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Weekend obsession goes back to a rumble in jungle

The other day I got into an argument with Mrs. G. when the topic of yardwork came up. It was a Saturday morning and she asked what I had planned to do that day, the first in a few weeks that didn’t find us under some kind of severe weather advisory. Read more

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To boldly go where young forgo, try paying with cash

The other day Mrs. G. and I went to a late-afternoon movie, as much to beat the heat as to see the newest “Star Trek” saga. Of course, we needed popcorn, and that found us at the counter talking to a young concession worker, a woman who seemed lost in some inner bliss. Read more

With love and appliances, reliability is what matters

If you’ve been married for a long time, it gets harder and harder to find the right anniversary gift. This year, as our 30th anniversary approached, Mrs. G. and I found our gifts by accident. Read more

Old buddy’s tales paint unrecognizable reflection

The background noise at Buzz’s in Lanikai was especially loud, so I leaned into the conversation, struggling to hear the stories an old friend shared with the rest of our table. The stories were entertaining, but they weren’t making sense to me. Read more

Armor forged by workouts and willpower has worn thin

My downward dog barked as I assumed the position, butt pointed to the ceiling, hands pressed into a rubber yoga mat. My shoulders throbbed from the effort to keep still. Sweat ran off my face like a flash flood, and my arms began to shake. Read more

A victory on the blacktop shared by father and son

He ran in Hush Puppies, the casual dress shoes with heels. There were no shoes with swooshes, no running apparel stores or even running shorts back then. When my late father went for a run, he wore plaid Bermuda shorts, old T-shirts with holes in them and a floppy fisherman’s hat. Read more

Virtual tour goes to the soul of a home full of memories

Last month one of my neighbors put his home on the market for $885,000, and a horde of potential buyers arrived on a sunny Sunday, the only day he needed to find someone willing to make an offer on the house. Read more

Big waves of indecisiveness prevent a surfboard upgrade

Every wave that rose in front of me while I was in the lineup at my favorite surf spot the other day offered the kind of ride you remember for a week. But each time I plunged my arms into the ocean, windmilling for momentum, my surfboard seemed anchored to the reef. Read more

This family boasts its own consumer advocacy champ

What I’m about to share could end the reign of my alter ego, Rock ’em, Sock ’em, but I offer my wisdom as a public service. And besides, Rock ’em, Sock ’em will live on whenever family legends are shared. Read more

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