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Five-0 Redux

Write on, Mr. Lenkov

P. Lenkov Diamond Head
"Hawaii Five-0" Executive Producer and Writer Peter M. Lenkov. (Star-Advertiser File)

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When I hear the name Peter M. Lenkov, I sort of have an interesting reaction. I am in awe of the simple fact that he is the Executive Producer of “Hawaii Five-0”, and that he was part of the force that helped bring it to television, and that he not only a producer, but he is a writer. And that for me is what makes me a fan. I know Executive Producers get much more power and limelight than Writers, but let’s face it. For me — I’m a fan of writers. All the other stuff just proves that he’s very good at what he does — and what Peter Lenkov does is write.

We all see him on news or hear him on the radio answering questions and being interviewed about “Hawaii Five-0,” we saw him at the blessing for the first and second season, and we were lucky to see some behind the scenes photos of the “Hawaii Five-0” set from his Twitter feed. But what I wanted to know about him was about the writing. Because for me, the girl who’s kept a journal since 2nd grade, the girl who wrote horrible poetry and long winded novels about gangsters and gun molls during boring US History lectures in high school, and the girl who still writes short stories during tedious work meetings — that’s what makes my pen click.

H50 script pic
Peter M. Lenkov's Twitter pic tease of a season two script. (Courtesy CBS)

So when I was asked to join in on an interview with Peter M. Lenkov, executive producer and writer — I forgot about the “Hawaii Five-0” questions — which doesn’t make me the greatest Five-0 blogger, I know, but I was hoping we could talk about writing, the craft, what he thought about it, what he liked about it. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Sorry McG fans — I failed you, but I’m sure you’ll get plenty out of Lenkov’s other interviews on television and on other websites. I’m sure they will ask all the “Hawaii Five-0” questions you can think of, and I’m sure he’ll answer the same questions over and over again, so you wont miss a thing.

H50 Ohana
Peter M. Lenkov with the cast of "Hawaii Five-0." (Courtesy CBS)

I have to tell you all — that as well as this being the “Summer of Hawaii Five-0” for me, I’ve had some pretty awesome experiences — and being able to talk to Peter Lenkov was one of the highlights.

Last week I had the privilege and honor of working with a great bunch of ladies — “In My Pajamas Radio Show” host Amy Bakari, as well as “Hawaii Five-0” fan TereseaLea Brown, and designer and “Hawaii Five-0” star extra, Lisa Woo, as we prepared to interview Lenkov. We were all extremely nervous and had prepared two pages of questions and called and emailed back and forth in preparation. I’d like to think it was similar to preparing for a SEAL team maneuver — albeit not quite top secret or involving any weapons.

5 responses to “Write on, Mr. Lenkov”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was so happy I was able to tune in and listen to Peter’s interview with you guys that night.  I couldn’t get over how open and forthcoming he was with all your questions and that he spent so much time giving thoughtful answers.  He never just “answered” the question.  He would go beyond the answer and really discuss the topics you each brought up.  It was a very enjoyable interview.

    And, I liked that you focused on his writing and not just H50.  You’re right, he answers or in Peter’s case..doesn’t answer 😉 those H50 questions all the time.  Listening to him discuss his writing and encouraging kids to write and explore their imaginations was informative as well as entertaining.  I think he enjoyed it too.  He, obviously adores H50 and loves to talk about it but I’m sure he found it refreshing to learn that you knew about other aspects of his career too.  It must get old always being asked the same things all the time. 

    Anyway, you ALL did a great job with the interview.  And I really hope Peter finds the time to get to your class.  Your students would have a blast!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love Peter! He is such a great guy and I will be forever grateful for him being willing to share with the fans of Hawaii 5-0. I know how busy he is and to take the time out of his day to share with us just sets him way above the rest! Thanks for the article Wendy.

  3. Terry FiveOs says:

    Oh Wendie, you didn’t fail us AT ALL!  It’s good to know more about the man behind the show.  Great job.

  4. Anonymous says:

    OHOH Wendie. You had a Monday post instead of Tuesday. I visited today wondering if I would be able to get to your blog because the paper has started charging for digital content. I was/am willing to pay because you add so much value to my enjoyment of Five0. However I got a real twofer today: I caught your brand new post of your interview with Peter, and I did not have to pay.
    I agree with you that his comments were down to earth and supportive of writers in general. And willing to share his insights to his success. For you as a writer that must have been awesome. All in a great post Wendie.

  5. Valerie L says:

    Hey Wendie – oops, sorry how did I miss this. I wouldn’t have missed listening to Peter Lenkov for the world!! His love for writing is just so inspiring to me as well.  As I love to read ever since childhood about books that take your imagination to another world and I believe Peter’s love for reading comic books and writing stories about them personifies just what wonderful imagination he truly has.  I would have liked to hear more H50 questions but was not disappointed in the least to hear from the master himself about his work.  He was just so generous in sharing his experience about his work and his art and love for creating such nice masterpieces on film.   I could listen to him for hours like an eager student in a class room.  You girls did a terrific job with the interview and hope you do it again!!!! 

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