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A bark, woof and meow for those who help pets

Here’s a shout-out — or a woof or meow, as the case may be — to the Oahu Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The organization has stepped up to provide a needed service to homeless families by fostering their pets while they’re in the shelters, which generally don’t allow animals.

Homelessness is an immense issue, but it’s good to see a nonprofit agency taking a bite out of it. (The term "bite" is meant figuratively, though with some of the pets reportedly showing some aggression, perhaps the new foster parents do need to use some tough love.)

Obama should return home for some aloha

Hawaii still loves its native son, though the ardor seems to have cooled just a bit.

Gallup’s job-approval numbers for Barack Obama showed a thumbs-up from 68 percent of isle residents surveyed for the first half of 2010. That’s down almost three points from his rating at the end of 2009, but still high above where he stood nationally: 46 percent, on average. Only D.C.’s reviews were more glowing, but this is still the state with the most aloha for Obama.

And the election season hasn’t even started yet. By the end of a battering year, the president will need another Hawaii vacation. Bet on it.


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