no benefit to live here unless you really love water sports. Many are coming to their senses that the added costs of living on an island where almost everything needs to be imported is just not worth it since most do not participate in the sports activities that these islands are mainly famous and/or intended for. No one wants to move to Hawaii because the roads are great or there is a good opportunity to make money flipping burgers. It’s all about the ocean sports. So if you live here and you’re a predominantly an office body and/or homebody then you can move anywhere in the world and enjoy the same @h!t without the need to reside on an island. I know that the majority of the population on Oahu does NOT surf or ever will, please leave the island and move already, we don’t need you or your “solutions” as Krook likes to refer to them!

    • Well not everyone surfs, maybe they like golf year round in Hawaii. I like water sports, but in the past 30 years have seen the water quality get really bad from the north shore to Waikiki. The Ala wait pollutes Waikiki and all the cesspools on the north shore, especially sunset area have polluted the ocean with ecoli. I know surfers who get cut infections regularly now. That. Is the other reason I may leave. It would be nice to fix the problem, but even the save the country folks would rather live next to the ocean with their cesspool and spend money on surf trips and ski vacations rather than fix the problem with proper sewage treatment. All the illegal housing and vacation rentals also contributes to the faulty cesspools problem.

        • In some areas of the country water quality has improved. If environmental regs were even somewhat enforced in hi water quality would be a lot better.

      • So why else would anyone want to live here? To put up with the corrupt Banana Republic politics and insane taxation?
        You can ask the same question to most that live near ski resorts on the mainland and they’ll tell you exactly why they moved there.

  • The population loss this year was countered by local births and migrants from other countries. I suppose that was thrown in to make us feel good. The problem is that the people leaving are taxpayers and the people coming from other countries are people who depend on taxes for survival.

  • @StarAdvertiser, please consider getting rid of the useless comments section like most other reputable news sites. It just elevates the voices of irrational trolls who don’t represent the majority of people in hawaii. The loudest most strident voices take over comments sections while more reasonable people choose not to participate in a forum where logical reasoning and evidence count for nothing, and where they are likely to be insulted or called names. Comments sections like the ones you allow just make the internat, and the world a darker, more negative place. If people want to express their opinions, they can do it in a letter to the editor, with their name on it, instead of being handed a free platform to be hateful bullies.

    I sincerely hope you will consider this. It’s the right thing to do.

    • You are completely within your right to NOT EXPAND and read the comments section of any SA article. There’s a reason you have to actually, click and EXPAND this section to read the comments. Now, goodbye and good riddance to your dark and negative post.

  • I moved away after graduation from Castle High in 1977 to Seattle. I got a job with Boeing and put 35 years in before retiring. It was the best thing I did. My family still live in Kaneohe and the funny thing is I can come home at any time see family and friends. The hardest thing is returning to see family and friends struggling to make ends meat. They don’t own a home and never will because of the outrageous prices. I am planning to move back but also plan to move to the outer island most likely Kauai because I don’t need a job and Honolulu has too much traffic. Looking forward to warmer day’s. My suggestion to other locals Don’t be afraid to move away Hawaii will always be there.

    • “…Hawaii will always be there.”

      Based on current sea level rises, in year 2100 Waikiki will be the most modern coral reef in all of Hawaii with a modern rail to look at it all from some 40+ feet above sea level 😉 It will be amazing snorkling indeed!

    • The most important factor in your case is that your folks still own a home here. That’s why you can come back anytime. Otherwise you would be squeezed out.

  • I would like to see the age demographics. It would be good news if the people leaving Hawaii are young adults going to college and creating a life for themselves elsewhere; with higher pay and better living conditions. I am all for that.

  • To each his own! Love it here for the weather , the sights of the mountains and the sea amidst the blue skies with the gentle tradewinds caressing one body and soul! Thinking positive and sacrificing unnecessary material things for the roof over one’s head . Learning to live within ones means without over indulging, and having friends and families helping each other because they want to and not because they need to. If it makes you happy and the living is easier else where other than Hawaii, go in peace and may the memories of your life in Hawaii take life of its own further afield to enhance you and your family lives by spreading the Aloha Spirit. Then our Hawaii ways will live forever in every corner of the world! The old Hawaii is gone forever and someday only a handful will able to relate its unique legacies!

  • Unless you were born with a silver spoon stuck where the sun don’t shine, your priced out, so you choose, homelessness or move to the mainland?
    We are on 1 acre overlooking a valley and river, 3/2 1900 sf home, huge oversize two car carport with detached 1 car garage, five minutes away from the I5 freeway and all the shopping, 5 minutes away from both VA and community Hospital and got all of this for less then $175,000.
    Hawaii, you would get a cardboard box on the sidewalk!!

  • Too many monopolies in Hawaii. This has caused the cost of living in Hawaii problems. Everything we consume, need or use are controlled by just a few companies.

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