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What do think about Smart Meters at public parking stalls?

  • A. Favor; convenient with credit/debit card (201 Votes)
  • B. Oppose; will raise hourly rates (140 Votes)
  • C. Mixed; don't know (66 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

5 responses to “What do think about Smart Meters at public parking stalls?”

  1. cojef says:

    Most of the areas I visit on the mainland use the regular meters and do not affect me. Have handicap plates.

  2. krusha says:

    It’s all great as long as they are reliable and don’t break down. Seems like the more complicated these things, the more often they break and have to be replaced. Also need to keep in mind the manufacturer, since a lot of times these guys go out of business and the customers are left with useless junk and no support.

  3. dex says:

    Smart meters Dumb idea.

  4. wrightj says:

    Taking a taxi might be a better way.

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