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Should federal agent Christopher Deedy go on trial, for the third time, for killing Kollin Elderts in 2011?

  • B. No (1535 Votes)
  • A. Yes (515 Votes)
  • C. Unsure (68 Votes)

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  • Time to move on. A dead bully is just that. A lesson for those who want to go out late at night, wasted out of their mind, and being a public nuisance. Meet up with the wrong person, and this is how it ends. Top it off with family trying to take advantage of a tragic situation. R.I.P.

  • Two drunks don’t make a right, the lawman shouldn’t be carrying a fire arm while drunk to begin with and HPD blew the case for not giving Deedy breath test. If it was an HPD ohana, it would be a different out come.

    • wiliki says: “Eldert’s fault. If Deedy hadn’t defended himself, he might have been a dead cop.”

      Elderts was sitting down, eating a cheeseburger when Deedy walked over, threatened to shoot the unarmed Elderts in the face and then kicked him.

      If Deedy had not taken a gun out drinking that night and simply called HPD if he thought Elderts was being disruptive, none of this would have happened. Elderts never approached nor did he talk to Deedy, and no one in the restaurant ever testified that they felt threatened by Elderts.

      You aren’t allowed to instigate a brawl and then shoot the other person when you find yourself out-matched.

        • ALLDUNN says: “Check your facts, your listening to the alternate facts.”

          I’m going by sworn courtroom testimony by impartial witnesses and video evidence. What is your source to say I’m wrong and belittle and insult me?

        • agree with kalaheo1. it’s alldunn who needs to check his facts. he probably never even watched the video. the evidence was clear, deedy was the aggressor and was looking for a confrontation. he walked up to eldert while eldert was seated and minding his own business.

          only problem is that like always the prosecutor can’t do anything right.

        • No one is saying that, but in the VIDEO of the incident, he was sitting peacefully eating a burger when Deedy approached him.

          There no need to approach him, much less threaten him and assault him. If he thought he was breaking the law, then he should have called 911.

      • The video did show that Elderts was sitting and posed no immediate threat to anyone when Agent Deedy confronted him and escalated the situation …friends of Agent Deedy also testified that prior to this incident he had drank alcoholic beverages at different bars around town as well also Agent Deedy violated the State Department’s policy which prohibits carrying firearms while consuming alcoholic drinks…..

      • Elderts was a cocaine loving, trouble-making punk. Bang. No more cocaine loving, trouble-making punk walking around getting in the way of families everywhere. Mahalo Deedy!

  • It went to trial TWICE ALREADY? Are we just going to keep on sending this back to trial until we get the outcome we want? Even though our justice systems isn’t the best… I do feel very bad for the family’s affected but this is pretty much what it sounds like to me. Keep on going until he’s found guilty. God bless!

  • The question we need to ask is, did Obama get assaulted/attacked while Deedy was on the island? The answer is no. Therefore Deedy is a hero and prevented a possible terrorist attack.

  • Deedy was being a cop, yes but the moment he was physically attacked after showing his badge, it became a justifiable shooting. There have been way more questionable shootings by HPD but they have a strong union to spin the stories. Deedy is being prosecuted because he doesn’t have SHOPO behind him -he’s not from here.

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