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Police seek leads on computer theft from Wahiawa school

Police after seeking leads from the public after 28 laptop computers and a projector were stolen from Wahiawa Middle School last month.

Taken were 27 white HP Chromebook laptops, one MacBook Pro laptop and an LCA projector from a classroom.

Police said the theft occurred at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 28.

Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 955-8300 or *CRIME on cellular phone or text “CS808” plus message to 274637 or CRIMES.

7 responses to “Police seek leads on computer theft from Wahiawa school”

  1. Shawn211 says:

    I mean this must be a inside job?? How do they know where to go? Also the school principals, teachers, should be held accountable on how they secure theses computers??? This happens all too often at our schools where there’s break-ins after break-ins?

    • inverse says:

      Agree. Has to be inside job as how would they know to target one particular classroom? DOE employee or maybe even a parent when then have open house might have given the info to their criminal friends. Agree all DOE schools need to lock down their computer equipment, especially laptop and notebooks that are so portable that they can be put in a gun type safe that is securely bolted to the floor with a hidden camera system that is turned on after school hours. No money? For a $800 or so safe, that is way cheaper than having to replace 27 Chromebooks which are not that expensive however that one Mac Pro laptop, especially if it is with the new Retina display, could easily cost from $1,300 to over $3,000.

    • TigerEye says:

      Kids who are excited about their new equipment say things to people, who say things to other people and so on. Somewhere along that line there’s going to be a scumbag. It’s inevitable. I hope it wasn’t a parent.

  2. SteveToo says:

    And why waiting a WEEK before asking for help?????

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