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Steve Harvey sorry for jokes about Asian men


    Comedian Steve Harvey arrives in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York to meet with President-elect Donald Trump on Jan. 13. Harvey apologized Tuesday for “offending anyone” with jokes targeting Asian men.

CHICAGO >> Steve Harvey has apologized for “offending anyone” with jokes targeting Asian men during his syndicated television chat show earlier this month.

Harvey mocked a 2002 book titled, “How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men” during an episode aired on Jan. 6. He joked that neither white nor black women had any interest in Asian men.

In a message posted on Twitter on Tuesday , Harvey offered his “humblest apology for offending anyone, particularly those in the Asian community.” He says the jokes were meant to be humorous and no “malice or disrespect” was intended.

The comments prompted Asian-American author and restaurateur Eddie Huang to write an op-ed for The New York Times last week titled, “Hey, Steve Harvey, Who Says I Might Not Steal Your Girl?”

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  • Is he the guy who hosts “Family Feud” ?

    I stopped watching “Family Feud” after seeing too many bl@ck families compete.
    Bl@cks comprise about 13% of the U.S. population but they’re over represented on that show.

    • These are the types of comments that will be quite common in the Trump era. I guess America is great again. The reason there are so many NON WHITE families on FF is because they are the ones watching the show. They are the ones targeted in the advertisements that take place during the show. It’s all about $$$.

    • Funny how people see others by their skin color. When I watch Family Feud and all other programs, I only see people not their color. Regardless of the contestants’ color, I totally enjoy watching Family Feud.

        • There are racial differences and I see them. Because we are not “purebred” they are often blurred.

        • Any sentient being is going to look at itself as different from those outside its own species – and humans are hardly alone in thinking of some of those others as food.

          Humans may differ from the rest in thinking of groups within their species in the same way that others might look at another species. Maybe “race” is unique to our species.

        • I think his post is representative of the fact he is not racially motivated and sees himself and his neighbor as a person and not as a color.

  • Geez he made a joke people!!! Stop with the PC nonsense. Too many (insert the color of your skin) thin skin people. WAAAAH!!!!And yes I am Asian…

      • Steve Harvey is the joke. For a person who’s race fought for equality and recognition, I am very disappointed with his comment. Of all the people who should understand the challenges Asians as well as his people go through to gain equality, Steve should be totally aware. I hate to stop watching Family Feud, but it’s been on too long anyway.

    • Tough to argue with that position since it’s you speaking for yourself. But, think. Now, speak for your children or your children to be. Speak for others. Like the community(s) from where the Thalia Massie affair local Defendants came from. What result?

        • I’m familiar with the Massie case too. I think most of us are. And, I have no idea what “Critical Reader” is trying to say. Nothing makes any sense!

        • You are right, Mr. Mililani, nothing makes sense including people who can’t laugh or even smile at ethnic jokes.

        • That’s the thing, and that’s the lesson of the Massie case. The whole nation was familiar with it as it unfolded. The significance of it seemed to depend on who was beholding it.

        • . . . many, many, many back then could not have drawn a connecting line between what we read here today, and what was going on today. Things don’t really change much. Unfortunately.

        • Well, please forgive my inability to draw a connecting line between a witch hunt started by a plantation era white woman and a book perpetuating insulting racial stereotypes by a 21st century black man.

  • Women like a different flavor in their lives. Look at the stats, 3 out of 4 black families headed by a single working female. Million man march, never happened. SH enjoy it while you can, those who use the Lord’s name in vain will reap the wrath of God. Auwe!

  • It was a JOKE. [I totally agree with OutsidelookingIn.] Newsflash to the thin-skinned, everyone doesn’t have to agree with everything you think, say, do, or are. Life is not PC. All these snowflakes need to stop wasting their time looking for things they might find offensive.

  • I thought all jokes made fun of something. I’m Asian. It’s a joke. Do our local comedians have to apologize everytime they make a potogee, PI, page, hole etc joke? Relax.

  • Honestly I find it hard to believe a Comedian no matter of skin color picking on any ethnicity’s even there own. And especially those of color who takes part in racial equality, etc. They should know better knowingly how it feels to be on non-white color. It is a sad day with all these double standards that white people having to be aware of and having people of color taunting there racists feelings to their advantage. SAD, “sigh”

  • Lucky we live Hawaii where jokes like these are jokes and not something to be offended. Mainland is into political correctness, but in Hawaii we recognize differences and tendencies of different races and joke about it. Yes, we are different and lets celebrate our differences but we are all Americans under one flag.

    • How long before the islands are saturated with outsiders and their political correctness agendas and destroy our uniqueness to laugh at ourselves? It’s already happening and someday there will be no laughing at ourselves because criticisms will be the dominating factor replacing the sounds of laughter!

      • There’s a difference between laughing at oneself, and laughing at someone else. Harvey doesn’t get to promote laughter at Asians unless he’s also willing to promote laughter at African Americans prompted by a white person.

        • Says who, you? Okay for you to set your standard, but can be a long, frustrating life if you expect others to go by it.

        • Actually, says Steve Harvey, by virtue of his apology. Doesn’t unring the bell, but recognizes it shouldn’t have been rung in the first place. So, not frustrated. Signs of progress when these things become the subject of self-correction. See my standard as worth fighting for. And, yours definitely worth fighting against.

        • Going to agree with you, CriticalReader.

          Here’s the start of a joke: A Hawaiian guy, Chinese guy and a Filipino guy walk into a bar. They pass by a table where two recent mainland residents are laughing it up as their conversation shifts from fake pidgin to fake Chinese.

          Let’s see if someone can come up with a realistic scenario in which the three local guys end up laughing at themselves.

    • The mainland is an awfully big place for you to be lumping everyone in it together. Why not try making jokes in one of the non-PC states. It should all be good, right?

      Anyone who looks at Hawaii as an oasis of tolerance and acceptance of peoples’ “tendencies” has probably never been anywhere else. I’m not saying we’re worse – just that we’re not all that much better.

  • Everyone needs to lighten up. It is a stoopid book title that just begs for a stoopid response. Pretty pathetic an Asian male has to actually buy a book so that he can learn how to date a Caucasian female. In that case Harvey is speaking the truth. The real embarassment of this story is the book was actually published and people actually buy and read this crazp. Who would date anyone, regardless of race, who constantly has to cry to being a victim from a comedian’s words? Just say f u to Harvey and move on.

  • I guess no one here reads this site unless there’s some celebrity’s name in the headlines. Just the other day, there was an article about a Yale University study finding that Asians are under-represented in the upper echelons of the legal profession. Within the past year, reporting on a study about how the tech industry has something like 60% Asians in the lower level worker bee positions, but only 20% in management. Suggestions that the Ivy Leagues discriminate against Asians in their admissions processes, in the name of avoiding too much diversity (I guess??). Then there is the talk of Asians being the “model minority” (Perhapsa because – see above – they take race based barbs with a grain of salt so well?). You can’t make jokes about African Americans publicly. I would think Steve Harvey would be openly offended by such jokes. You can’t make jokes about Jews or Judaism. The Anti Defamation League will jump on it. Etc. The under and over tones of the Trump Campaign rhetoric was scarily race based and completely divisive. Clearly, race based humor’s time has come and gone. Saying it’s “ok” perpetuates it being “ok”. And, it’s not “ok”. It’s just not. As to any race. Sadly, Harvey showed where his head and heart are at. Let this at least be a lesson for all others. At the very least, when the impulses of racism percolate to the inside of your mouth, just shut up.

    • Exactly what happened when people hung out with Obama. It’s called the Obama effect. People in the US and around the world have been “effected”. What is everyone complaining about? Trump is only as much a racist as Obama. Of course they are on opposite sides of the battlefield and confirms the Yin and Yang of the universe as Obama swung the nation to one extreme side and the results was that it got someone like Trump elected to swing US leadership in the completely opposite direction. The one thing that Trump and his administration can do for Hawaii is keep military spending in Hawaii strong as it is needed AND have his FTA take an HONEST assessment of the federally funded Oahu rail project and do the right thing and given it is completely out of compliance and by all objective means, a useless (DOUBLE W Oahu to Honolulu commuter times over a single city Express! route), overpriced, mismanaged project, to rescind all federal funds and demand to hold the mayor and state legislatures like Souki accountable because they are the one pushing this project at ALL costs that will do major financial harm to all of Hawaii and Hawaii taxpayers. This Harvey comment about Asians or “Trump effect” is irrelevant to the REAL damage done by the Oahu rail project to all of Hawaii and its residents.

      • I actually understand what you’re saying about the yin-yang pendulum thing. And totally agree about the train to nowhere. If Trump and his people can stop the HART disaster, I bet his approval ratings will skyrocket in Democratic Hawaii!

        And I’m not accusing Trump of being an outright racist himself. But for some reason, racists (including the KKK and everyday racists walking among us) feel his leadership style will be more welcoming for their concept of the world order. That worries me.

  • Irrelevant in Hawaii. I know lots of asian guys with haole wives or girlfriends. SH made a joke. So what. Even if it is true, why get upset about it? Maybe black women don’t like asian men. Big deal. Maybe they just mad cause black men like asian women.

  • How about not apologizing for “offending” anyone, but for saying it in the first place. To apologize for offending someone suggests that the listener may have taken the words wrong when the real propblem is his insensitivity in having said it. This guy has made one too many mistakes to be given any audience (remember his gigantic error for announcing the wrong winner in that beauty contest?).

  • Growing up in Hawaii, we referred to ourselves as oriental. Katonks from the mainland made sure it was asian. I married a white girl, no offense taken because generally, it is true like any generalization. “Asian sly, whites big mouth, chinese tight, etc..

  • Many of these posts sound like a “lynch mob” mentality. Lighten up – it was just a lame joke. And I suspect he may have been intending to make fun of the book more than Asian men. On the Amazon web page for this book it states: “Feel Confident about approaching attractive White women, avoid making irreversible blunders… ***** How to Date a White Woman, A Practical Guide For Asian Men ***** Written by an Asian with Asian men in mind within the context of a western society. Provided inside are the knowledge, framework and tools necessary for an Asian man to understand, to plan and to put into action the steps to successfully date a white woman.” So this author claims not only to understand the personality of all Asian men, but also to UNDERSTAND women. Regardless of his ethnicity, this man may be one brick short of a full load if he really believes he understands women. I hope the book was written as a joke, too, but at $30 a pop, I doubt it.

  • First off, Eddie Huang is not the most attractive man on earth, or Asia, or on my street, so I understand why he has his beef-he has to work for his reward, some guys don’t have to work so hard. True, Harvey should not speak of such things but likewise, Eddie, to take offense is to give offense.

      • First off, I never mentioned anything about race, minority, or other. Being chinese, Huang is actually in the majority so that point is mute. He, as some, are probably frustrated at finding the ideal person to suit their lifestyle or personality. The squeaky wheel gets all the oil.

  • Steve Harvey? Bruddah is but-t ugly himself. Bald head, connecting eyebrows, bigazz mustache to hide his gigantor lips. Bruddah has every right to be mad with the lord for making him look that way. Give him some slack for being one ignoramus too. He thought was funny when he called out the wrong winner at the pageant.

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