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Fleming says he will transfer from UH


    Hawaii basketball guard Isaac Fleming announced his intentions to transfer off of the team on Twitter today, just as the Rainbow Warriors gear up for a critical road series.

Hawaii basketball guard Isaac Fleming announced his intentions to transfer off of the team on Twitter today, just as the Rainbow Warriors gear up for a critical road series.

Fleming, the team’s fourth-leading scorer at 9.5 points per game, tweeted a picture of a signed request for release from the program and a message, “It’s official I want to thank the University of Hawaii for everything But I have to do what’s best for me!”

UH athletic director David Matlin verified the move, stating “During a meeting with Coach (Eran) Ganot, student-athlete Isaac Fleming asked for his release effective immediately and it was granted. We wish Isaac all the best with his future pursuits.”

Ganot offered a similar response: “We met with Isaac. He requested his release, it was granted, and we wish him the best moving forward.”

The Rainbow Warriors (23-4, 12-2 Big West) depart Tuesday for their final regular-season road games this week at UC Davis and Long Beach State. If UH wins at Davis on Thursday, it’ll clinch a share of the Big West regular-season title and the No. 1 seed for next week’s Big West tournament in Anaheim, Calif.

The sophomore from Delaware said in another tweet: “Even though I removed my self from the team I still want my brother to get a ring and do something remarkable this season.”

He will have to sit out games for a full season if he transfers to another NCAA Division I school.

Fleming offered up the Twitter hashtag, “#MyNextMoveWillBeMyBest”.

Fleming’s role diminished in four games since returning from an ankle injury, as Ganot shifted playing time to freshman Sheriff Drammeh. Fleming was visibly unhappy while playing just five minutes in the team’s senior night win over Cal State Northridge on Saturday. In the last four games, he totaled just seven points while averaging 12.8 minutes per game.

Ganot spoke generally to reporters about Fleming earlier today, saying, “You gotta continue to do what’s best for the team … You hope to find ways to get everybody firing.”

Fleming earned a Big West Player of the Week award in January after scoring a career-high 23 points in an overtime road win at Cal State Fullerton.

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  • I hope you use this experience as a lesson in life…. once you grow up a little mentally you will be a terrific ball player wherever you end up. good luck bro!

      • Pocho, Willyboy has is right. Fleming must grow up and two years from today, he will look back and realize he made a huge mistake leaving Hawaii and believing he is soooo great. There are at least one guard in each class on each team across the Nation better than Fleming.

        • College basketball is a funny thing. You have a bunch of very young kids that have been through a lot in the past few years with the dysfunctional UH athletics and multiple coaches. There have been extreme highs and some crazy lows that players have dealt with including the NCAA coming down on this program. This year UH has a coach that has for the most part been the beneficiary of his predecessors good recruiting. He preaches the mythical “team’ concept. Which in basketball the “team” has always consisted of five individual talents. Of course there is the technique of getting the five individuals to play in a manner produces the best results. Ganot is the only one getting paid on the floor so like many college coaches, they have to put their stamp on the program by insisting players conform to a certain philosophy. Flemming’s game is a bit different that some of the others at UH. He produces positive results by taking the ball to the hoop. It was apparent that Ganot wasn’t so pleased with the type of basketball Flemming was playing. So after the ankle injury. Flemming found himself on the outside trying to get back in. Too bad he had sustained the injury at the worst possible time. He became expendable Or at least in the eyes of the coach that didn’t appreciate his individuality on the court. So he decided to leave rather than have a friction filled two years butting heads with a guys that wants total control. For Flemming, he moves on. Probably to a better fit. For Ganot. He has one less valuable tool to work with in a most critical time. But just like many college coaches, their job title sort of makes them believe they they are not there to assist young me grow and mature but use them to further their own personal career agendas. There is a lot to dislike about he NCAA and college athletics these days. But I sure don’t blame a kid for trying to find the best place to grow up and be somebody. If it’s not here then God bless and good luck Isaac

  • Well… this seemed inevitable. So sad. I don’t know the insides, but from the outside looking in Isaac is a great talent and I wish him well. Go Bows! The big dance is still in sight! Next man up!

  • And now, watch all the how quick people turn on him. From tonguing his bags a few weeks back to probably now saying things like good riddance, not a team player, need to mature, we better off without him..etc etc etc.

  • Bro, whatever the reason for leaving, the timing of your announcement and the “I have to do what’s best for me!” makes it look selfish, self-serving and immature. You could have waited till after the season rather than now to bring attention to yourself.

  • Couldn’t wait till the end of the season.
    My guess is Coach Ganot will have a different team next season as those who can transfer without sitting out a year will be following Flemings foot step.Team just got to move on.

    • And then you will see just how good Coach Ganot is. People tend to forget that this year’s success is based on Gibb and Benjy’s players. Gone are the “urban” players of this era. Rather, he will populate the roster with Ausies and other Foreign players. Bob Nash era redux. If he can win, more power to him. But Flemming is the just the first. There will be more. The NCAA will not budge.

      • I dont understand your point. So the guys arent Ganots recruits. Every coach that enters a program deals with this. If Ganot can find awesome players from overseas, awesome! I personally do not care where they come from as long as they form a good team. Ganot is supposedly a good recruiter and if he finds his players on the moon, more power to him!

        • GAnot hasn’t had success at his start, why should the future be any different? Only player he recruited that saw any significant playing time came off the bench and is gone at the end of this year, Tummala. Drammeh averages 1.4 points a game and is nowhere close to being a starter. If he was as good as a recruiter as he should be, then at least one of his recruits should have been starting. Next year will tell but wouldn’t be surprised if there is a big drop in success and attitude.

      • Bingo! The core of this years team are Gib’s recruits and these players did well under Coach Taylor.

        Let’s see what other players don’t return to this team next season because of whatever reasons not to.

        • I appreciate what Ganot has done in trying to keep this team together and I like his temperment, coaching style, the game he wants his team to play, etc. But I’m not gonna go praise him for what Gib’s recruits accomplished last year or this year. I want to have Ganot build his own team and see the results myself before any of that

        • Some of you are the most fair-weather fans around. Waiting for a team or individual to fail. Sad, it’s not like anyone posting here could or has ever done better as a coach. If they have a drop off next year, that’s well and fine. Benjy did not get the team here, and Gib for all of these being “his” recruits wasn’t all that impressive either. The team plays a good brand of basketball and it will all fall into place. If you want to be sad fans and look for them to fail, then fine. The beauty is that Ganot, Fleming, Benjy and whoever else could not care less about any of our opinions. Keep on criticizing to make yourself feel better as if you all could do better. You Can’t, You Haven’t, and You Never Will!!! That’s why you can only comment about what should be done with every coach at UH. Anyone want to contact me rather than HIDING behind an anonymous name, I’m at Man up.

        • How could you dispute the core of the team isn’t from Gib’s and Staff. I’m besides myself people turning a blind eye to facts. Ganot not proven he can recruit yet. It’s the players of the reason why they sit atop the Conference.

        • Pacific Sports: Why don’t we bring back Coach Gibb to coach his players. Move on, and how can Pacific Sports say Ganot hasn’t had success? Started with players he didn’t know, no staff, NCAA sanctions in the air, and a new AD. And OH yeah best 1st year record for a 1st year coach in Hawaii history! Pacific Sports sounds like a brand of athletic underwear. (Dirty ones)

  • With games yet to be played – Hmmmmm. Did he remove himself from 2nd half of Saturdays game? With his immaturity issues will it be easy for him to find another team willing to accept him with all that baggage? Probably so. He’s a talented athlete just can’t accept the growing up aspect required to play D1 basketball. Good luck Isaac. Remember what Peyton was told about not making an important decision during an emotional time? Is this an emotional time for your Isaac?

    • For as long as there has been, and for as long as there will be division I sports, you will have players coming and going. Some reasons are selfish, and some are the complete opposite. We can all conjecture about what the reasons may be, but at the end of the day it’s the player that has to decide whether to stay or go.

  • Isaac needs to learn it takes many to make a championship team. They will continue without him. Good luck to him but he will probably get the same results unless he believes in team rather than individual awards. I was predictable after his expressions during the game. At least the team now can move on. Go warriors and win out the rest of the games and onto the tournament.

    • No more I I I as in Isaac type players. Not a team player not to mention his interfering father always blogging about his son not getting more playing time. Issac is a legend in his own mind. Grow up Mr. Fleming , the real world awaits you very shortly. What we need are good team players who will play for each other to the death. It doesn’t matter what color their skin is as long as they got Game !

  • Coach gives Rod special treatment. So may as well give Ike special treatment too. They will miss fleming in the tournament. They are not the same without him. His ability to create is unmatched on the team. Yank’s can’t do it by himself.

        • Really, because you know everything huh Coach Pocho?!! You’re just someone that sits on the couch and criticizes others. You can take that to the bank.

        • Remove Gig’s players this year and you can imaginve where this team sits in the Conference standings. Come on now, these players almost made it to the dance last season. I’m man enough to say Tumalla was a missing piece but you can’t even come close turning a blind eye for the persons recruiting the core of the team.

  • How can anyone support this loser? HE QUIT THE TEAM WITH GAMES TO BE PLAYED! What’s wrong with you people who wish him well. He made his bed and he is now forced to lie in it. Good riddance!!!

    • Hey, same thing with June Jones, the loser. He quit his team, SMU, after the second game of the season knowing he had a crummy team…he simply abandoned the team just like when he tried to sneak off to Ariz. State w/o telling his A.D. but character issues prevented him from being hired over there and yet, after quitting his SMU team, people here continue to praise him …look at the above comment by “oloman” which can be applied to Jones…..

      • “People here continue to praise him.”

        Uhhh, no. The fanfare ended when JJ turned down $1 million a year to coach at SMU. The smart ones looked into the REAL reason Jones left UH, and didn’t like what they uncovered.

        • JJ took UH to the Promised Land! How can one forget that? Who done that since? UHfb been reeling ever since JJ left, you can talk all the talk about JJ but he still the one who coached UHfb to the Sugar Bowl.

      • Hossana, Please get over JJ. I know you asked him for a date and he rejected you. Too Bad, SO Sad. Perhaps you can ask Gibbs to go out with you. You deserve each other. Both L&L (liars & losers).

  • Team don’t need Fleming not a team player only wants to stats numbers and also shows the immaturity by posting his transfer papers on Twitter good riddance

      • So what, maybe they don’t make the NCAA’s this year. Arnold didn’t, Nash didn’t and Benjy didn’t. You savior Riley Wallace, played cupcakes most of his career here and underachieved almost every season. 20 years as a coach and 0 NCAA tournament wins. He should have been gone long before that. Sadly, UH had Jamie Dixon on the bench and he went on to much bigger and better things in the ACC. You keep dreaming that your opinion actually matters to someone. Big man.

  • I can understand why a player would leave given circumstances beyond the player’s control. But filing to transfer on the eve of a crucial road trip shows that his priorities are in the wrong place.

  • wouldve been ok till he posted on twitter. Now its a distraction at a crucial time. Flemming would have been the man next year but he wants to move down the road.

  • I too don’t know the whole story, but to quit now before the season ends tells me more about how he is being selfish and thinking about himself. So what makes evan less sense, is that by doing it now, he has to wait out a year. Could’ve just waited a few games and been granted an immediate playing time. Oh well, don’t let the door hit you in the as$. You got brothers fighting to survive to get into the post season and you quit on them. I lose respect.

  • While I wish him well, this is no game-changer for the Bows. I wonder how big an impact his decision to quit now (rather than waiting until after the season) will have on his attractiveness to other D1 teams. It certainly won’t help.

  • Bad move on his part. He would have been the featured guard next year, and the number one or two scoring option. Ganot is seeing his whole team disappear before his eyes. Bobbit, Tummala, and Smith are seniors. Janks is graduating and is gone, Thomas and Valdez can leave if the ban is upheld, now Fleming is gone. That’s your top seven players gone. They better make it to the tourney this year to have a chance to pick up some late talent. Next year is going to be extremely rough.

        • 3 Star is Drew Buggs who was also nominated for the McDonalds All-Star game. I don’t think he’ll be picked but was nominated nonetheless.

          Other PG is Matt Owies who plays for Australia’s 18’s team and had plenty of experience internationally and playing in Ganot style offense.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan, and hope he’s successful, but he’ll need about three more 3-star recruits to get to 15 wins next year.

    • True. Petulant kid who’s bad behavior was overlooked and protected by the ghetto coach Taylor last yr. Couldn’t get away with it under suburb coach this year. The kid has decent talent but his head is not screwed on right. Look at all the other returners from last year. They all have improved games and better attitudes (and yes, Ganot deserves some credit for this). The thing is, kids like Fleming are dime a dozen, they just don’t know it with stars in their eyes obstructing their vision, like Webster Chan from last year and maybe Veldes and Janko after this year, neither of them even close to being good professionals.

  • The reason he left now was to concentrate on his academics. He realized that transferring to another school without meeting the necessary GPA requirements would be futile hence his departure from the team while there is still time left in the semester to improve his grades.

    • He’s thinking academics?, Just following his recent antics I’m more than likely to think that he and daddy figured they’d put the screws to UH; yeah, screw his teammates/coaches and screw UH. Probably feels he was so damn great, it would hurt the team in a big way. I got my fingers crossed that the team as a whole will pick up the slack and move on as well.

      • The way I see it; when he was out with his ankle injury, the team performed very well even when he returned and had minimal affect scoring wise. I mean coach Ganot had reasons not inserting him too early of off an ankle injury and I guess he made his indifference known to the coach and his teammates…”let me go pout somewhere to show my displeasure.”

        • the straw that broke the camel’s back was not getting the start when bobbit was held out and drammeh getting the nod instead

  • It seems he doesn’t care much about his team mates, leaving at this time. Doubt he can sign on with any other team at this late juncture. Too late to fit into another schools program. Wish he could have worked it out here in Hawaii. He could have been a valuable team member if he could have put his ego aside and bought into Ganot’s agenda. Oh well, it is what it is. GO BOWS!!!

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