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2020 Election: David R Hamman

  • David Hamman
Name on ballot:

David R Hamman

Running for:

U.S. House – District II

Political party:


Campaign website:

Current occupation:

Security Business Owner



Previous job history:

Licensed General Contractor

Previous elected office, if any:

No answer submitted

Please describe your qualifications to represent the people of Hawaii.

I started and developed a successful locksmith/alarm/video surveillance/security service business on Kauai and have maintained an excellent reputation with the businesses and individuals we have engaged with over the past 18 years.

I have established integrity with the community.

I deal with businesses and individuals all over the island. They know they can trust me to be truthful with them, to advise them as to what appears to be in their best interests from my experience and expertise and provide them with quality reliable service that respects their dignity and confidentiality.

They know I understand what they are going through and that I care about their well being.

I know what is to start from the bottom and work my way up. I know what it takes to survive in Hawaii. I first came as a single person, living on the beaches of Oahu and pedi-cabbing in Waikiki. Eventually, I left for a short stint to CA – got married – and returned permanently in 1989, when I worked on large scale construction projects in Honolulu as a union carpenter. I have lived in Hawaii over 30 years and over 27 years on Kauai.

I have now been married over 33 years and have three adult daughters & 2 grand children. I know what it is to raise & support a family in Hawaii.

As well, I have traveled a fair amount internationally and understand what conditions are like in other countries – their unique strong points, challenges and potential.

What will be your top priority if elected?

Ending the extremely destructive emergency orders of Gov. Ige and getting the economy flowing full bore again as well as facilitating increased economy revenue streams is the most critical priority to the health and well being of the people of Hawaii at this time.

I will pursue the DOJ and seek the full weight of congress to reclaim any and all God given unalienable rights that Gov. Ige has infringed and attempt to eliminate any and all impediments that the Ige administration attempts to utilize to prevent healthy commerce and life experience.

I will pursue repeal of the Jones Act to allow the existing shipping industry in Hawaii to capture a much greater percentage of revenues. [Currently Hawaii shipping operations access a tiny fraction of the global market]

Repealing the Jones Act will explode shipping opportunities in Hawaii by allowing Hawaii to become a hub for shipments from Asia and will provide numerous supply chain opportunities in Hawaii as well as dramatically reduce the cost of goods in Hawaii.

I will encourage the development of profitable farming industries in Hawaii to not only provide a sustainable food supply for Hawaii, but to produce highly valued products for export [ ie.turmeric, other plant based derivatives for health supplements, etc].

I will see that the various islands have the necessary USDA inspection plants in operation necessary to allow agricultural endeavors to export products to the US mainland and other countries.

As well, I will pursue other industries that may have a prospective opportunity for success in Hawaii to set up operations here [ie tech companies that allow for internet work opportunities ].

As Hawaii and the nation face the COVID-19 pandemic, what more can Congress do to protect residents’ health?

End the deprivation of God given unalienable rights & put this matter into a realistic objective perspective where actual raw scientific facts and evidence are utilized; not highly exaggerated fraudulent speculations based upon the interests of a few in the political & medical realm who appear to have other ulterior interests.

When it comes to health, we need to allow for the engagement of a wide array of experience and expertise from all different angles who can encourage strategies that provide an overall benefit, eliminating destructive lopsided policies, power grabs, and that do not infringe on God given unalienable rights.

Never should a politician nor an un-elected official be allowed to coerce, intimidate, etc individuals to adhere to their “ad hoc” orders.

Health choice is a God given unalienable right.

Refer to the 9th Amendment. There exist more God given rights than can be enumerated.

What more can Congress do to help residents who have been economically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Attempt to open up all possible income streams and eliminate impediments to a healthy economic advance.

How should the federal government deal with its increasing budget deficit as it spends hundreds of billions on coronavirus-related aid and expenses?

The government needs to stop printing Federal Reserve Dollars that not only increase inflation, but create more unsustainable debt to the banking cabal.

The US Government needs to start printing it’s own sovereign US Treasury Dollars [the ones withe the little red seal;not green seal – not many in existence left] and begin paying off debt [ie bonds, certificates, etc] with those dollars and begin removing all Federal Reserve Dollars from circulation. The national debt could potentially be cut in half within 6 years using this method.

If elected, what can you do to help ease the deep divisions and inequities in American society that have come to the forefront in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd?

Police abuse and brutality has been an issue for many years, and even though some cases relating to blacks have been magnified recently, such issues are not limited to blacks. In fact, statistics clearly show that unarmed whites are shot and killed by police more often than blacks.And the argument that Blacks are shot more based on percentage of Black population is countered by the reality of statistics that Blacks are involved in a much higher percentage of the crime. In many cases, the neighborhoods and police departments in which such incidents occur are run by blacks.

Black on black killings are the greatest cause of deaths in the Black community other than abortion.

70% Black children grow up with no father figure in the home. The destruction of the Black community escalated with the implementation of welfare.

President Trump has done more for the Black community than any other president since Abraham Lincoln.

President Trump gave $25 Billion towards Black colleges.

As well, President Trump has created opportunity investment zones with tax incentives to invest in low income neighborhoods which will provide great economic opportunities for Blacks.

Providing opportunity for employment and economic advance in the Black communities along with the education to assist those who strive for higher levels will provide realistic advantageous means for Blacks to get off the “slavery” of welfare and to realize true fulfillment and prosperity.

I support President Trump’s actions to help low income Black and minority neighborhoods and any programs that provide people constructive means to achieve.

Do you support reforms to policing in the United States? If yes, please explain what reforms you support.

Since the drug wars, police have been heavily militarized. Unfortunately, the 4th Amendment has been trashed with the umbrella of “probable cause”. Police SWAT teams bust down doors at ungodly hours, enter incorrect premises, shoot, and kill innocent individuals based upon false pretenses, and are not held accountable. Thousands of these type raids happen every year.

This type of authoritarian police operation and attitude of law enforcement war against citizens must end.

I support legislation that eliminates “probable cause” and “no knock” raids that allow militarized police operations to violate fourth Amendment protections and terrorize and kill innocent individuals under unverified false pretenses and not be held accountable.

I support legislation that protects citizen’s personal and property rights when search warrants are exercised, including holding police officers accountable for property damage they cause in the process of performing a search.

What specific policies should Congress enact that would help mitigate the affects of sea-level rise and climate change?

I think it is obvious that there are serious changes in solar heat that affect the climate patterns. It is also obvious that these heat temperature increases are a product of solar sun spots [which have been documented and studied for thousands of years] and a variety of other factors [ie. Earth Axis, orbit, ocean currents, etc] and not the product of CO2 emissions as purported by some who have attempted to hijack the situation with propaganda to achieve other agendas of control and not address the real concerns at hand. [If CO2 was the inherent cause, that would be a relatively simple issue to address. Just plant more trees.]

True concerns relating to climate change should prompt us, particularly in Hawaii, to evaluate our preparedness for natural disasters such as floods and Hurricanes.

We have experienced various significant events over the past few years that have directly impacted our state and the island of Kauai on which I reside.

I think such concerns should be infrastructure for emergency travel as well as shelters. I know many of our road ways and bridges do not appear to have been maintained to a level to handle emergency travel, and in Kauai, I am unaware of any notable public hurricane shelters being established over the last two decades since Hurricane Iniki.

I remember the morning Governor Ige’s administration activated the false nuclear attack warning. I as well as many other were in a “quandry” evaluating where we should go to seek refuge as there are no known designated shelters that we were aware of in are area on the North Shore of Kauai.

If I am elected to office, I will attempt to co-ordinate efforts with FEMA and the state to prepare for increased natural disasters related to climate change and seek to obtain funds to improve infrastructure, including constructing adequate shelters for hurricanes, or other scenarios.

Is there anything more that you would like voters to know about you?

Hawaii is in the beginning of the greatest financial/economic implosion in history.

Elected politicians in the state legislature and at federal levels have stood by and have done nothing to intervene to protect the citizens of Hawaii and to prevent the impending astronomical catastrophe that is coming.
The devastation will be exponential.

David R Hamman
is the only candidate who has taken legal action and has been named as a plaintiff to legally stop the destructive actions of Governor Ige and save the state.

David R Hamman
is the only candidate who has the courage, know how, and determination
to effectively fight to restore the economy, the financial well being, and the God given unalienable rights of the citizens of the State of Hawaii.  

Thank you for your vote!
David R Hamman

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