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Hawaii woman rediscovers her playful spirit through dance

Play is often viewed as unproductive or lazy. It’s that guilty pleasure that is reserved for the young, as grown-ups are expected to be serious and responsible. So, like many others, Renee Tillotson lost her playful spirit when she became an adult. Read more

Maya’s offers wine, tapas for North Shore guests

Maya’s Tapas and Wine, next to Coffee Gallery in the North Shore Marketplace, offers an array of Mediterranean tapas, small savory Spanish-style dishes and wines from around the world. Read more

5 Things We Love

A shortlist of newly discovered stuff you have got to see, hear, wear, use or eat. Read more

Artist Harry Tsuchidana paints to capture essence, balance

Harry Tsuchidana doesn’t look at the downside of things. He continually radiates positivity. He views art in the same way that he views life: It’s all about going with the flow, finding balance and viewing different perspectives. Read more

Mom keeps fighting despite challenges

After years of addiction — to alcohol and to drugs from marijuana to crystal meth — Joanna Schutz is in recovery, sober for 20 months. Read more

Mom of 2 forges on after split with Army vet

Sasha Pinheiro had to take on the role of a single parent after her separation from her children’s father, an Army veteran who has been struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. Read more

Mother of 2 hopes to create stable home

Wong hopes to find a job that allows her to make a living and still spend quality time with her children, as she works on rebuilding herself along with a life for her girls. Read more

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