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Coast Guard sends fishing boats back to port for safety violations

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The crew of the Coast Guard cutter Galveston Island boards commercial fishing vessels near Honolulu looking for compliance with state and federal regulations.

The Coast Guard cited three commercial fishing vessels for safety and other violations, and sent the boats back to port during inspections this month, in one instance discovering a non-U.S. citizen at the helm of a U.S. vessel.

The Coast Guard boarded 10 vessels and issued 39 notices of violation to the fishing vessels Azure, Capt. Millions III and Capt. Danny off Honolulu Harbor. The citations included two fisheries violations; two potential marine pollution violations; and 35 safety violations.

Two U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service special agents assisted in boardings led by the crew of the Coast Guard cutter Galveston Island, which found multiple discrepancies, including “excessive volatile fuel, multiple five-gallon buckets of oily water, oily water in the bilge, lack of a sound-producing device, lack of a record log book for training and drills as well as inoperable bilge and general alarms,” the Coast Guard said in a news release.

The Galveston Island escorted the boats back to port, where they will remain until the violations are corrected, the Coast Guard said.

“Our role as the boarding team is to ensure compliance with all federal regulations,” said lead boarding officer, Lt. j.g. Chelsea Sheehy. “We identified various types of violations and instructed the respective masters to make the necessary corrections in order to ensure the overall safety of the Hawaii-based commercial fishing fleet.”

3 responses to “Coast Guard sends fishing boats back to port for safety violations”

  1. Hookupaa says:

    Thank you Coast Guard! It’s high time Hawaii’s fishing industry is called to account.

  2. Kukuinunu says:

    Very proud of the Obama administration and the “Coasties” for moving forward on this dismal situation. At least the boats will be safe. Given that fresh fish in the islands is a high profile selling point of the visitor industry, I hope we can also support these fishermen so that the get a fair deal.

  3. leino says:

    The tip of the floatsam on the scale.

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