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Should Johnson (L) be allowed to enter the presidential debate?

  • C. No (522 Votes)
  • A. Yes, definitely (483 Votes)
  • B. Perhaps (69 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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    • Is that like asking the Donald to release his tax returns, something all presidential candidates have done since Nixon? Or how about the Donald releasing the letter from the IRS saying he is being audited? When it comes to foreign leaders I doubt The Donald is much better except of corse for his buddy Putin.

      • Donald likely hasn’t paid taxes for the last 18 years due to his losses long ago so he’s legally following TAX laws legislature allowed. What exactly do you plan to actually get out of viewing his tax returns? BTW, what can you tell us about Hilary’s tax return? What have you concluded is the tax structure of the Clinton Foundation that only give 10% to charity while 90% of it is used as personal income to fund her political campaign? Maybe you can tell us how she and her family make a honest living because all I see is “blood money” in their coffers.

        • The assertion that only 10% of the Clinton Foundation’s money went to fund Hillary’s campaign is not true and cannot be supported. Of course, the Trump supporters will believe anything despite evidence to the contrary.

        • A big typo showed up in my reply. The assertion was that only 10% of the Clinton Foundation’s money went to charity while 90% went to fund Hilary’s campaign. That is provably untrue.

        • Hillary has at least paid some taxes at a rate that is probably above average for most Americans. The Donald obviously hasn’t. As for the Clinton foundation, I am more concerned about the Trump foundation which didn’t even follow the law in soliciting contributions. Why is this? Its ok if you are republican I guess.

        • kaneohecat, stated “That is provably untrue.”

          What sources do you have other than a typical Democrat that sticks his/her head in the sand in pure denial of the facts? Why don’t you post the percentage after looking at their tax return. Here’s my proof…

          Fact # 1…
          The Clinton Foundation’s most recent IRS tax form, for 2014, as an example. (It starts on Page 28) The foundation reported total expenses in 2014 of a little over $91 million but grants of just $5.1 million. That’s close to 6 percent of the foundation’s money being spent on grants!

          Fact # 2…
          Over a five-year period from 2009-12, the foundation raised over $500 million, the conservative website The Federalist reported, but only 15 percent of that, or $75 million, went toward grants.

  • I think it would be better if the debates included both Johnson and Jill. The libertarian and Green parties serve to keep the two main parties honest. I remember Blaise Harris saying, on my left you have big mamma who will take care of you from cradle to grave. On my right is big daddy who will protect you from all threats real or imagined. Now if you think you can run your own life without such help, then Blaise a trail for Harris. Still applies today.

    • Boots, vote your conscience, vote for Johnson or Stein! No way you can be proud of HilLIARy after the great Obama! She will never reach his achievements like Obamadon’tcare, and the wonderful economy we have now (unemployment just went up and employment numbers were disappointing for the last month.) No, you can’t be excited about HilLIARy, besides Johnson wants to legalize pot and all drugs, right up your allie, I mean alley.

      • I might just do that or vote for sweet Jill. I still am a little distrustful of Hillary’s hawkishness and since the election seems to be shifting towards, Hillary, I can vote third party. The Donald would be an absolute disaster for this country and would probably make G W Bush look intelligent. Imagine that if you can.

  • This is still, a democratic USA. As long as the 3rd party, has legitimately satisfied the presidential requirements, to run for the presidency, then he should run.

    The chances of winning are remote. However, while we are still the land of the free, he should have the right.

    • Well the Donald is a pretty bad choice for president. Hillary while not my choice will probably be a decent president. She will probably be like her husband and have balanced federal budgets at some point and will do well on a range of domestic issues. Main problem could be in foreign affairs but hopefully she has learned from her past mistakes. Don’t listen to the far right hawks who want to stimulate the military industrial complex!

  • He didn’t know what was Allepo and couldn’t name a single world leader and said he was having a Allepo moment. Do I have to say anything more?

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