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Plant a mango tree, put food on your table

One of the joys of living in Hawaii is driving through some of the older neighborhoods where mango trees abound, especially during fruiting season. It’s a mouth-watering thrill to see all many varieties of mangoes just waiting to be picked.

Would it be too much to ask that all homeowners in Hawaii who have land to spare plant a mango tree? Star-Advertiser food writer Wanda Adams reported yesterday there will be a mango festival this weekend at the Moana Surfrider, at which pointers will be offered on how to become a part of the local mango culture.

City gets with the times for sounding the alarm

Ask the parent of any teen: What’s the best way to track them down and get an answer? Texting, hands down.

So the city gets kudos for partnering on a new system of emergency disaster warnings that relies on text messaging and e-mail. OK, a lot of teens think e-mail is so 20th century, but at least their ears will perk up when their cell phones emit that distinctive message tone, and chances will improve that they’ll be aware of the coming tsunami, hurricane or other inconvenient threat.

Some interesting stats from recent studies: A third of teens with cell phones send at least 100 texts a day; 47 percent said their social life would tank without texting; and the same percentage boast that they can text blindfolded.

A useful skill in a power failure, right?


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