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Five-0 Redux

Hiatus happenings

The month of May is always a double-edged sword for “Hawaii Five-0” fans. While we can’t wait for the season finale to air, we also know May marks the end of new episodes for a few months.

Welcome to yet another summer hiatus. Full of repeats and anticipation for the season premiere. And after a fantastic season four, I have a feeling fans will be even more excited as we start to count down to September.

The “Five-0” cast and crew have about three months off before they return to work on season five. They wrapped at the end of March and typically start shooting again soon after the Fourth of July.

So far, it’s been a busy hiatus for several of the actors.

News of Alex O’Loughlin’s nuptials broke April 17, when pictures appeared on Instagram of O’Loughlin and Malia Jones in a white lace dress cutting a cake. Official news of their marriage came the following day. O’Loughlin and Jones had a son, Lion, in October 2012, and O’Loughlin called Jones his “wife” while being interviewed during Sunset on the Beach in 2013, so their wedding was not really a surprise. Many fans wished O’Loughlin and Jones much luck and love in their future together.

Other happy news came for Scott Caan and his girlfriend, Kacy Byxbee, who are expecting a baby in the next few months. Proud poppa James Caan spoke about the arrival of his grandchild at the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Chaplin Award gala honoring Rob Reiner on April 28. Fans may have also seen photos of Caan and an obviously pregnant Byxbee holding hands in Los Angeles.

In my season four wrap-up in the Star-Advertiser, I hoped that fatherhood wouldn’t keep Caan in L.A. more than he was this season. Many fans noticed he was in several episodes, and yet almost absent in others. Caan is well-known for having his dog, Dot, with him on set, so I hope he brings new baby Caan with him to work as well. We love having Danno with the team, and not just mentioned or connected via technology.

Grace Park is being honored May 31 in Seattle by the National Asian Hall of Fame. Park was chosen because she exemplified the mission of the group, which is to “inspire the next generation to be successful (and) provide a positive and credible face instead of negative.”

She will be inducted along with Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian, former U.S. Sec. of Commerce and Transportation Norman Mineta and former National Football League star Manu Tuiasosopo. Park plays a strong woman in the midst of a group of men and definitely represents a positive face for all women. We are definitely looking forward to what new drama she will face in season five.

Daniel Dae Kim has posted on Twitter about a relaxing visit to Maui during the hiatus. In between his well-deserved vacation, he spoke last weekend at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa’s undergraduate commencement. Kim, a graduate of Bryn Mawr College and NYU’s Graduate Acting Program, has lived in Hawaii since he started shooting “Lost” in 2004. I’m sure he had more than enough good advice and good wishes for the new graduates.

The biggest news came the day of the season finale, when Star-Advertiser reporter Mike Gordon wrote that “Five-0” was working on another “Sunset on the Beach” premiere for season five.

That’s exciting news for fans, some of whom have made it part of their annual Hawaii vacations. As fans from around the world and the continental United States love to attend the event, we just hope the date of the premiere is released soon to accommodate travel plans. There’s nothing like watching the sunset on Waikīkī Beach right before the cast and crew of “Hawaii Five-0” greet the crowds, then settle down to watch the show on a big screen surrounded by thousands of fans. If you haven’t attended in the past, think about making the fifth year your “Five-0” year.

As for the Five-0 Redux, we’re not taking a hiatus. We’ll be here every week, reminding you about the latest repeat, sharing more about Hawaii and Hawaiian culture, as well as our usual interviews with Hawaii actors and our favorites from the season. We hope you add the Pulse to your regular summer Saturday morning routine.

We’ll make it through the next four months together folks. Before we know it, it’ll be September and there will be lots to talk about for season five.


This week’s repeat was a favorite, as it involved all the elements fans love — McG and Danno bickering, a tense procedural and a darling little baby to create even more drama for the team. “Ua Nalohia” (“In Deep”) introduced us to Mary Ann’s adopted daughter, Joanie, as well as JC Dekker, played by hip-hop artist and television personality Xzibit, who returned in “Kū I Ka Pili Koko,” (“Blood Brothers”) to reprise the role.
Wendie Burbridge is a published author, playwright and teacher. Reach her via Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

13 responses to “Hiatus happenings”

  1. Angela Gerstner says:

    Wendie, your blogs will always be part of my regular Saturday routine – ANY time of the year!
    Even though I had already heard most of the great news you’ve mentionned in today’s blog, I always love reading GOOD news repeatedly – and it seems like all the hiatus news from H50 and its cast have been nothing but very good ones this year.

    While Alex’s wedding on April 17 didn’t come as a huge surprise (actually quite a few fans had wrongly believed that he already got married a while ago), most of his fans and I were super-happy for him and Malia when the news of the actual wedding came out. I not only wish the very best to Alex & Malia but also to Scotty & Kacy! Fantastic hiatus news from these two couples, for sure.

    Although Grace and Daniel are spending just another “average” hiatus without weddings or new babies to look forward to, I’m sure both are enjoying it a lot, too – Grace with her baby-boy born last September, and Daniel with short get-aways to Maui & more. Hopefully, he also enjoys the latest collage dedicated to him on your website and Twitter – even though it’s not even half as good as a vacation on Maui, of course 🙂
    Congratulations to both, too – to Grace on being honoured by the National Asian Hall of Fame, and to Daniel for getting to deliver a speech at the University of Hawai`i – maybe I should rather congratulate the students who had the pleasure of listening to him though.

    For the H50 fans, of course, the news about the very likely SOTB5 premiere were the best so far. Even though I still can’t afford to travel to Hawai`i, I always love watching HNN’s livestream coverage online. And all your readers and friends like me are looking forward to your photos and interviews with Alex & Co. from the SOTB – Please make sure to attend for all of us who can’t make it there!

    Mahalo for your upcoming hiatus blogs and all the posts on your Five-0 Redux Facebook page – they’ll help us get through those tough months a little better!
    Since filming for Season 5 starts July 7, we’ll also hopefully get to watch coverage of the blessing ceremony again (I just wonder if Alex gets back to HI in time this year to shave before the blessing…) and occasional BTS-photos from the set, too. So there’s some stuff to look forward to – even when there are no new H50 episodes to enjoy.

  2. Dina says:

    thanks for all your hard work Wendie!! great updates!!!! XO

  3. Linda M. Stein says:

    So wonderful to know that just because there’s no new Five-0 episodes until September that you’ll still be here to give us our weekly fix of Redux. Actually, as much as I adore your weekly show reviews, I enjoy these off season blogs just as much. This is when, without an actually show to recap, you’ll spend even more time on the Hawaiian culture and local Hawaiian actors who make this show so special. It’s always a joy to read about Hawaii, her wonderful past, the stories and the myths and to meet the people who make the island such a special place and give our show the local flavor we love.

    It seems that our favorite actors are really enjoying their hiatus this year. Not that they don’t always enjoy it but this year seems extra special. I am so happy for each and every one of them, so happy to see them each doing the things they love. I’m especially happy for Alex and Malia and for Scott and Kacy. Starting a new life together is both frightening and exhilarating. I’m hoping for a life together for them all with much happiness and aloha for a very long time. What can I say…..I’m such a romantic at heart! LOL

  4. jlopie1 says:

    Even though we are officially “on hiatus” now, I’m grateful Wendie isn’t taking one! What would we do without the Redux all summer? Without the weekly Redux there could be riots on the beaches by the dog days of August! Tortured souls with frazzled nerves and lost tempers running around begging for an H50 fix! Oh, the humanity!!

    Okay, maybe a little too much to expect, but the Weekly Redux blogs during the summer are certainly a great way to get through our withdrawal without attacking anyone! Thanks for keeping us sane, Wendie!

    Love to hear what our favorite team of actors are doing while taking a break from filming. Nice to see they all have time to spend with families, get involved in other projects, receive awards, make speeches … In other words, be normal people! Good for them.

    Looking forward to seeing you here every Saturday this summer, Wendie!

  5. alavenia says:

    Always a pleasure to read your blog, thank you for keeping us up to date with Hawaii Five-0 news! ♥

  6. KAD1228 says:

    I feel like my family has gone away without me!! It’s going to be a long break but they deserve it and thank the sweet heavens we still have you to keep us informed about all things Hawaii! YAY! So happy you’ll be here with us!

    I’m not able to afford a Hawaii vacation this year. I’m saving up for it cause in 2 yrs. I’ll celebrate a change of decades and what better way to celebrate than in Hawaii. Till then I’ll enjoy the fun and festivities via computer and all the photos everyone so graciously shares!

    Such happy news for all my beloved cast!! I think the show should consider opening a day care nursery too! This way the babies can make special guest appearances the way Dusty and Dot do!!

    Happy Summer all! See ya next week!

  7. pauldunn1 says:


    Glad to see that you will continue your summer school of teaching us about the culture and other events happening about the local actors. Thank you for your work on this blog and the inside information that you share.


  8. Diane says:

    Very happy to hear that you will keep writing during the off season. I enjoy this each week. Looking forward to your interviews and reviews through out the summer break.
    I’ve said it before, but I wish Alex and Malia much happiness. Congratulations to Scott and Kacy. Also for Grace being recognized for her achievements.

  9. mcgreggl says:

    Thanks for another season of great reviews and inside information, Wendie. Glad you will be around all summer!

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