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Can data ward off college debt? New strategy focuses on results

The Department of Education today released a trove of information that shows the average amount of debt incurred by graduates of different academic programs at each college and university in America. This focus on discrete programs, rather than institutions as a whole, is gaining favor among political leaders and could have far-reaching effects. Read more

What is actually happening with Britney Spears?

In recent weeks, Britney Spears has burst back into the spotlight, as her private turmoil has led to several court hearings, spawned viral hashtags and fueled frantic fan speculation about her well-being. Read more

Comedian Ahmed Ahmed joked about race — and someone in the crowd reported him.

Comedian Ahmed Ahmed was performing in Naples, Florida, last weekend when he poked fun at negative stereotypes about Middle Eastern people. One man in the crowd apparently took Ahmed’s set more seriously, calling the local sheriff’s department the next day to lodge an anonymous complaint that the comedian had seemed to support terrorism. Read more

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