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What do you think of wind farms, given their kill rate of endangered bats and birds?

  • A. Support; clean energy crucial (633 Votes)
  • C. Mixed; favor only if more done for species (386 Votes)
  • B. Oppose; toll too high (248 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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  • How about start spreading them out and building them on Mariner’s Ridge, Diamond Head, Waialae iki, Wilhemina Rise and so on. See how much the politicians will support that.

  • Maybe they could set the homeless camps under the windmills and install larger sharper blades, we’ll call them “ground scraper blades.” Kill 2 birds with one blade.

  • Wind farms are a JOKE for such a beautiful island. We could have solar on ALL rooftops and maybe use GEO thermo from the big island and even WAVE energy. All are much better than a UGLY windmill.

    • 100% spot on. Guess what, we’re not allowed to put on more solar on our roofs because they tell us the grid can’t handle the extra power they produce, at the same time they want to spend millions on more power in the form of windmills. What happened to their argument that the grid can’t handle the extra power? LOL

  • Mini-nuclear power plants produce cleaner electricity for over 50 years without killing a single bird around the world is truly a much better alternative for clean energy than windmills. Mini-nuclear power plants are a perfect fit for an Island State, as is Hawaii, for each Island will have it’s own clean, efficient, and economical source of dependable electricity (@ under $0.10/kwh) for some 40 years without re-fueling. Thinks about it.

    • Nonsense, only a complete fool believes in nuclear power as a cheap alternative. Nuclear has never been cheap, safe or even recyclable as you’ve falsely claimed in other posts. You must have a vested interest to keep promoting the shill solution.

      There is no single nuclear waste dump or recycling facility in operation in the USA that is accepting any waste after Yucca Mountain has been shutdown indefinitely! Nuclear waste is being stored in backyards of reactors and hospitals (nuclear medicine related) all over the country. All of it is a sitting time bomb waiting to contaminate and destroy by accident or a terrorist.

      Also, for economic reasons, the United States does not recycle used nuclear fuel. It never has and probably never will. Reading the pro-nuclear energy lies is like reading daily lies about the rail being on-time and on-budget. At the end of the day you still have to pay the recycling, which does not really exist and disposal which does not really exist either because they are immensely cost prohibitive and found unsafe and not stable as once believed.

      Secondly, the military needs nuclear energy as it’s the only fuel source for ships, submarines and satellites as refueling in the middle of nowhere is not a viable option. But don’t for a minute dream it’s cheap and clean. We all know the truth that the military loves to just dump the spent fuel/rods into the ocean, I guess you can call that recycling since it’ll only take 40-billion years for the fuel/rods to decay to a few negligible millirem. LOL

      • IRT DragonInWater, only a complete fool would believe that Mini-Nuclear Power Plant is not an alternative clean energy source for the future of the Islands. You seem to operate some 20 years in the past, come join us in the sun and light of today 2017 and the future. We are discussing Mini-Nuclear Power Plants, not the 1,000 to 2,500 MW huge and expensive Nuclear Power Plants. Please wake up. Mahalo.

  • Windmills are old, expensive technology that has never been cost effective. Add to that the way they kill off indigenous animals, it is too costly for our aina. They are a major eye sore to our natural beauty, Hawaii, how could we let this happen? We don’t allow billboards because they are so intrusive, yet we let these ugly animal choppers kill our aina with slow, creeping hegemony by allowing more and more pop up and not resisting.

  • the minute amount of power actually produced by these ugly behemoths doesn’t come remotely close to justifying the havoc they wreck on our environment.

    we were fooled on how much power they said these windmills would produce for us. at some point and time we need to start learning from past mistakes and deception.

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