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District 02 – Eric Hafner (R)

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Full Name: Rev. Dr. Eric Hafner

Name on Ballot: Eric Hafner

Age: 25

Political Party: Republican

Running For: House

District: 2

Email Address: eric@erichafner.com

Current Job: Ordained Minister, Diplomatic Adviser, Hawaiian Nationalist

Place of birth: Lenapehoking (referred to by the colonial occupiers as New Jersey)

Campaign website: erichafner.com

Job history past 10 years:

Minister, diplomatic adviser, criminal law expert

Ever run for public office? If so, when? Outcome?

Previously appointed as medical cannabis policy adviser to Manalapan Township, N.J., by mayor and council.

Other civic experience or community service?

Hawaiian nationalist, medical cannabis patient advocate, criminal law reform advocate, ordained minister, civil rights activist

What makes you qualified to be a U.S. representative?

My experience in politics, international relations, as a volunteer patient advocate and as clergy all come together to enable me to be the best candidate to strive for an independent Hawaii, free of U.S. manipulation and oppression, with better jobs and less taxes for working people.

Do you support the use of United States combat troops in Syria to defeat ISIS, or to end the rule of President Bashar al-Assad?

No, the United States has no legitimate basis to be in the Middle East, nor Hawaii. The cause of armed conflict is foreign imperialism and colonialism. We must seek to promote peace, solidarity and a non-interventionist foreign policy.

Do you support the continued use of U.S. troops in Iraq, or should those troops be withdrawn?

No, the war in Iraq is an illegal war of neo-colonialism and was based on faulty intelligence from an Iraqi citizen who lied to the German security services. The United States government is guilty of war crimes for its actions in Iraq.

Do you support the continued use of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, or should those troops be withdrawn?

The United States should leave Afghanistan and stop engaging in acts of imperialism around the world. Osama Bin Laden was a CIA agent. The CIA and NSA secretly control our government. The government of Afghanistan has become a front for CIA-sponsored heroin production and trafficking.

Should the United States recognize a Native Hawaiian government through an administrative rule or an act of Congress?

It is insulting and patronizing to suggest that the United States must recognize a Native Hawaiian government through administrative rule or an act of Congress, because the United States has no legitimacy in occupying the Kingdom of Hawaii. The Kingdom of Hawaii has never ceased to exist.

What changes should be made to the federal Affordable Care Act?

The federal Affordable Care Act should be repealed and a free universal health care system that provides all health care services and medication free of charge to all citizens should replace it. Like the Jones Act on shipping, it’s broken and needs to go.

Should the federal government legalize marijuana?

Cannabis is a medicinal plant that everyone should possess, consume, grow, distribute and share. If elected, I will give away free Hawaiian cannabis to anyone visiting my office. Hawaii should have a monopoly on growing federally legal cannabis for sale in the U.S. The War on Drugs is racist.

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