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Overrated or not, Streep’s speech has galvanizing effect


    Meryl Streep accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills on Jan. 8.

BEVERLY HILLS >> Speaking in a hoarse voice that quivered with emotion, Meryl Streep silenced a boisterous Golden Globes crowd and sparked a clamor heard around the country, all the way to Trump Tower.

Streep’s impassioned speech against Donald Trump while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award at Sunday’s awards has been heard like a battle cry in a left-leaning Hollywood that has been trying to reconcile itself to a Trump presidency it overwhelmingly didn’t vote for. Her speech has also further intensified the divide between Hollywood and Trump supporters, who call Streep another example of media elite on a soapbox.

Though Trump is yet to take office, the arts and the President-elect are increasingly on a collision course. Trump has criticized the cast of “Hamilton,” which voiced its concerns about inclusion to Vice President-elect Mike Pence when he went to see the show on Broadway. Seeing political parallels in its story of underdog rebellion, some Trump supporters called for a boycott of the “Star Wars” film “Rogue One.” And now, following Streep’s remarks, he on Monday called the most decorated actress in Hollywood “overrated.”

With such institutions as “Star Wars” and Streep in the crosshairs, the culture wars have gone nuclear. Battle lines and boycotts are being formed ahead of the Jan. 20 Inauguration, at which most entertainers have refused to perform. Some conservatives have already vowed on social media not to watch the Feb. 26th Academy Awards, which promises to be rife with political protest.

How the growing discord will affect the tenor the next four years in the arts remains to be seen. But what was clear Monday in the wake of Streep’s galvanizing speech is that the clash is just getting started.

In a night where the song-and-dance ode to musicals “La La Land” set a Globes record with seven wins, including best picture, musical or comedy, Streep’s speech had the largest impact.

“There has never been anyone like Meryl,” applauded Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter. “I’ve never admired you more!” tweeted Sally Field. “Nearly without voice, her voice has never been so strong,” lauded Sharon Stone. “Thank you, Meryl,” wrote director Darren Aronfsky.

Political speeches at an award show — a little-loved, often ridiculed tradition — have seldom reverberated so strongly. She largely argued for empathy, inclusivity and the arts. And she claimed Hollywood wasn’t a bastion of elites, but “a bunch of people from other places.” Streep didn’t say Trump by name, but spoke directly about him.

“It kind of broke my heart when I saw it,” Streep said of Trump’s mocking of a disabled reporter during the campaign . “I still can’t get it out of my head because it wasn’t in a movie, it was real life. And this instinct to humiliate, when it’s modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody’s life, because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing. Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.”

She also urged support for the Committee to Project Journalists , a media advocacy group, “because we’re gonna need them going forward and they’ll need us to safeguard the truth.” On Monday, Joel Simon, executive director of the CPJ, said Streep’s comments inspired “a huge upsurge” in donations and awareness.

“We received 500 donations last night and a couple hundred more this morning,” said Simon, who said the ongoing donations totaled about $60,000 as of early Monday afternoon. “People are feeling very energized and impassioned.”

Conservative pundits, though, saw Streep’s speech as a reflection of the bicoastal liberal pomposity that Trump’s election was in part a rejection of, regardless of his own show business affiliations. “This is exactly why Hollywood is dying, what a bunch of hypocrites,” said Fox’s Sean Hannity. “The Meryl Streep speech is why Trump won,” said Meghan McCain, also a Fox personality. “And if people in Hollywood don’t start recognizing why and how — you will help him get re-elected.”

Early Monday morning came Trump’s tweets. He called Streep, a longtime and outspoken Democrat who stumped for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention and famously imitated Trump at a Clinton fundraiser, “a Hillary flunky who lost big.” He called the allegation that he mocked a disabled reporter “more very dishonest media.”

The tweets provoked their own response. Soon, lists of other things that Trump finds “overrated” were trending. Author Stephen King called his comments about Streep “childish, churlish, petulant … exactly why most Americans fear his presidency.”

At the White House, press secretary Josh Earnest said that Streep had clearly delivered “a thoughtful, carefully considered message” that reflected her deeply held beliefs.

“It seemed to me to be a fairly straightforward exercise of her First Amendment rights, as this is the United States,” Earnest said.

The Globes telecast drew 20 million viewers on NBC, according to the Nielsen company, an 8 percent increase from last year. It’s a positive sign for the Academy Awards, which will hope political debate fuels interest in this year’s ceremony, to be hosted by ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel — rather than turns off viewers whose views don’t align with Hollywood’s.


AP reporters Patrick Mairs in Philadelphia and Josh Lederman in Washington contributed to this story.

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  • stick to acting screep. why attack peotus? he not potus yet!
    have some respect for your lawfully elected president, or move!
    auwe as why hod!

    • Respect? This is going to be a very difficult 4 years (hopefully he will get tired of it and quit before then). While I do respect the office, I cannot for the life of me respect someone that has done everything possible to deem himself unworthy of that respect.

        • Sarge, everyone knows Obama and Hillary are good while you republicans are just pathetic. I will laugh like crazy if your hero decides to cut your benefits to make way for his stupid wall. 🙂

        • Boots, Sarge22, assuming from his online name, is active duty or retired military. Any benefit he receives is EARNED by years of dedicated and honorable service to the country. Any benefits, a.k.a. entitlements, Trump may cut will be the unearned kind like paying women to have kids out of wedlock, paying able-bodied people for not working and calling it SS disability and cutting of Federal funding of everything for illegal immigrants.

        • I’d like to meet boots fora one-on-one. No hold barred scrap till you quit AND cry. Boots = pu$$

        • It’s already fascism. So similar to Nazi Germany, when the Nazis pushed the belief that white Aryans were superior to everyone else, and everyone who was not white or Christian, straight, or had opposing views were inferior. Jews, the handicap, Slavs, political opponents, homosexuals, all were persecuted, sent to concentration camps for mass industrial extermination.

        • Ok Vector and all that is going on in this country? Where, pray tell. Or is this just the high drama liberal bubble talk that you guys have had going on since November?

        • laeboy, tell me why the White Supremacists, White Nationalists and Klu Klux Klan fervently support Trump and Pence and the Alt-Wrong fascist agenda?

        • Vector you need a lesson in logic 101

          If Fred is a turtle then Fred is a reptile
          This does not mean that if Fred is a reptile then Fred is a turtle

          In this case, if someone were a racist he would be supported by the KKK
          But if someone is supported by the KKK it does not mean he is a racist

      • All of these Hollywood dummies are just mad because no longer will they get the Presidental award that Obama gave away like candy for them. Soon we will have a real President again not a Hollywood phoney type like Obama. I regret each time he mentions that he from Hawaii. At least now he has to pay for his vacation like the rest of us.

        • Yes sad to say we will have a real president, just like the previous republican president who gave us 9/11, two recessions and a never ending war. Will the Donald be just as good as GW? Time will tell.

        • It used to be our Hollywood actors were true professionals. Confident, mature, lead by example, made us all proud to see them. When they received an award, they were humble, thanked everyone who made them what they are, helped them earn the award, stepped down.

          Fast forward to today and we have a bunch of full diaper, snot nosed, step children who after leaving their “Safe Space” use awards ceremony as their “Personal Bully Pulpit.”

          Sorry Meryl Streep, your whining is totally irrelevant. Just as your career now is. Can’t accept the world the way it is, too bad. Do what professionals do, deal with it.

          It is the constant whining of these overpaid step children which is directly responsible for the declining ratings of these Jurassic awards productions. I haven’t wasted my time watching them for decades.

        • Can the republicans not go to the movies. That would help the lines and free up unappreciated space. Please stay home,watch Sean Hannity on Faux, and microwave popcorn. Your kids will love you and eventually 2nd amend you.

    • Isn’t it fun? You guys loved to criticize Obama but now you don’t like your fraud being criticized. I have no respect for this clown and I have no respect for a party that consistently tries to restrict voting rights. But you succeeded in stealing another election. Lets see how long it is before you crash the economy again, just like G W Bush?

      • So you are hoping for failure? I didn’t care for Obama but I never wished he would fail because that means our country fails. What a patriot you are boots.

        • So you’re admitting that Republicans are unpatriotic! Because in the wake of the worst financial disaster since the Great Depression, instead of saying they wanted to help President Obama fix the country, Republicans said their #1 priority was his failure…to make sure he was a one-term president.

        • No, nalo, I am not hoping for failure but one knows if one puts gas on a fire, guess what? The fire will expand not go out. In the same way the Donald will expand socialism for the rich through tax cuts and increased government spending. Then the economy will collapse just like it did under previous republican presidents. Hoping has nothing to do with it. Recognizing the natural consequences of stupidity is hardly hoping for it.

        • Sadly, Trump despises Waimanalo and all that it stands for. He completely ignored Hawaii’s issues during his silly and demeaning campaign. Scary times lie ahead

        • Boots: “Will the Donald be just as good as GW? Time will tell.”

          Let me explain what sarcasm is, NaloGirl.

          You see, Boots said it would be “good” when Trump fails and hurts the economy and country the way Bush did, but he really meant it would be bad. By using the sarcastic device of turning it around, he meant it will be VERY bad, and that anyone with half a brain should know recognize it.

          The comment could also be called “gallows humor”, as in the USA is headed to the gallows, hahaha (gulp).

          #MAGA? (Make America Go-to-the-gallows-Gulp Again?)

        • How can anyone support a President who says he is going to unite the country, then goes on to tweet, that the people who did not vote for him, 54% of voters, are his many enemies. What’s he going to do? Lock us up? Every time he tweets, he alienates more people and they become more hostile to his agenda.

        • How does it feel to be part of the basket of deplorables the Vector. Clean that sand out you might not be whining so much.

        • IRT inverse: Do you also have a problem with everyone criticizing him for ONLY what he has already said and done up until this point??? Do you think what he has said and done up until THIS point be used against him or given a pass??? Trumpers will say look at the good things and ignore the bad…anti-Trumpers say look at the bad and ignore the good…#MAGA

        • First Amendment, freedom of speech, and criticism. Kellyanne Conway said we should not take trump literally by what he says, that we should listen to his heart. I have tried to listen to his heart, but what he has said, done and behaved, sure makes me believe his heart has no empathy or compassion for others, only for his self interest and self aggrandizement, at the expense of others. All his cabinet nominees are from the 1% wealthiest in the country. If you think they have your interests in mind, you are deceiving yourself

        • You need some serious counseling Vector. Being butt hurt for so long is going to ruin your life. We suffered for eight years like adults; you should try it, it will do a lot for your character.

    • She’s got a right to express her disappointment on whatever stage she wants. Trump’s jerk and dolt. Except for the die hard wingnuts, there will soon be a lot of buyers’ remorse about electing (if you can say that about a guy who lost the popular vote to his opponent) a dufuss.

      • @ BluesBreaker
        FLASHBACK: Meryl Streep Gave RAPIST Roman Polanski A Standing Ovation At 2003 Oscars. He Had Raped 13 Year Old Girl.
        So what you say to that?

        • Newsflash: Dirty Donald Dumpster was recorded boasting about sexually assaulting women and repeatedly trying to seduce a married woman behind his wife’s back. He is a serial alerter. Keoni and other Trumpettes know this and don’t care.

          Some suspect that the reason Trump is groveling before Russia is that Putin had pics or video of Trump engaged in perversions during one of his “business trips” to Moscow.

          Such blackmail is often the cause for treason by high ranking officials. As former head of the KGB, Putin knows this well.

          I hope in wrong, but this Dumpster stinks.

          #MAGA (Make America Grovel Again?)

        • @ DannyBoy (ikefromeli?)

          boasting is talking, like you…unlike bubba who has a sexual predator record.
          And after all your “talk” The Donald will be PRESIDENT D.J. TRUMP on January 20.
          Live with it…get over it.


        • I remember during NAM where all the soldiers were hating the rich kids because their parents got them exemption$. Education,4f physical rating,other bs. Then these rich kids were protesting NAM! Wow now this rich kid (4f rating) ran for president and guess who voted for him. Yup.

        • Polanski,russian right. Assange also a fugitive rapist that trumpf applauded last week. This is too easy.

    • The more Trump cries on Twitter after getting criticized, the more people are going to bash him in public. Trump wants to get rid of the 1st amendment, and wants to silence the media and has stated that he wants libel laws changed to he can sue into bankruptcy everyone who criticizes him. This is a sign of a dictator, and the only way to fight back is to exercise your right to protest.

      • Dude, chill. For him to change the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, they have to go through a process where every eligible voter has a say. Don’t be a moron; you are just another Grubber subject, believing everything your Facebood feeds are telling you. Get informed.

        • It’s the fact that trump wants to suppress dissent that is alarming. Whether or not he can is another matter. There is nothing wrong with questioning his actions and motives.

        • Skin-nut, Everybody wants to make changes in 1 form or another, and, many people have different beliefs of how to do things. So, as much as Trump may want to change the constitution, it would take a little more than a thought.

        • This is why I said trump’s DESIRE to suppress dissent is alarming, gonegolfin, especially when he talks about constitutional rights, as he has. Btw, it’s just childish to mock a web post name.

        • Trump had also said two weeks ago he would release to the press how he would separate his business conflicts of interest. Like his tax returns we may never see it happen. An evasive chronic liar thru and thru. He knows more than the generals. He knows stuff about hacking that the 17 intelligence agencies did not know, which he said last week he would reveal. Nothing yet to back up his claims

      • USA TODAY analysis of legal filings across the United States found that Trump and his businesses have been involved in at least 3,500 legal actions in federal and state courts during the past three decades. They range from skirmishes with casino patrons to million-dollar real estate suits to personal defamation lawsuits.

        The sheer volume of lawsuits is unprecedented. No candidate of a major party has had anything approaching the number of Trump’s courtroom entanglements.

        Trumps “negotiating” strategy involves making promises, failing to hold up his end (usually not paying workers), and getting sued. This happens so often, it is the Trump MO. If anyone complains about Donald’s abuse and misconduct, he sues then.

        Trump is a successful businessman only if this means using lawyers and lawsuits to bully and defraud others of their hard earned money.


        #MAGA? (Make America Graft-n-corrupt Again?)

        • True Danno,this is the most corrupt politician,bar none. Wait till he postpone the inauguration because he can get his legal issues under wrap.

        • Trump is doing great. He sure is stirring up all the chirping crickets. The tweeter cuts out the liberal media. Awesome job that really works. Stay tuned as Michelle harvests her White House Garden. Maybe Trump will keep her on so she can earn her keep. Wonder what Mr Trump will feed the crickets tomorrow?

      • I remember seeing this on TV. The Donald was definitely mocking the reporter as that is what he does. He mocks anyone who doesn’t worship him. Doesn’t matter if the reporter doesn’t have spasms. Its called improvising and exaggerating.

        This is your hero. First class all the way. Never knew so many fell for professional wrestling where its all a show. The Donald is nothing but a show. But now he has to be real. Good luck Donald Supporters in your new minimum wage jobs. lololol

        • @ boots
          That is your interpretation which doesn’t count for much.
          btw Thank You for not injecting the stock market into you r posts.

          But remember … # MAGA!! lol

        • Sorry Keonigohan, it will take more than words to make America great again assuming it wasn’t to begin with. Sorry you have such a low opinion of the country you live in. Perhaps you should move to Russia?

        • Boots – You’re right of course. Trump was definitely mocking the reporter’s disability. Liars for Trump will say and do anything to pretend he’s not a psychotic.

        • Little Trumpettes are so pathetic. Trying to deny what any 5 year old can see with their own eyes. Trump was mocking that reporter. This stinky emperor has no clothes but the Chumettes refuse to see it (“but he won, he won, he won, so he can’t be naked”). Such losers.

          #MAGA? (Make America Gross Again?)

          Take a look at the videos. I expect, at least publicly, this article won’t change any minds. I was repulsed by the original story as most others were, yet there is some real question as to the truth of the incident.
          Like Denzel said, “If you don’t read the news, you’re uninformed. If you read the news, you’re misinformed”.
          There’s an abundance of legitimate faults that Trump routinely exhibits, yet I find it difficult to believe that he would knowingly mock a disabled person.

        • NEWSFLASH

          KKKeoni angrily lashes out at the Dumpster, “Your totally biased spew smells like yesterdays garbage that missed its pick up date.” Three cheers for KKKeoni! He has finally seen the light, listened to the facts, and blasted Trump for his erratic and obnoxious behavior.

          This is a sarcastic post, of course. KKKeoni’s crush on The Donald has made him blind, deaf and dumb. And out of desperation, he keeps spamming us with links to the same biased opinion piece over and over and over, convinced that repeating propaganda makes it seem true. Sad.

          #MAGA? (Make America Geobblesque Again?)

      • “The true story”? The story is just an opinion piece by a far-right religious organization desperate to have a president assist them in overturning roe v wade. Hardly compelling.

        • SO because he didnt know the person was handicap he was only mocking a normal person? Much better, very presidential.

        • Maybe you should take a look at their website, keonigohan, so you know a little more about who you’re citing.

      • Thank you for posting this. Did not realize that Meryl Streep was citing a lie. The Democrats did a hatchet job on Trump based on a lie, and still lost. Don’t feel as bad about Trump’s win.

        • Just to be clear, keonigohan is citing a far-right religious organization who was supporting trump because they are desperately hoping he will appoint conservative supreme court justices who will help them overturn roe v wade. Their “evidence” is hardly compelling.

      • I want to see the Senate vet all of Trump’s cabinet nominees thoroughly, their tax returns, their business dealings with Trump, their foreign business dealings, especially with Russia and Putin, their tax shelters and tax havens, etc. Maybe then we will have an idea of Trump’s Empire, what it is worth, and it’s connections with his Wall Street nominees, his foreign connections and influence, the influence of Big Oil and Gas here in the US and in Russia, and most of all his connections with Putin. His son Eric did mention months ago their huge business with Russia.

        • The Trump organization along with several of his senior advisors have business ties to Russian financiers inside Putin’s circle. While U.S. business executives being intrinsically linked with overseas financial institutions have become the norm, having the commander in chief and his top aides entangled with nations which aren’t considered military alliances, regarding their personal finances, in my opinion, this could be interpreted as a conflict of interest which may jeopardize national security. I told myself I wouldn’t bring up the topic of Wall Street. But this goes beyond Wall Street in the non-traditional sense.

    • deepdiver311 – Mr. Trump is only starting to reap what he sowed. Your comment is laughable, considering that Mr. Trump himself did everything possible, for years, to de-legitimize Mr. Obama with his constant birther lies.

      The problems for Mr. Trump have only just begun.

    • The reporter in question was a fool acting nuisance of a knucklehead. Just because he also was handicapped should not be a reason to forbid people to make fun of his performance.

      • Make fun? That’s a pretty disgusting comment “allaha”. Maybe if you had a handicapped person in your family you might have a little compassion for those less fortunate. Why don’t you keep your sick comments to your own family and not display your ignorance to others. I’m sorry that people like you are allowed to comment here. Incidentally, he is a reporter for the New York Times so he couldn’t be too much of a “knucklehead”. What kind of work do you do?

    • She has every right to criticize the silly and unprepared to rule Donald Trump. There is a concerning intolerance and authoritarian impulse among many Trump voters. That is very scary and bodes very poorly for democracy, openness, and tolerance of the Bill of Rights. Trump is a silly entertainer but he has not begun to hurt America. That starts soon enough.

    • Jeff Sessions as Attorney General? As a non-white indigenous Mandan, I reject his racism, ineptitude, and cruelty. Do not confirm him. Dangerous man. Why are so many of these appointments so weird?

      • Because republicans are just weird today. Who would ever thought that republicans would ally themselves with Putin and Deficits don’t matter? Are we in the twilight Zone?

    • I am afraid to admit that Trump is not a legitimate President. The election was rigged by a foreign power and he lost the popular vote by a great deal. He looks done.

      • @ Allie

        How was the election rigged? Did Foreign Powers lie about Hillary’s emails? Did the Foreign Powers conspire against Bernie to make Hillary be their candidate? I guess I don’t give the Foreign Powers enough credit.

        • The Republicans and Trump lied about Hillary’s private email server, lied about her responsibility for Benghazi, Comey also lied about the importance of Hillary’s emails just before the election, and now lying that the email hacks by Russia via WikiLeaks had nothing to do with Trump winning the election, when the 17 US intelligence agencies agreed Russia directed by Putin did hack both the Demo9crats and Republicans, yet they released only the information that would hurt Clinton. Putin wanted revenge against Hillary for her comments during Putin’s campaign, in which she questioned the suppression of the Russian opposition and the erosion of civil rights in Russia under Putin.

      • The white working class, don’t you mean just the working class or are you purposely using “white” ? There are many working class people who are already benefitting by Trump bringing jobs back to America. You guys will never give the man any type of recognition for doing anything good. And allies, how have we been taken? Trump isn’t even the President yet. My God give the man a chance!

        • Nalo girl what jobs? More people work at the Hilton Hawaiian Village than the measly jobs that he claims to have brought back.

        • Trump has not brought any jobs back to the US, unless you are counting the 700 jobs that Carrier is keeping in Wisconsin. Trump wants to gut the Environmental Protection Agency, so the fossil fuel industry can drill, frack, and sell as much oil and gas as possible, and pollute and damage the air and water and increase the warming of the climate. He does not want to support the development of renewable, clean and sustainable energy which is the future for energy. China is spending $300 billion in solar, wind development and construction, creating 130,000 jobs, and getting a 30% market share of the world production of renewables. US has only 7% of the world market share of renewables. China is looking to the future of energy, Trump and the Republicans are looking back to environmental polluting, climate changing coal, oil and gas

      • Yes and they are going to suffer when the Republicans take away their health insurance, reduce their Medicare and Medicaid. And as interest rates and inflation goes up, everything will be a lot more expensive under Trump, with a lot more people falling into poverty and into homelessness.

        • The poor and elderly are just deadweight to the republicans. They will cutoff the lifeline to what they consider to be their basket of deplorables and the rest of the story will be a mega second of history as we know it.

    • Lol,this PE is hollywood. The Apprentice etc.etc. we should call him the tweet. No brains. Funniest thing is these people are calling him out and getting under his skin. He should grow thick skin and get over it. Obama did. Did you ever hear Obama do petty tweets? No. This guy is a clown. Best thing is don’t watch the inauguration because it’s going to be full of BS like lock her up,and build that wall. It will be the most divisive inaugural speech ever. He will bs on how he will bring america together and MAKE IT GREAT. He will brag on what he’s accomplished (nothing). I won’t watch it. Millions will watch, Wheel of Misfortune. Tune it off. This clown follows Nielsen ratings and will cry.

  • Hollywood has a problem with overblown egos, they think that because they have acting talent and charisma they must be intelligent, particularly in politics. Meryl and Hollywood, stick to acting, which is what you do well and stay away from politics. By mentioning the president elect, she took all the attention away from their celebration and made it a political vendetta.

        • keoni, did you check out the timelines involved? Can you be certain Trump didn’t intentionally mimic himself in a damage control attempt? Determining the truth, at least to ourselves, takes more than simply hoping scraps of evidence support our wishes.
          That said, for me, I find it difficult to believe anyone could be that insensitive towards a disability, but Trump has done a lot of verifiable things that cause me to question his mental stability.

        • Hawaiikone you drinking this early in the morning? Your comments are confusing to me. First you speak in support of the Chump and then you question your statements about him that his mimicking may be true. Can’t figure you out but then again you did vote for Gary Johnson the king of confusion.

        • NEWSFLASH

          KKKeoni angrily lashes out at the Dumpster, “Your totally biased spew smells like yesterdays garbage that missed its pick up date.” Three cheers for KKKeoni! He has finally seen the light, listened to the facts, and blasted Trump for his erratic and obnoxious behavior.

          This is a sarcastic post, of course. KKKeoni’s crush on The Donald has made him blind, deaf and dumb. And out of desperation, he keeps spamming us with links to the same biased opinion piece over and over and over, convinced that repeating propaganda makes it seem true. Sad.

          #MAGA? (Make America Geobblesque Again?)

        • keau, my comments aren’t intended for the brainwashed, of either persuasion. Most reasonable people by this time would at least admit having Johnson at the helm would have mitigated the widening chasm between extremists like yourself and those adamantly defending Trump.

        • Hawaiikone I’m more interested why you just didn’t vote for the Chump since there was no way in hell that Johnson was going to be elected. You seem to be more favorable to the Chump now.

        • As I repeatedly said during the campaign, Trump presents less of a real danger to us than Hillary. His extreme antics provide too many safeguard triggers for much real damage to occur. Johnson? Again, as I continuously said, he offered the only chance to move toward each other instead of further away, and his integrity was never under question.
          I considered him the right choice, which is better than making a wrong one simply to prevent a worse one. One should do what they believe is right, even though it often may not be popular.
          Do I support Trump? To the degree some others here do? No. But I realize he’s got the job, and for the sake of us all, I wish him the best, and will not engage in daily ranting against his every breath. Two wins come with him, one being the continuation of a conservatively moderate court, at many federal levels, and, despite some rhetoric to the contrary, I truly believe he will prove to be less hawkish than Clinton would have been.

      • I got to smile when people criticize Obama and Trump, for that matter any president, by calling them i diots. Find another insult unless you can produce a Harvard or Wharton degree.

        • Well, then criticizing Trump is okay, since he can’t produce a degree from Wharton. His daddy and older brother got him into the school, but after that, he was a failure.

        • Bush-2 got his degree from Yale but that don’t mean nuthin’. Have you seen the highlight video of his ‘Bushisms’? He got stuff missing upstairs between his ears. Obvious war hero daddy got him his Yale degree.

      • @ OldDiver
        Meryl Streep Gave RAPIST Roman Polanski A Standing Ovation At 2003 Oscars. He Had Raped 13 Year Old Girl.
        So you must be ok with that right?

    • Hawaiikone thank you for your in depth and intelligent response. I appreciate your communication with me however I stil think you should have just voted for the Chump. To me it would make your commentary at this point more genuine.

    • Maipono, trumpf loves his Reality Show. He has more “hollywood” airtime then many politicians. Oh wait,Ronald Reagan was hollywood yes? Oh,and Arnold the Terminator republican. Maybe that’s where they got their overblown ego. All repugs and all Hollywood veterans. Lol. Hypocrote.

  • Viola Davis’s intro speech about Streep was touching and clearly heartfelt! Streep’s monologue started out great but every bit of the goodness was wiped out in one fell swoop by her uncontrollable urge to bring bitter politics into what should have been a show about the arts. This was a very sad moment for theater. Much like the dim wit from “Hamilton” who dissed Mike Pence.
    Listen Hollywood, we do not look to you for political advise, politicians do not give us advise about how bad you act. (unless you provoke them first)!

  • Thank you for speaking up on the president elect’s bad behavior. As a parent, I would not approve of my 7th grader mocking a disabled person. Much less having him saying that Mexicans are murderers and it is okay go grab a woman’s genital!

    I think she’s an accomplished actress and Trump is over-rated.

      • Yes, can’t have the stock market rising over a thousand points. Much better to have it lose 30% of its value like it did under the previous republican president.

        • lol, Keonigohan, yes the Donald did mock a reporters disability. As I said elsewhere its called exaggeration. Fact is the Donald mocked anyone who disagreed with him. No problem there but one should not believe professional wrestling is real. Just a piece of advice.

        • NEWSFLASH

          KKKeoni angrily lashes out at the Dumpster, “Your totally biased spew smells like yesterdays garbage that missed its pick up date.” Three cheers for KKKeoni! He has finally seen the light, listened to the facts, and blasted Trump for his erratic and obnoxious behavior.

          This is a sarcastic post, of course. KKKeoni’s crush on The Donald has made him blind, deaf and dumb. And out of desperation, he keeps spamming us with links to the same biased opinion piece over and over and over, convinced that repeating propaganda makes it seem true. Sad.

          #MAGA? (Make America Geobblesque Again?)

      • No we won’t give up as the Donald is a fraud. I know Sarge, being a Putin ally, and obviously a believer in big government, you would of course love the Donald. Don’t be surprised he decides to cut your benefits just because he can.

        • Trump just having some fun and giving the liberal MSM something to chirp about. I’m doing fine Bootsie so best you worry about yourself as stressors exceed your current coping abilities.

  • Hard to believe our new President has to act like a teenager in responding via tweeter to every little comment he does not like. Way too easy to provoke. But he has Pence picking up the stuff with his shovel.

  • When Viola Davis introduced Meryl Streep it was a great moment and a beautiful introduction. Thereafter, it went down hill when Streep took the stage. Why does people who go into a business emulating other lives think they are God’s gift to humanity? Stick to their business or get into politics if they have an agenda they want to promote. Normally this type of presentation is not my forte but while surfing the channels paused to satisfied my curiosity how many awards “La, La, La” would win. Streep’s speech turned me off completely. It’s no place for any political satire! Marlon Brandon was one of the first to injects his personal political agenda! It didn’t helped his cause beyond the entertainment world!

  • Once again Trump acts like a pimply faced teenager with a Twitter account. Other countries are laughing at us I’m sure. Also, I don’t understand Meghan McCain’s comment. Anybody?

    • I think what McCain was pointing out is that there is an element in this country, who McCain counts as her audience, that gets its jollies off ridicule of disabilities, and admires and cheers on bullies. So, I think her reasoning goes, no one should call out the bully ridiculer of disabilities because calling out someone who bullies and ridicules disabilities gives the bully ridiculer of disabilities another opportunity to appeal to that element, and give further jollies. . . by bullying and ridiculing disabilities.

        • @ KKKlastri
          You are LYING of course! Why do you make this stuff up! You are a psychotic.
          You LOST in a LANDSLIDE We WON. Eat KROW! hehe
          January 20..11 days till#MAGA happens!

        • Trump could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and Keoni would blindly defend him. In Keoni’s eyes,
          Keoni’s Trump can do no wrong.
          Keoni’s Trump is strong.
          Keoni’s Trump is classy.
          Keoni’s Trump is honest.
          Keoni’s Trump is faithful.
          Keoni’s Trump is a good businessman.
          Keoni’s Trump is has gorgeous hair.
          Keoni’s Trump is a rags to riches success.
          Keoni’s Trump paid his share of taxes.
          Keoni’s Trump would never be rude or crude.
          Keoni’s Trump would never cheat on his wife (wives), again and again.
          Keoni’s Trump is perfect in every way.

          Keoni knows this because Trump won the election, and Keoni knows that only perfect men win elections (except for that German guy with the funny mustache, but that was a fluke).

          Yes Trump won. He won. He won. Yipee!

          And that’s all that matters to Keoni.

          #MAGA (Make America Grandiose Again?l

        • @ DannyBoy (ikefromeli?)
          Can you get this whole article in perspective please…

          Streep Lifetime Achievement Award decided by 93 people in Hollywood Foreign Press. Trump President of U.S, decided by 65 million Americans.
          Ann Coulter

          ok get it?

          Now move on already….11 days dude!!!

        • Keoni: “Trump President of U.S, decided by 65 million Americans”

          Yeah, so what. Even more Americans voted for Hilary, and Bill Clinton was elected twice by a far wider margins. Did this make them perfect in your eyes?

          (This is a rhetorical question, KKKeoni. No need to answer. You just proved my point. Thanks.)

          Your arguments and evasions lack integrity. You repeatedly insist, “Trump won more votes, so he must be perfect and all critics are just sore losers.” But you also insist, “The Clintons and Obama are dastardly criminals,” even though all three had the most votes a total of five times). The more you repeat these contradictory opinions, the more it’s clear that you lack either integrity or the capacity for critical thinking. Pathetic.

          #MAGA? (Make America Gooberish Again?)

          In fact, Keoni, the only consistent theme in your evasions and propaganda is the desperate effort to hide the issue of Donald Dumpster’s pervasive pattern of erratic, obnoxious and unethical behavior. Sad.

        • Keoni think before you speak. You just admitted that he lost by 3 million popular votes. You are getting blasted from so many angles that corporal 22 should throw in the towel.

  • No class Glad to hear that the Trump presidency has had a truly profound effect on Streep. So profound that she had to mix politics during a crowning moment.
    Obama gave her one of those cheap Presidential Medals for Freedom. Obama made this medal cheap because he has given them away freely to friends, movie stars
    and athletes who have done nothing to preserve your freedom. She had better get use to Trump being president for 8 years. Just great see all of the Trump haters so worried
    and insecure. Yes indeed they will miss their boy Barry Obama and his gargantuan wife.

  • Here we go again with the thin-skinned, vindictive, petulant one. Trump is just too easy to provoke. Our only hope to avoid some disastrous action is if someone can restrain him.

  • The Chump is a fu–in sis-y. My ten year old granddaughter has more restraint than the idi-t. I have nothing but praise for Ms Streep. She has the cojones to express herself to the world via live television and not like the coward who has to hide behind his twitter.

    • You’re right! Except for the nearly 100 people screeching here and the guy who had to get up at 0300 to unleash a tweet-storm, nobody cares. I agree.

        • Where is the moderation patrol? Asleep at the wheel. Does your 10 year old grandaughte read your posts???

        • That explains a lot. Lack of sleep, especially over a long period of time can result in cognitive dysfunction, hallucinations and memory issues, among other problems. Trump’s many character flaws sure fits.

        • Hey corporal22 I’m just having some fun and giving you something to chirp about and it looks like it worked. Thanks!!! You just made my day. Also my granddaughter doesn’t read my comments. They’re intended mostly for you, les, keoni, Hawaiikone, thos, nalogirl , tita girl and all the other Chumpsters.

  • I stopped watching these award shows when so man actors would use the podium to push their agenda. I agree with McCain, all the actors think that this will make us change our position on Trump? No! It will make us dig in more. People voted for Trump because of these Hollywood elite that think they know better than us regular people. Keep on fussing our President, we will just make sure he’ll get another four years.

  • Thank goodness we have the electoral college or we’d be stuck with liberal CA pansy presidents. San Fran is a hell hole of homeless, crime, drugs, defecating and urinating in public areas or even in front of people’s doors. Oh and lets not forget about sanctuary cities! If the rich Hollywood actors had their was the working people will be last on theirlist. Theywould rather help illegals and criminals rather than our own citizerns.Thank Mettle, you just solidified the reason Pivoted for Trump. Hope the party at OUR WH was fun at the taxpayer’s expense.

  • The sad reason that the country is so divided was the strategy on both sides to show the other candidate was unfit for President. People truly believe that Trump mocked a disabled person. I bet many may not remember when or how they came to that conclusion. I did see the video of Trump’s speech. He waved his arms around when talking. It turns out the reporter had some sort of disability involving his arms, which Trump claims he didn’t know about. It was pretty vague gesture which Trump claims was to show ‘grovelling’ by the reporter after the reporter changed a story. I don’t think the gesture was conclusive of Trump’s motive. It was not so obvious that a person not aware of the story would consider the gesture as mocking a disabled person. But some headlines and some stories followed the popular story line that Trump was unfit. I’m not a Trump supporter, but I don’t like misleading stories.
    Streep is a great actress.

    • Liberals prefer any interpretation that supports their forgone conclusions. They have a “groupthink” version of reality, and anyone who challenges it is their enemy.


        KKKeoni angrily lashes out at the Dumpster, “Your totally biased spew smells like yesterdays garbage that missed its pick up date.” Three cheers for KKKeoni! He has finally seen the light, listened to the facts, and blasted Trump for his erratic and obnoxious behavior.

        This is a sarcastic post, of course. KKKeoni’s crush on The Donald has made him blind, deaf and dumb. And out of desperation, he keeps spamming us with links to the same biased opinion piece over and over and over, convinced that repeating propaganda makes it seem true. Sad.

        #MAGA? (Make America Geobblesque Again?)

  • Smart people like Ms Streep know that Mr. Trump is mentally ill and cannot let go of even the slightest snub. So they are going to do everything possible to get under his think skin every day.

    Anyone reading his tweets can see that Trump is insane. People and governments everywhere will constantly use that fact as a weapon against him, and against the United States. He is unable to accept any challenge from anyone about his wonderful greatness.

    • @ KKKlastri
      Your totally biased spew smells like yesterdays garbage that missed its pick up date.
      Do you have any human friends? Please don’t get pets.
      January 20..set up your VCR for #MAGA!


        KKKeoni angrily lashes out at the Dumpster, “Your totally biased spew smells like yesterdays garbage that missed its pick up date.” Three cheers for KKKeoni! He has finally seen the light, listened to the facts, and blasted Trump for his erratic and obnoxious behavior.

        This is a sarcastic post, of course. KKKeoni’s crush on The Donald has made him blind, deaf and dumb. And out of desperation, he keeps spamming us with links to the same biased opinion piece over and over and over, convinced that repeating propaganda makes it seem true. Sad.

        #MAGA? (Make America Geobblesque Again?)

        • I know. He’s definitely, without any question whatever, the least informed and slowest of the group. And that is really saying something.

  • “There was one performance this year that stunned me. It sank its hooks in my heart. Not because it was good. There was nothing good about it. But it was effective and it did its job. It made its intended audience laugh and show their teeth. It was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. It kind of broke my heart when I saw it. I still can’t get it out of my head because it wasn’t in a movie. It was real life.

    “And this instinct to humiliate, when it’s modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody’s life, because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing. Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.”

  • When “grab’em by the pussy” gets settled into office, I wonder how he will find time to tweet at 3am when there are more pressing issues that matter.

    • How does he find the time now, when he’s supposed to be setting up his administration?

      Maybe Tweety-Twump should switch roles with his press secretary, and have Kelly-Ann take over as commander in chief. I’m just spit-balling here, but it’s worth considering.

  • ….. Meryl, Meryl, Meryl! What are you doing sweetie? Don’t you realize this Political Correctness stuff w/PE. Trump has failed Miserably. They tried it with Hillary Clinton,and yet even with all that “Star Power” it still failed.
    I don’t get it! Did Meryl Streep actually read PE. Trump’s policies on Illegal Immigrants?
    Really Folks, I enjoy some of her Movies like The Briges Of Madison! WOW! But who does this? She’s shooting her self in the foot,like all Celebrities do. And yet even w/Their Ticket sales dwindling significantly. They continue with this charade ? Don’t they get it!
    I’m sure the 50% (& me)of here fans are scratching their heads. C’mon Sweetie take an example from Denzel Washington & stick to what you do Best……… Acting! IMUA!

  • “This Meryl Streep speech is why Trump won. And if people in Hollywood don’t start recognizing why and how — you will help him get re-elected,” enough said.

  • Doesn’t Trump, the most unprepared and unqualified President-elect in history, have better things to do that watch award shows? Perhaps reading a briefing book?

  • These people from Hollywood are not worth listening to as far as our elections are concerned. They just are geniuses in intelligence, current events, or anything else except making money in Hollywood.

  • Someone should mock his autistic son and see how it feels. I know a very disgusting thought but I think that when you deal with a person like the Chump you hit him where it really hurts.

    • I hope that never happens to Baron. It must be hard enough having to deal with his family situation, the warping influence of wealth and now being in the white house fish bowl.
      Leave Baron alone.

      That being said. The sad fact is, offspring of geriatric fathers do have a higher incidence of schizophrenia and other disorders. This is one more reason why a creepy old men marrying a woman young enough to be his daughter is wrong.

      Old sperm = More mutations


    • That autistic story is from Rosie O’Donnell. Not confirmed by anyone else. And IF he is, are you really advocating mocking a young child? You’re right, it is a disgusting thought.

      • DannoBoy agree but a child will always pay for the sins of their father. We have no control of what happens to Baron but when he has a father who to me is the sc-m of the ear-h he is destined for the rest of his life to account for what he inherits. In this case more bad than good.

      • Tita Girl go back and look at the commentaries. This is about how the Chump has mocked a handicap reporter. He should have thought about his special needs child before he took a step in the wrong direction.That is what worries me about the idio-. No thought just an immediate tweet or a stoopid blurt. The Chumps actions make me think that he might be autistic too. As far as how down and dirty that this can be will be completely up to the Chump.

        • Tita Girl the Chump set the rules I’m just playing by it. For the Chump it’s what is called collateral damage.

        • Also you must be okay with the Chump grabbing puxxy too then. Isn’t that disgusting or do you look the other way when it comes to the Chump.

  • As an actress,Meryl Street is highly decorated aND accomplished. As a businessman, trumpf is a bully ,bankrupt artist,tax evader and failure. As president he will be a failure. Maybe he should ask hollywood to give hime lessons on how to act like a US president.

  • Too many persons are living in the past and don’t want to let go. A better way is to look ahead to the future, to the future of your children and their children.

    There are checks and balances in our government, and, no one will be able to make significant changes in just four years.

    As to the democrats, what Trump presents for the future are opportunities. Many of them. Do they need any more of a wake up call?

    However, unfortunately, world leaders who are not our friends, also see the opportunities to advance their agendas. You would be a fool not to see that Trump is not a leader, speaks foolish rhetoric. Few enemies will actually show him respect. If you doubt that, just be patient and listen to how they will praise or brush off anything Trump tweets. It’s the truth, like it or not.

      • Democrats will have many opportunities to regain seats in the Senate and House in the future, if they choose to work with Trump on those issues they are in agreement with to “get things done”, and focus on developing and connecting at the grass roots level, to take advantage of the inevitable future splits that will occur in the GOP, because of Trump’s administration.

        To build their democratic party, it all starts at the City and State level. They need to listen to what people want to talk about. They need to hold Trump accountable, each and every day. Do the democrats need any more of a wake up call to start sooner rather than later? Just our two pennies.

  • Of course, none of the Republicans who post negative comments here about Meryl Streep were upset at the many, hideously racist comments made by Ted Nugent, who was invited by Trump to play the national anthem at once of his rallies.

  • Overdone…just stay out of the way and let things take it’s course. By the way any news on the Jack Ma visit with Trump today? Jeeze, doesn’t the main stream take notice to the creator of Alibaba and the potential for the U.S. Economy, (SoftBank, Ford, etc). Guess the Hollywood elites really don’t care about what this could mean for everyday people. Personally, I’ve become very discourage by the celebs…

    • No one, especially the Chinese, will ever give you anything for free. If you gain something, you will lose something. Business is business. If you become unimportant or irrelevant, you are done.

      • The version of America we should agree on is the one based on factual reality, the historical record and the Nation’s enlightenment values. We should reject the the values of the greedy, mercenary, dishonorable Southern slaveholders (i.e. “might makes right”, “anything goes”, “ends justify the means”, “Europeans are ‘white’ pure and better than other races”).

  • All these pointless little diatribes just add proof to the saying ‘”Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

  • Too funny. When will the Hollywood elitist realize their hateful rhetoric for middle America helped Trump get elected. I love football and MMA! Could do without her rubbish movies.

  • Bunch of lib tards here getting all defensive because Trump said something mean again. OMG! But, of course, it’s okay for someone who makes pretend for a living to say something totally false about Trump (watch the whole video of him supposedly mocking a disabled reporter, not just the liberal-biased edited version). What is Streep’s skill, anyways? Pretending to be something she isn’t, that’s what. Yeah, totally overated (only three Academy Awards. Anybody in Hollywood knows that the Golden Globes is JV league and just a bunch of hobnobbers trying to make their way up to the Academy’s level).

  • Yet she still continues to reside in the USA? With all that money, she can move wherever she wants if she don’t like it here. No different from union employees – if you don’t like things or your pay, FIND ANOTHER JOB! Simple!

  • “It kind of broke my heart when I saw it,” Streep said of Trump’s mocking of a disabled reporter during the campaign.

    Actually, it’s Streep who by her unwelcome motherly overprotection of a disabled person tells the world that this person isn’t capable and must be dependent upon our good will. It is Streep that is separating this person from society as needy of her patronage. Disable people don’t need that patronage! They want people to recognize them as over-coming adversity and achieving on their own and not with some Hollywood PC idiot making them feel like a lesser person.

  • Streep also gave a convicted child rapist (Roman Polanski) a standing ovation for an Oscar speech in 2003. Don’t believe this was referenced in the article. Shocking. /sarc

  • Being a good actor does not mean you are a good person. Actions always speak louder than words. How many of these Hollywood elite donate their time and money to American worthwhile causes? What about our vets? How many die each month and not one advocate for their sacrifice? MS and other, GTH!

  • Political correctness has been a top down forcing of particular views that most people think are out of control. Trump is the correction to political correctness. These individuals have become so soft that they become “offended” by little things that they interpret to be HUGE. We need this correction as PC has been out of control, and still is.

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