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                                Preventing arthritis should begin many years before it is a concern — by preventing joint injuries during sports or exercise and recovering properly, said Dr. Kelli Dominick Allen, an exercise physiologist.
Arthritis is not a given in old age

What was once an easy run might feel tougher to complete. Or perhaps a challenging game of tennis might leave your hip or ankle sore for days. Read more

                                Jaqueline Benitez puts away groceries at her home in Bellflower, Calif. Benitez, 21, who works as a preschool teacher, depends on California’s SNAP benefits to help pay for food.
Debt ceiling deal includes new work rules for food stamps

Biden administration officials have highlighted the expanded access for veterans as a victory. But liberal Democrats and activists for the poor are decrying the changes as onerous and counterproductive, pointing to research showing that existing requirements have little impact on employment. Read more

Sharing a love for Africa on a Kenyan safari

We were barely off the exit ramp when she pointed across the road to the leafy perimeter of Nairobi National Park and announced, with a grin of triumph, “Look, a giraffe!” Read more

                                Victoria Tirondola, left, Pattie Marsh, Lee Geanoules and Lam Gong with their dogs at Brookdale Park in Bloomfield, N.J. The people at the dog park, the bank teller, the regular waiter — these casual relationships may be “weak ties,” but they’re also a key to well-being.
‘Weak ties’ affect lives

Victoria Tirondola and Lam Gong first struck up a conversation last spring at the dog run in Brookdale Park in Bloomfield, N.J., when they realized that each owned a dog named Abby. Read more

                                Engineering students collect wastewater samples at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, Colo. With other virus tracking efforts winding down, wastewater data is likely to become increasing important in the months ahead, scientists say.
As COVID emergency ends, surveillance shifts to the sewers

People who are infected with the coronavirus shed the pathogen in their stool, whether or not they take a COVID test or seek medical care, enabling officials to track levels of the virus in communities over time and to watch for the emergence of new variants. Read more

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