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Did the outcome of the recent presidential election affect your relationships with your family and friends?

  • C. No (830 Votes)
  • A. Yes, it made them more difficult (425 Votes)
  • B. Yes, it brought us closer (110 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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  • The Democrats and Libertards created the violence during the elections and still are opposed to what the people have voted for in President Elect Donal J. Trump.

    • The left-leaning liberals, cannot fathom the thought why they lost. The messages exchanged between the candidate’s campaign manager and the Party, of course if you didn’t know. Yet they are willing to slay/blame the Russians and WikiLeaks!

    • Hate to tell you this Pocho but significantly more people voted for sweet Hillary than the town Butcher. But the system is what it is so we shall see how the Donald does. Will the stock market rise to 30,000 or will it fall towards 10,000 over the next 4 years. Considering the Donad appears to be following in the footsteps of the prior republican hero, the answer should be obvious. Oh thats right. You have no stocks and consider stockholders to be worthless. Well then lets see what really happens to unemployment.

      • Yes Clinton got more votes but how many were ILLEGAL VOTES ? Hard to tell since the dems think asking for a ID is a bad thing ?

        Bottom line WHO CARES, Trump is the new president DEAL WITH IT.

      • Trump is the best thing that could have happened to the United States Of America. We had lost religion and pride in being American as the results of a overly socialistic leader. By the way The Stock market will go up and down based on how people invest as well as corporate profits not by who the president is. The biggest reality is now America is safe and we will have a strong President who will protect the boarders and keep the bad people out of here. Rarely does a weak nation attack a strong nation and with OBUMMER we had become a weak nation but with TRUMP you can bet we will again become strong. join us and help make America Great again.

      • @ boots
        you need to stop talking about the stock market rising as if it’s Obozo’s doing. YOUR CNN is calling the rise the TRUMP RALLY! How quick you forget I told you that…or is that you have selective reading!

        Set your VCR on January 20, 2017 #MAGA

    • Its not about self pity … it is about the unknown. We have collectively inched our way out of the doldrums and calm seas. I fear that we are heading for some choppy water with a storm or two on the weather chart. Billionaire’s of Trumps mentality tend to be self serving and may not be in your best interests or many things trying to stay alive on this planet.

      • You maybe correct about choppy waters but there is a lot of whining going on and people need to get their act together to weather the storm if one comes! Hope not.

  • The election didn’t split my family. The only way I would get upset is if any of my family/relatives didn’t vote. Our uncle did some time in Europe to get rid of some people who was trying to suppress our freedoms we enjoy today. I will not let his service to our country go by the wayside.
    Elections, actions and words have consequences on this world stage. We cannot “file for bankruptcy” if things go wrong, like in the business world. There is no easy out. We will be recipients of the new PE. Whether you voted for him or not, let his agenda speak to his abilities.

  • Nope, because we don’t have mainland-transplant pot-smoking flag-burning leftist Cali kooks in my family. We’re fine, and we’ll be doing even better in the new, business-friendly America that begins next month!

  • I am a republican who dod not vote for trump. I do not like Hillary but she was lesser of the two eveils in my eyes. This vote effected me more than the other 10 because of the reasons why people were voting for Trump and the ignorance they professed. My family members who voted for Trump were calling Hillary a crook(even though Trump has lost more lawsuits than any president nominee before). People used their bigotry and racism to justify voting for Trump and for me that is what changed for me and my relationships. Not wanting to pay ones fair shair of taxes, disregard for the needy, no accounting for the fallacies that the GOP were spewing, it has just been a sad reality.
    Trump is my president and I hope he does well, I dont think he will but I will not root against him like others have against Barak. White americans are angry and they want the tantrum throwing rich white guy to lead them, It is what it is.

  • this election God put trump in to save this country and bring back our judeo Christian values that this country was founded on, the devils disciple in the white house was ruining this country so God hacked the election so the devils disciple number 2 would not win the election. THANK YOU GOD.

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