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On Tap in Hawaii


Blonde ales gain fans with refreshing flavor

The craft beer world has been dominated for years by India pale ales, bourbon-barrel-aged stouts and sour beers. Read More

California’s Firestone Walker enters the Aloha State arena

When I started writing my blog, “Beer in Hawaii,” four years ago, I quipped that I was doing it primarily to help grow the beer community so that we could eventually get Firestone Walker Brewing to distribute to the islands. I wasn’t completely joking. Read More

Gift of beer makes holidays merry

If you’re like me, you’re always in need of some last-minute holiday gifts. The ones most challenging to find hit both the right price point — under $20 — and still impress the recipient. Read More

Welcome the holidays with an English brew

Over the past decade the beer world has been growing and changing at an incredible pace. Read More

Holiday get-togethers go better with beer

Believe it or not, the holiday season is quickly approaching, and that means many get- togethers. Every year the same thing happens: You get invited somewhere, then scramble to think of something cool to take. Well, this year, plan ahead and change things up by taking a great bottle of beer. Read More

Don’t miss Oktoberfest beer

It can be easy to overlook the simple, perfectly made beers offered at Oktoberfest. Read More

Globe-trotting saison is collab at its finest

The craft beer industry was built on innovation, risk taking and camaraderie between brewers as they tried to compete with major beer companies that dominated the market. Read More

Lanikai’s isle-inspired ways pay off

As a home brewer, Steve Haumschild loved to experiment with products growing around his home in Kailua. That exploratory passion carried over when he and a group of brewing partners decided to open Lanikai Brewing Co. a little over a year ago. Read More

Growth on tap for Maui Brewing

Eleven years ago San Diego native Garrett Marrero bought a sleepy little brewpub on Maui and renamed it Maui Brewing Co. Since then he’s quickly grown it into the largest brewery in the state with worldwide recognition and award- winning beers. Read More

Switch over to lighter pilsners, wheat beers for summer heat

Summer is the perfect time to change out your normal beer for something light, crisp and uber-refreshing. When it’s hot I prefer beers lower in alcohol (less than 6 percent) and not super heavy. Read More

Online trading offers chance to secure rare regional brews

I’ve been writing about Hawaii’s dynamic beer scene for a few years now, and we are truly blessed with an incredible selection here. But there are always rare beers to seek out. For the serious enthusiast, no great beer is out of reach. Read More

The Truth, much more, is on tap at Beer Lab HI

Nearly every home brewer flirts with the dream of opening a professional brewery. It’s a romantic notion to sell their own creations to thirsty customers. But the reality is that it is incredibly hard work, and a hefty financial investment with little initial return, to operate a brewery. Read More

Nitrogen beers aren’t new, but really deliver the flavor

Craft beer has always been driven by innovation, risk and experimentation. Without craft brewers pushing the boundaries of flavor, we would still be a nation of light lagers and bland, similar tastes. Read More

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