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Ocean Watch: Portuguese men-of-war are often confused for jellyfish

The name Portuguese man-of-war is tough to explain, hard for some people to remember, and the plural is a problem. In calling them blue bottles, the Aussies beat the Brits. Read More

Strong winds bring ashore marine treasures

We Hawaii residents welcome strong winds in summer because they cool us off. But some of us like persistent trades and storm winds for another reason: They drive offshore marine life to island shorelines. Read More

Waimea Bay is billboard for marine conservation

Fishing is prohibited here in the Pupukea Marine Life Conservation District with the exception of Waimea Bay where shoreline hook-and-line fishing is allowed. Read More

‘Blue Planet II’ producers to film new series in isles

Following the success of “Blue Planet II” and “Planet Earth II,” BBC is embarking on a natural-history series called “Islands,” which will look at the wildlife, landscape and cultures of Madagascar, Sumatra and Hawaii. Read More

Hammerhead shark deaths depressing and cruel

Hawaii hosts three species of hammerheads, the most common being the scalloped hammerhead. Read More

With rats eradicated on Palmyra Atoll, birds, trees and reefs thrive

Even with all this good news, island rat eradication has its critics. Some people protest the killing of mammals, and others argue against the anticoagulant used to poison them. Read More

Porcupine pufferfish packs poisonous punch

While snorkeling with a friend visiting from Canada, I spotted a tiny porcupine pufferfish resting on the ocean floor in about 6 feet of water. Read More

The sea strider is the only marine insect in the world … and it walks on water

Reader Mark Hamamoto emailed that while kayaking off Makua beach, he saw a spiderlike creature skimming over the surface of the water about 200 yards from shore. “Any idea what this is?” Mark wrote. “Never seen this before.” Read More

Shorebirds a reminder of Hawaii’s Alaska link

In some ways Alaska and Hawaii are worlds apart. But after my weeklong work with Pacific golden plovers in Nome, I learned that we also have much in common. Read More

Plover study and tracking in Alaska a pure delight

When I told kolea researcher Wally Johnson that I wished I could spend my summer solstice birthday in Alaska, he invited me to join his plover study team. Read More

Flatworms and sea sapphires add sparkle to coral reefs

As much as I loved swimming with millions of lovely, pulsing salps last week, their gelatinous bodies obscured the hard and soft corals below. Read More

Swimming with salps a pleasant experience

This week I swam with several million of the weirdest and most captivating animals off Orpheus Island in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Read More

Hands-on exploration is best way to learn

I’ve just flown to Townsville, Australia, where we now keep our sailboat, Honu. Read More

Brittle stars can regrow missing limbs if attacked

Finding several brittle stars while snorkeling this week reminded me of an invertebrate zoology class I took long ago at University of Hawaii at Manoa. Read More

Volunteers bring aloha to students in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the last places you would expect to hear hundreds of schoolchildren shouting, “Aloha!” but it’s happening in a town called Di­najpur. Read More

UH study offers clue about groups of honu

Last year several readers who live along Kaneohe Bay wrote that large green sea turtles were hanging out at the shoreline of their waterfront homes. Read More

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