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Maui temple bell stolen

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This temple bell was stolen from a Buddhist mission on Maui.

A Buddhist temple on Maui is seeking the public’s help in recovering a stolen bell.

Wailuku Jodo Mission resident minister John Hara said he noticed the temple bell was missing at 5:30 p.m. today.

“We don’t know exactly when it was stolen, but we are hoping that the public may know something or seen something,” Hara said on Facebook tonight.

The bell, cast from an unknown metal, was usually rung on Sundays before 8 a.m. services, Hara said by phone.

The mission, founded in 1914, is located in an old section of Wailuku at 67 Central Avenue.

6 responses to “Maui temple bell stolen”

  1. manakuke says:

    Heinous indeed. Bachi suru.(What goes around comes around)

  2. Smiley7 says:

    Punish the company who buys it for scrap. Thieves need a place to unload it. These scrap metal companies have no morals or common decency and knowingly buy from these people at dirt cheap prices so they can turn around and buy drugs. If there is no outlet to sell, there is no crime. Sadly the powers that be will do nothing as they have for decades. Auwe!

  3. Maipono says:

    No shame! These thieves have no shame, it reflects on how low they are. They will be caught, it had to be seen by a lot of people, look at the bell, it looks pretty heavy, not a one man job with a ladder.

  4. CKMSurf says:

    Oh no. Looks like another drug addict preying on innocent victims because they are too screwed up to support their habit. Disgusting.

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