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Should Honolulu’s mayor and City Council have term limits of three consecutive four-year terms?

  • A. No; keep at current two four-year terms (1067 Votes)
  • B. Yes; allows more time, voter choice (242 Votes)
  • C. Undecided (15 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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  • There must be some kind of limit, to government corruption. All though they get into their political office, with great dreams & vision, they soon become a part of the same old political machine. Go along, to get along. They have become the political ruling elite.

    • IRT KeoniMay, then “you” must become responsible to stop government corruption as is established in the Constitution of the United States. “You” elect these individuals whom you say become the same old political machine. “We” allow this government corruption to occur at all levels, because “We” allowed it to happen. “We” don’t like to work hard, and passed our responsibility on to “Others” and caused our problems throughout all government, local, state, and federal. Thimk about it. It is us.

        • IRT Oiwi808, Oi, “We” were gullible and weak to accept Government dumbing us down, so no mo excuse. So, are “We” going wake up and change, and change to what? For me, I start with the United States Constitution and my Bible to provide direction. And, conforming to both, I find the United States on the wrong road (path, trail, etc) making America weak and immoral. What do you thimk?

        • IRT LocalGuy, the U.S. Constitution calls it “Individual Responsibility”. “We” are the United States of America. Never “Them”. No, on this issue I am not in left field, but at the home plate.

      • There is not much of a choice, on election days.

        Lately, I have been voting for non-career politicians or ones who have demonstrated, a good track record. However, political compromises are inevitable.

        Career politicians know how to lie, debate, and do spin control.

        Non-career politicians are at a disadvantage.

  • This is actually a good test for the tricky wording that may confuse a lot of “Average Locals” in the ballot coming up. Note, the first part asks if there should be TERM LIMITS, but then gets into the nitty gritty only afterwards.


    Thanks, S-A!

  • On the national level in the last 8 years entrenched politicians have accomplished very little progress to improve the status quo, although 2 different parties had the majority, Status quo is the rule, changes or improvements are slow to come by for taxpayers, whereas local “hui” call the shots. Fiasco like the “Rail” benefit the insiders palming and enriching themselves and shackling the taxpayers with the enormous cost$.

  • What we need to concentrate on is Limiting ‘Term Limits’ for our Legislature/ Lawmakers.

    These Lifetime politicians fly under the radar, unopposed/unchallenged and lay down the laws that’ll affect us/children/grandchildren’s future.

    i.e. the Maui legislative group.

    • Agree.

      People argue that democracy and voting are good enough instead of term limits, as people will vote OUT inept and useless politicians…BUT here in the Nei, we DEFINITELY NEED term limits as citizens have proven over and over again through apathy or sheer R # E – T * A – R ~ D – A = T * I `O + N that term limits are DESPERATELY needed to oust lifetime lamprey parasite politicians in a one party controlled state.

  • Yes, very slanted way SA put the question obviously to fool and confuse the average person who today is dumber than a bag of rocks and is easily influenced and controlled
    by the drive by media. Sadly, they do not even realize how they are being manipulated.

  • This is just a political grab by the incumbents. Approved it and next time they will 4 4-year terms and then 5 4-year terms until they get lifetime jobs.

  • Term limits are meaningless since these politicians just move back and forth between positions — Legislature, Governor, Council, Mayor, Congress.Then they accept a lucrative executive position to finish their career and pension size.

    • Ideally we want a law stating an elected bureaucrat may only serve 8 years in any or combined positions. Once the 8 years are up they are barred from any contact with current elected bureaucrats for 4 years. Can’t be a campaign volunteer or lobbyist. They are done. Go find a new job, thank you for your service. Now go away. Far away.

  • Just vote NO on all the charter amendments. There’s a couple worth a Yes vote but unless someone has read them all and figured out the impact a No vote is the safe choice

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