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Hawaii’s other football star shows he’s got game

Haleiwa native Brian Ching might not have been selected to be on America’s World Cup soccer team this year, supposedly due to concerns about a hamstring injury, but his participation in Wednesday’s Major League Soccer All-Star Game against Manchester United seems like a good consolation prize.

Ching, a player with the Houston Dynamo, scored one of the All Stars’ two goals and assisted on the other. The points weren’t enough to beat the famous English team, playing the final game of its North American tour, which racked up five goals. Still, the game confirmed Ching’s standing as one of America’s top soccer professionals, which he has been ever since 2001 when he became the first Hawaii native to be drafted by the MLS.

A bale of garbage, or …?

Sigh. With the Yakama Nation’s lawsuit over the shipment of Oahu’s trash to Washington state comes the realization that we’re stuck looking at those green cubes of trash for a long while.

Which can only mean … it’s contest time! Let’s hear some ideas on what to do with this stuff.

They might make a nice, big, green cube igloo—if anyone could stand setting foot in such a smelly thing. Or everyone could don nose clips and, since Oahu is so lacking in agriculture, they can substitute for bales of hay in a giant hayride.

A trip to the pyramids of Giza, also built of huge blocks, would be a suitable prize. Maybe the Egyptians were just trying to pile up rubbish creatively, too.


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