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Maybe more longhaired men should wear scrunchies

Jason Momoa recently made a very public scrunchie appearance, walking the Oscars red carpet last month with a pink one wrapped around his wrist. Read More

Time traveling through Las Vegas

In a city always looking for the next new thing, a little magic can be found when visitors hark back to an earlier era. Read More

Tips for traveling cheaply in any city

I’ve spent most of the past five years traveling across dozens of countries. The question I hear most is, “How can you afford that?” No one believes it’s possible to travel cheaply andcomfortably, but it is. Here’s how you can do it. Read More

Celebrating pioneer women and rocket scientists

2019 is a milestone year for Cheyenne, Wyo., and Huntsville, Ala. — Cheyenne marks 129 years of statehood and 150 years of women’s suffrage, while Huntsville celebrates 50 years since the locally built Saturn V rocket took off for the moon. Read More

Somebody is going to want this Stones album, right?

Clean out your closets and cupboards, and invariably you are confronted with a pile of possessions in need of a new home. Read More

Growing demand for all things vegan hits the cosmetics industry

Once perceived as health-conscious people by some, and very, very picky eaters by others, vegans are trending. Read More

How powerful is Vladimir Putin really?

The gulf between what Putin says and what happens in Russia raises a fundamental question about the nature of his rule after more than 18 years at the pinnacle of an authoritarian system. Read More

Batman is turning 80. Fighting crime must pay.

Holy milestones, Batman! Detective Comics, where the caped crusader debuted on March 30, 1939, will reach issue No. 1,000 on Wednesday, just days before the hero’s 80th birthday. Read More

Why Netflix won’t be part of Apple TV

Apple and Netflix, for better and for worse, have changed how we spend our leisure hours. In the process, the two companies have upended old media habits and created new ones. Read More

Will the Mueller report be made public? Answers to 6 key questions

The long-awaited special counsel report is complete, 675 days after Robert Mueller was named to oversee the investigation into Russia’s election interference, whether any Trump associates coordinated with that plot and whether President Donald Trump tried to obstruct justice. Attorney General William Barr has the document and notified lawmakers. But it has yet to be made public, and the path to its potential release — or the release of the facts it contains — is complicated. Read More

Trump reverses new sanctions on North Korea

The move, announced on Twitter, was a remarkable display of dissension within the Trump administration and showed how actively the White House is intervening in policies that are traditionally handled by career officials in the Treasury and State Departments. Read More

A twin inside a twin: In Colombia, an extraordinary birth

A Colombian woman has given birth to a baby whose abdomen contained the tiny, half-formed — but still growing — body of her own twin sister. This type of birth, an example of “fetus-in-fetu,” is very rare but not unprecedented. Read More

Who should own photos of slaves? The descendants, not Harvard, a lawsuit says

Today, Tamara Lanier, 54, filed a lawsuit in Massachusetts saying that she is a direct descendant of the pair, who were identified by their first names, Renty and Delia, and that the valuable photographs — commissioned by a professor at Harvard and now stored in a museum on campus — are hers. The images, Lanier said, are records of her personal family history, not cultural artifacts to be kept by an institution. Read More

Purim treat thinks outside the triangle

Hamantaschen, as essential to Purim as matzo is to Passover, are typically sweet, the triangular cookies filled with a jam that’s often made from poppy seeds. Read More

‘Be Weak & Die!’ Seeking clues behind Trump’s weekend Twitter barrage

This past weekend proved to be an unusually active 48 hours online for Trump: From Friday morning to Sunday evening, Trump tweeted over 50 times, counting the retweets that amplified supporters who have limited public reach on their own. Read More


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